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This Love of Ours

“Oh Isabella, when do you think you and Lance will get married? I’m dying to throw you that dream wedding.” My mother said as we sat in the restaurant. I was having lunch with my mother, my friend, and her mother.

“Yeah Izzy, I have always envisioned you having a huge wedding in a garden somewhere.” Ally my friend said with a smile on her face. We were actually at lunch because she wanted to announce her engagement.

“I don’t know. We’re not here for me, we’re here for Ally. Now have you decided who you want to be in the wedding?” I asked her as she smiled and looked down to admire her engagement ring.

“Yes I have. My sister is going to be the maid of honor, so I wanted to ask if you would be one of my bridesmaid’s?” She looked up at me with a hopeful look. I didn’t want to be a bridesmaid again, I had been a bridesmaid for three of my other friends and it wasn’t a wonderful experience.

Swallowing my harsh feelings, I smiled. “Of course I will.”

“Oh great. I was hoping you would help me with the planning. I know how much help you were to Brianna with her wedding last year.”

“Alright.” I said wishing I could just tell her no, but I was too much of a nice person.

“Oh thank you Isabella. You’re so great.” She smiled at me. A thought must have hit her because she suddenly jumped up, “I forgot to tell you, Aaron and I want to get married as soon as possible. So do you think it would be possible to plan a wedding in a month?”


“Yes, we can do it.” Dammit, I wish I could just shut my mouth. My phone buzzed in my lap, I looked down to find a text from Lance. He wanted to know when I would be home because he was looking forward to spending the evening with me.

I smiled at the text. Lance was the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Lance and I have been together for just about six years. We met my senior year of college. He was on campus for some research and we literally ran into each other. He helped me up and I was immediately taken back by his eyes, he had the most beautiful hazel eyes. Lance was a very attractive man. With his 6’1” stature and his lean but muscled body. Don’t get me started on his head of luscious deep brown hair. I guess he felt bad for running into me, because he invited me out for some coffee to apologize for running into me. Of course I accepted.

From there we began to see each other more, until he finally asked me on a date. I knew at the end of the date that he was the man I would spend the rest of my life with, but I didn’t tell him this. We dated for about a year before he asked me to move in with him. The relationship got even better once we moved in with each other. We were compatible on so many levels.

Six months ago, Lance and I bought our first house together. It’s a big white farmhouse on the edge of the countryside. The house was our dream house with huge open land for us to enjoy. My favorite part of the house was our screened in porch. It was the perfect place to wind down after a long day. The house had four bedrooms besides the master bedroom, so we promised to fill them with our future children.

I didn’t want to stick around and hear anymore wedding talk, “I’m afraid I need to leave. Lance wants me to meet him at home. He has a nice evening planned for the two of us.” I said setting my napkin on the table and gathering my bag.

“Oh how wonderful, Isabella. Please don’t keep us waiting on this wedding. I’m not getting any younger. You’re the last one of your friends to get married and I can’t wait to plan your wedding.” My mother said going on about this wedding again.

“Mom, stop thinking about that right now. You talk to Ally about her wedding.” I said trying to contain my annoyance.

Ally stood up and pulled me into a hug, “Thank you for agreeing to help me plan my wedding, Izzy. Do you think we can all come over tomorrow afternoon to talk about the details?” She asked me.

“Sure, come by around five and I will make us some sandwiches.” I agreed not looking forward to this at all.

“Okay, we will see you tomorrow.” She said waving goodbye to me.

Once I was out of the restaurant, I texted Lance and told him to prepare me a glass of wine and meet me on the porch. I knew he would do it without asking questions. Lance was amazing to me.

Pulling into the driveway, I saw Lance sitting on the porch with a book in his hands. He set the book down when he heard me park the car. I grabbed my stuff and met him on the porch. He immediately enveloped me into a comforting hug.

“Did lunch not go as planned?” He questioned leading me over to the wicker couch we had on the porch. He sat down and pulled me into his lap.

I rested against his shoulder, “Not really. My friend Ally wants me to help plan her wedding and my mother is bugging me about planning my wedding again. I don’t understand why she can’t take no as an answer.” I explained as his arms pulled me closer.

“I don’t know darling. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.” Lance said kissing my neck gently. I melted into his kisses.

