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Island in the Sun

I had no idea how I ended up like this. One moment I was walking home from work and the next thing I knew I was tied up to a chair in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. My hands were tied up tightly and no matter how much I wiggled them, they would not come undone.

Who would do this to me?

I don’t recall having any enemies that would want to tie me up and keep me in a warehouse.

While I was trying to figure out how I got here, the doors slammed open to reveal two bulky men. They were huge and very intimidating. The one who was leading them had black shoulder length hair. He smirked when he saw me awake.

“Hello tesoro. It’s good to see you finally awake.” His voice was deep, and he had an Italian accent. There was something about him that left me unsettled.

“W-who are you and why am I here?” I questioned.

“Well, we have some unfinished business with someone that you know very well, and you’re our only way to him.” Again, I had no idea what they were talking about because I would never associate with someone who hung out with men like them.

“I don’t know anybody that would do business with you.” I was finally gaining a bit of confidence, but these men still scared me. I had finally noticed the second man was holding a gun.

The first man chuckled, “Oh honey, don’t be so naive. What do you know of a certain Julian Wolfe?”

Julian? What would Julian have to do with these men?

“I don’t know a Julian.” I lied but I could tell he knew I had lied.

“Cut the crap, we know that you and Julian are neighbors. We know how involved the two of you are.” The second man finally spoke losing his patience.

“Involved? We aren’t involved.” Not in the way I wanted us to be involved. We were only friends.

“Oh, come on girl. Don’t lie to us.” The second man said walking closer to me. I flinched backwards when he raised his hand up. I expected to feel the sting of him hitting me, but he just laughed at my reaction. “You’re so weak.” He mumbled under his breath, but I still heard him.

“I don’t know anything about Julian Wolfe. We’re only neighbors and we don’t see each other much.” This was the truth. Julian and I had talked occasionally, but never that much. I really didn’t know much about him. I just assumed he had a normal job but apparently not if these guys are after him.

“She isn’t lying.” The first man now spoke stepping forward. The second man still didn’t look convinced.

“Do you think he would come if we tell him we have her captive?” The second one asked with a glint in his eye.

“He won’t come. He doesn’t know me.” I interrupted but he sent me a glare.

“I wasn’t talking to you girl.” He spat, “Keep your mouth shut unless you want us to shut it for you.” This threat scared me, so I nodded. I didn’t want to see what he meant by that.

They continued to converse in front of me, they were talking about what they could do to get Julian to come here. They wanted to lure him into something, and I didn’t like that. As much as I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to lure Julian into something like this. I may not know much about him, but I don’t want anything to happen to him.

After a while they both turned to me again, “We don’t believe that you don’t know Wolfe. So we’re going to use you as bait. If he doesn’t come, well then, we will just have to dispose of you.” The first man concluded looking pleased with himself.

“I already told you, he won’t come.” This time the second man didn’t have any patience and just slapped me hard across the face. The force was not expected, and it was painful.

“Shut up! Do not speak, girl.” He growled walking away from me, I just nodded feeling the fear finally creeping in. What were these men going to do to me? I wonder if Julian even knows I’m missing. Probably not.

The men started talking to each other and pacing the room. I tried to listen to what they were saying but they switched to another language. Italian maybe? I had a feeling they knew I was trying to listen in on their conversation. I just wanted to know what they were planning to do to me. There was no way in hell Julian would come to get me. He and I just don’t know each other well enough.

I seriously didn’t want to be kept here with these men. I needed to know what they were planning. Just maybe I would be able to figure out a way to escape from there. I was a smart girl, I was sure I would be able to think of something. If only I knew what the men were planning. God dammit, I wish I had paid more attention in school. I took a little Italian and I was convinced that was what the men were speaking.

“Pensi che siamo riusciti a trovare i soldi per lei?” Do you think we could get money for her? The second man asked the leader glancing my way.

Money? What did money have to do with it? Wait. Are they trying to get money for me?

“Julian fornirà il denaro se la sua vita è sulla linea .” Julian will supply the money if her life is on the line.

I couldn’t decipher what he just said but I knew he was talking about me. They wanted money from him is what I was able to gather. My life was not worth money. They were shit out of luck.

The first men said something to the second man before exiting the room and leaving me alone with the second man. I was way more afraid of him because he was bigger and had an unpleasant presence.

He turned to me and looked at me in a way that made me very uncomfortable, “You know you’re a very beautiful girl. It’s a shame that we have to kill you. I was thinking that maybe we should have some fun with you before we kill you. What do you say?”

My eyes went wide, “Nooo, please don’t. Please leave me alone. You don’t need to do that.” I said quickly shaking my head as he started to come closer.

He stopped in front of me and touched my arm, “I think I could have plenty of fun with you, girl. You look like the type of woman who knows how to pleasure a man properly.”

“NOOO, PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME.” I struggled in my bonds, trying to get away from him as he stroked my arm in the most creepy way.

“Oh come on, girl. Live a little.” He spoke bringing his hand up to my face, “I can guarantee you will have fun with me.”

“No, please don’t do this. I don’t want this.”

“I can assure you that you will like it.”

“Nooooo, get away from me!!!!” I screamed hoping someone out there would hear my cries.

He looked mad as he raised his hand and punch me in the face, “Shut up you incessant little girl. I’m going to do what I want, and you are going to like it. If you scream anymore, I will kill you.”

His hands traveled to my shirt, where he ripped it up the front to reveal my black bra. I could not stop my tears if I tried. I didn’t want this to happen. I did nothing to this man and yet he is going to do this to me.

“I SAID SHUT UP!” He hit me again, bringing more pain.

He was about to reach for my pants when the door burst open, “Get away from her!” A deep Italian accented voice said holding a gun up to the man. Julian found me.

The guy laughed, “Well well well, who do we have here? Finally decided to show up, Julian. Just in time to watch me fuck her.” Without hesitation he ripped my pants clean off and I screamed in horror.

I heard a gun click and then a loud gunshot rang out through the room. The man fell to the floor. Julian ran over to where I was, and I finally let go of the breath I had been holding when I heard the gunshot.

“Oh god Mia, are you alright?” Julian asked as he started to untie me from my bonds.

I nodded my head weakly but in truth I was not alright. I was still in shock from what was about to happen before he burst through the door.

He pulled off the ties, “Can you stand?” He questioned.

Again, I just nodded and tried to stand, but failed miserably and almost fell