“The worst part about it all is Ally asked me to be a bridesmaid.” I said as Lance stroked my back.

“You agreed?” He knew how much I hated being in weddings. Especially after how much I complained about the last two weddings.

“Unfortunately. Also they want to get married within the month, so Ally will be coming over tomorrow to talk about it all.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun. Should I make myself scarce for the day?”

I grinned, “I would love it if you stuck around. Maybe you will be able to keep me sane.”

“Alright my love. I will stick around tomorrow, but don’t expect me to engage in any wedding talk.” He said wearing his own grin.

I pulled him into a kiss, “Don’t worry Lance. I will leave you out of it. There will be enough trouble with the four women who are coming over.” Ally was bringing over her mother, step-mother, and mother-in-law-to-be. I knew it was going to be a disaster.

We pulled away from the kiss and Lance reached over to the side table. “Here’s the wine you asked for, my love.” He handed me the glass of white wine.

I gladly took it and sipped the sweet liquid, “Thank you sweetie. How did I get so lucky with you?”

He nuzzled his face into my neck, “I don’t know. I’m glad that I have you, and glad that we live in this beautiful house together.”

I smiled, “A house I wish to fill with children sometime soon.” This comment made him pull away from my neck and smile.

“Yes, I do as well. God, I love you so much.” He eyes showed just how much love he held for me, it was endless.

“I love you too. Now will you make my night worthwhile before I have to deal with absolute hell tomorrow?” I questioned batting my eyelashes at him.

“You don’t even have to ask. I was planning it all along.” Lance wore a little smirk.

I finished off my wine and put the glass back on the side table, “Let’s go.” I whispered. Lance held me bridle style as he stood up. He carried me through the house to our bedroom. He was quick to get there, eager to start the night.

I was thrown lightly to the bed and he quickly removed his t-shirt. I was biting my lip as I watched him pull the blue shirt over his head, exposing his perfect abs for me to see. His body was absolutely drool-worthy, and it was all mine. Lance was quick to remove his jeans as well, putting on a show for me. I was grateful to have this man all to myself.

“Oh baby, do you know how much I love your body.” I stated as he stood there in his grey boxer briefs that outlined his package for me, instantly making me crave it.

“I do, but you also know that I love your body as well.” He stated suddenly grabbing my ankles and pulling me to the edge of the bed. I let out a squeal as he did so, not expecting the gesture.

“Hmmm, I do.” Lance was quick to pull my pants from my body, paying extra care to caress the skin underneath it. His hands quickly reached for my shirt and I helped him remove that and my bra off my body. “I love every inch of your body, baby.” He proved his point by kissing my skin with sweet little kisses. Passionate kisses that causes goose bumps to spread through my body.

I had a sudden urge to taste him and to show him just how much I loved him. I pulled him up into a kiss, passionately claiming his lips as mine. I gripped his shoulders and pulled myself from the bed, wrapping myself around him before taking control and flipping us, so that he was underneath me and I was straddling his lithe and muscle-tones body.

Lance’s body was one truly made by the gods, but I also knew it was a product of the time spent in the gym. The two of us were total gym lovers. I also admired every inch of his body and he loved it when I did.

I pressed an aggressive kiss to his lips before starting to move my kisses down his body. Kissing and licking at his skin on my way down his body. I made sure to pay extra attention to that taut skin on his stomach, tickling him and kissing him in the way I knew he licked. I placed little love bites all over his stomach before stopping at the hem of his boxers. I looked up at his through my lashes, seeing him watching me with attention, knowing what was to come. He loved when I got into this mood.

“I want to taste you, Lance. I need to.” I told him as I pulled the boxers from his body and threw them away from us. His growing erection popped up, making me smirk at how aroused my man already way. His body always became so sensitive for me, reacting to every touch I gave him.

“Do it, baby. You know I love it.” Of course he did.

“Mhmmmm.” I answered taking his erected cock into my hand and pumping it a little, only making it even harder than before. His cock was another part of him that was sexy to me. Just being able to control it was something I so enjoyed doing. I ran my thumb of the head of his cock, causing it to twitch in my hand and making him groan out at the contact.

I played with his cock, lightly touching the head and moving my hand up and down it until I got to the point where I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I needed to taste him. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head, making him twitch more. He needed more, and I was going to give it to him. I sucked more of his lengthy cock into my mouth, teasing him some more by moving it in and out of my mouth and not taking the whole thing into my mouth just yet. There was a slight salty musk taste, coming from the slight bit of pre-cum that had coated the head of his cock.

I looked up towards Lance, as I took all of him into my mouth, allowing him to hit the back of my throat. Over the years, I had built up my ability to ignore my gag reflex, so I could take him completely into my mouth. For that, he was grateful, but he never pushed me into doing something I didn’t want to do. Lance was the perfect gentleman.

“Babygirl, your mouth feels amazing around me. Can you move?” He questioned as the cock twitched some more in my mouth. The reflexed move of his cock had me soaking my panties, because it was just so sexy that I was making him that aroused.

I nodded lightly before moving on his cock. I moved up and down on the rigid member, sucking and slurping on the beautiful thing. I was so aroused myself, so I needed to touch myself as well. I glance up to him, silently asking permission to touch myself as I pleasured him.

“Yes baby, you may touch yourself.” He granted me permission as he threw his head back in ecstasy when I ran my tongue up the side of his cock before going down and taking all of the cock into my mouth again. I allowed him to hit the back of my throat as my hand made its way between my own body.

My hand slipped beneath my panties, parting my folds and spreading the wetness around my little pussy. I was so wet and ready. Two fingers found their way to my pulsing clit and lightly pushed against it, making me whimper around his cock.

“Awe, my babygirl is so horny. Does sucking my cock make you horny, baby?”

I nodded lightly as his cock continued to hit the back of my throat. The twitching of the cock was starting to increase as I practically tried sucking his orgasm out of him. The fingers on my clit sped up, trying to bring my orgasm quicker, so that we could cum at the same time or closely together. My free hand was helping me to guide the cock in and out of my mouth. The musky salt taste increase in my mouth as his climax drew closer.

“I’m cumming, babygirl.” He yelled out as he spilled his seed into my waiting mouth. I continued to suck, making sure to pull of the orgasm from him. I was practically riding my fingers at this point, nearing my edge as well. My orgasm hit, making me moan around his cock as it took over my body. I started to swallow his seed, relishing in the flavor of it. The salty musk was strong, but it was not unpleasant to my taste buds. I had taken a loving to the taste of his cum. I finally pulled my mouth off his cock, making sure to lick up every bit of the milky white substance that had leaked out of my mouth.

I sat up and opened my mouth, showing him I had swallowed all of his seed. He loved it when I did that.

“Fuck baby, you’re perfect. Ride me, please!”

“Of course.” I answered, removing my soaked panties and climbing on his body, settling myself right above his rapidly hardening cock. Lance recovered quickly when it came to orgasms.

I placed the head of his cock at my entrance, before moving my hips down and taking his length into my soaked pussy. He slide right inside, filling me up and making moan at the feeling of all of him inside of me.

He placed his hands on my waist and started to assist me moving up and down on his cock, bringing me pleasure as well as himself. He sat up and pulled me in to his arms as I continued to move on his cock, relishing the full feeling each time he was inside of me.

“Baby, you feel so fucking good around me.” He whispered while kissing my forehead.

“I fucking love how much you fill me up, Lance.” I moaned while biting my lip as he hit my g-spot inside of me, causing the pleasure to practically blind me.

“Oh yes baby, I know just what makes you lose it.” He answered while taking control of me and wrapping his arm around me and moving me at a faster pace, only making me lose my mind even more. My arms had wrapped themselves around him as well, and I was digging my fingernails into the back of his shoulders.

Lance pulled me into a searing kiss as he continued to thrust his cock up into me. I was moaning into the kiss, trying to hang on for longer but knowing I was going to lose it in a matter of moments and he knew that too. I pulled away and screamed as my orgasm hit me, making my walls clamp down on his thick cock causing his orgasm to trigger as well.

He coated my walls with his seed and I continued to milk him as I rode through my orgasm. My screams were loud, and I was surely making him with my fingernails. He never minded though. Once he had shot his load into my tight pussy, he rested his forehead against mine as I slumped against his body.

“That was fucking perfect, babygirl.” He mumbled while pulling me back into the bed and allowing me to rest against his muscular body. I closed my eyes as I caught my breath.

“Fuck, that was amazing.” I mumbled as he pulled me off of him. I felt a mix of our fluids leave my pussy, making me shiver a little.

“It was. Let’s get cleaned up before bed.” He said before carrying me to the bathroom for a late-night shower. After that, we cuddled in bed and I fell asleep in his arms.

“What time are they coming over?” Lance asked as I was making the sandwiches and snacks for the little get together.

“They should be here by five.” I looked at the clock to see it was 4:45, “Fifteen minutes! I don’t have everything ready.” Of course I was stressing a little bit. I knew that this meeting was going to be absolute hell.

Lance came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, “Shhh, stop stressing. I will help you get everything prepared. Now what else do you need done?” He said kissing my neck.

“Umm, I need to go get the bridal magazines and catalogues out of the attic. Could you finish making the sandwiches and pull the lemonade out of the fridge?” I asked turning to face him.

He smiled, “Of course I can. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be alright.”

“I’m sorry, I just know how much Ally’s mother doesn’t like Ally’s step-mother. I’m afraid they are going to start a fight when their focus should be on Ally and her wedding day.” This was something that had been on my mind ever since I left the restaurant.

“Ooo, I can see where that could be a problem. I say just let it play out. It’s not your job to make sure Ally’s family gets along. You worry about helping Ally.” Lance was right.

“You’re totally right. Thank you.” I said pulling him into a kiss. “Now finish the sandwiches. It may take me some time to find what I need in the attic. If they arrive, just direct them to the porch and tell them I will join them very shortly.” He nodded and directed me towards the stairs sending me a little wink. God I loved him.

Twenty minutes later, I had finally found everything I needed in the attic and was making my way down the stairs. I could hear ladies talking and knew that they had arrived. They were talking to Lance, asking him about our relationship. I rolled my eyes at their nosiness. I made my way out to the porch.

“Hello!” I said trying to sound enthusiastic. “I brought some things to help us with the wedding planning.” I said holding up the stack of magazines and binders. I placed them on the coffee table. “Now if you will excuse me, I will go fetch us the sandwiches I have made. Lance would you help me?” I asked, and he nodded leading me through the door.

“They’re so nosy.” Lance commented as he pulled some plates out of the cabinet.

“You’re telling me. I’m pretty sure they don’t know the meaning of privacy.” I answered pulling out some cups.

“Ally asked me when I was going to propose.” Lance said a little hesitant.

“Oh really, that doesn’t surprise me at all.” I answered without a second thought, “Let’s get all this outside and then you can retire to our room to read that book you have been so interested in all morning.”

He smiled, “Of course, my dear.” Before he could grab the food, I pulled him into a passionate kiss. I wanted to show him how much he meant to me.

An hour in a half later, we were sat on the porch and the conversation was getting a little heavy. Ally’s mom, Heather, insisted that they have the wedding at the restaurant her boyfriend owned and Ally’s step-mom, Paula, insisted they have it at the country club her and Ally’s dad belonged to. I could see Ally’s mom glaring at the other woman.

Heather had never been fond of Paula, since she was the one who broke up her marriage with Ally’s father. Paula had worked with Ally’s father ever since Ally was a little girl and when she was 15, Heather discovered her husband was cheating on her with Paula. So you can see why there was animosity.

Aaron’s mother, Annie was as sweet as a peach. She didn’t seem to care about where the wedding would be held, she just wanted Ally and Aaron to be happy together. Annie was probably the easiest person to deal with today. Even Ally was running my patience short.

“Isabella, don’t you think the restaurant is the best place for the wedding? Not to mention it is a bit more intimate than that country club.” Heather said dragging me into the argument.

“Uh, yes I think the restaurant is a great place for the wedding but what does Ally think.” I already knew what Ally thought. She wanted to have the wedding at the country club. She had her eye on one of the ballrooms there.

“Mom please don’t get mad, but I want to have this wedding at the country club. It has a lot more space and the food is very delicious.” I immediately dropped my head into my hands. I knew this was not the right thing to say to her mother.

“Oh really?” Heather questioned turning her glare back to Paula, “Did you plant that idea into her head, much like you did with Jerry?”

This wasn’t happening. Oh no, they are going to start a fight.

Paula glared back at Heather, “No, I didn’t plant that idea into her head. Same thing with Jerry, he made that decision all by himself.”

I could see Heather was about to explode with anger, “That’s it. I’m not going to that wedding if she’s invited.” She stood up and grabbed her stuff and walked out. Ally looked like she was about to cry.

Annie grabbed her hand, “Oh sweetheart, don’t worry. We will get this squared away in time for your wedding. Your mother is going attend that wedding.” She didn’t look any better.

She turned to me, “Thank you for helping me Izzy, but I’m afraid I must be going.” It was easy to see she was barely holding her tears in.

I stood up and pulled her into a hug, “It’s going to be alright, Ally. Just go home, spend the night with Aaron and forget about the planning for now. Let your mother be for a day or two and then try to talk to her.” I suggested. She nodded and mumbled a thank you. Annie led her and Paula out after telling me thank you for having us over.

Once they were gone, I sat down and rubbed my temples. I had a headache after that natural disaster. The headache faded after a few minutes and I stood up and began to clean up the empty plates. When I turned to head back into the house, I found Lance standing at the doorway.

“That seemed like fun.” He commented, and I just shook my head and handed him the empty plates and grabbed the glasses.

“Oh yes. That was the highlight of my week.” I mumbled as we walked into the kitchen.

“I have seen royal weddings that were less hassle than that.” Lance said as he placed the plates in the sink.

“That’s why I don’t want a big wedding.” I replied.

Lance turned and looked at me a little stunned, “But you do want a wedding?”

I nodded unsure where this was going. Lance smiled and rushed out of the room leaving me confused. He returned two minutes later holding a green velvet ring box.

Lance got down on one knee in front of me opening the box to reveal a simple but beautiful diamond ring, “Will you marry me, Isabella?” He questioned, his eyes glistening with hope.

I smiled, “Yes, of course I will.” Lance was my world and I would be stupid if I didn’t want to marry him. He smiled and stood up, pulling the ring out of the box and sliding it onto my left ring finger. I pulled him into a kiss that lasted for several minutes.

“I didn’t think you wanted to get married. Not after how negative you seemed to be about your friends weddings.” Lance admitted to me.

“Oh love, I do want to marry you. I just don’t want to have a big wedding. In fact, I don’t think I want to even invite anybody to our wedding. I just want it to be the two of us.” I was never one of those girls who dreamed of having a huge wedding and picking out her bridesmaids or the perfect dress.

I always knew I wanted to get married but I didn’t want a big wedding.

Lance smiled, “Are you saying you want to elope with me?” He asked wearing his signature smirk.

I smiled back, “Why yes, I think I am. Is that alright with you?”

“It’s perfectly fine with me. That just means we can get married as soon as we want to, without the worry of planning a wedding. Also, we don’t have to worry about the threat of drama.” This was sounding very nice to me.

“That sounds perfect. When can we get married?”

“Hmmm, I want to say as soon as possible but we do have a little bit of planning to do. I’m sure you want to find a lovely dress for the occasion and I must find a suit.”

“Yes, so what about next week?”

“Perfect.” I squealed and jumped into his arms.

“We’re getting married!” I said kissing him wherever I could. I was beyond happy at this moment.

“It appears so. What do you say we go talk about our plans in bed?” Lance suggested.

“Well sure, but I don’t think we will be doing much talking.”

“Yes, you’re right.” He picked me up bridle style like he had done the night before. He seemed to do this a lot and I loved it. He took me to our room where we attempted to plan our wedding but got distracted very quickly.

“Are you sure you and Lance don’t want an actual wedding?” Ally asked as I sat in front of the mirror preparing for our little ceremony.

“Nope, we want to do it this way. We just want to get married without the stress of all the planning and drama. No offense to you and Aaron.” I answered as I finished applying my makeup.

“No offense taken. That actual sounds very smart. Especially after the disaster that happened last week.” She frowned, “You know, I still haven’t been able to convince my mom that the country club is the best place for the wedding.”

I sighed and looked over at her.

“Oh sorry, I’m totally ruining your wedding day. I’m so sorry.” Ally said holding up her hands.

“No, it’s alright. I promise I will help you after I get married.” I still wanted Ally to have a great wedding.

She shook her head, “No, I couldn’t ask that of you. I want you and Lance to enjoy your marriage. I happen to know he is taking you away for your honeymoon.”

“Really? I can’t wait to see where he is taking me.” I said while I stood up. I smoothed out my white dress.

“Yes, knowing him it will be very elaborate and beautiful. Anyway, are you sure you don’t want your mom here?”

“I am. She will only make a fuss about how I’m depriving her of planning a wedding. I don’t want to deal with that. I just want to enjoy this day with the love of my life. Lance and I agreed to tell her after we get married or perhaps after we return from the honeymoon.” My mother would do her best to make my wedding day all about her. I didn’t want to deal with that.

“Okay, well then are you ready to go get married?” Ally had a smile on her face.

“Oh yes, I have been waiting for this day.” I gave myself a once over before turning towards her.

“Well then, go get your prince charming.” She said pushing me towards the door.

Ally and I found Lance and Aaron in the living room. When we entered the room, the two guys turned to look at us. Lance smiled when he saw me. His eyes lit up like I was the light of his world. I swear I could see tears in his eyes.

I stopped in front of him, “You look breathtaking, Isabella.” Lance said taking in my appearance. I was wearing a white V-neck chiffon dress that came down to my knees and had a lacy top with quarter sleeves. It was a beautiful dress and my dream dress.

“Thank you, Lance. You look pretty breathtaking yourself.” He was wearing a nicely fitted suit. Of course he looked handsome like he always did. I couldn’t wait to call him my husband.

“Shall we go get married?” He whispered into my ear as he pulled me close.

“Yes please.” I answered taking his hand and pulling him out of the house. I was eager to get this done. The city hall was about ten minutes from our house. There we would have a clergyman marry us. Ally and Aaron would be our two witnesses. Both Lance and I were restless on the way to city hall. I was grateful Aaron and Ally offered to drive us, because I think we were both too excited to focus on anything but what we were doing.

“We’re here, my darling. Are you ready to become my wife?” Lance whispered into my ear as they parked the car.

I looked over to him, “I was born ready.” I whispered back causing to catch my lips in a short but sweet kiss. Afterwards, he helped me out of the car and held my hand tightly as we walked into the building. The clergyman was waiting for us as we arrived. He ushered us into the room.

Lance and I stood across from each other, holding hands as the man was talking. I could not focus on the words he was saying, just the fact that I was standing next to the most amazing man and he was about to become my husband. I only listened for the words the mattered the most.

The clergyman turned to Lance, “Do you, Lance, take Isabella to be your lawfully wedded wife?” He questioned.

Lance smiled, “I do.” He had a ring in his hand and slid it onto my left ring finger where my engagement ring sat.

The clergyman turned to me, “Do you, Isabella, take Lance to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” I said almost before the man could finish speaking. I quickly slid Lance’s ring onto his left ring finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” He finished. Lance pulled me into a passionate kiss. The first kiss we shared as husband and wife. It was amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen now that we were married.

I vaguely remember Aaron and Ally clapping behind us as we kissed. We were lost in each other in the best way possible. The rest of the day seemed to be a blur as well because all I could think about was Lance. After we got married, Aaron and Ally took us out to dinner as a little celebration. I was dying to ask Lance where he was taking me for our honeymoon.

Later that night, after we got home and did a bit of celebrating in the bedroom. We laid together in bed, with him holding me close. I felt happy after what we had done today.

“So Ally let it slip that you are taking me away on a honeymoon. Where will you be taking me?” I questioned caressing his chest.

“I should have known she would tell you. Anyway, how would you feel about going to Vermont again?” Lance asked wearing a smile. I had been to Vermont once before, three years ago. I met Lance’s mother and brother. His mother was the sweetest woman I had ever met, and she loved me.

“I would love that!” This excited me. I wanted his family to know that we were married.

“Perfect, we leave tomorrow.” Lance said kissing my forehead.

“Perfect.” I agreed with a smile. I still couldn’t believe I got so lucky with him. Lance was everything to me and I could not wait to see what the future brought for us. Also I was nervous to find out what his mother thought about our marriage.

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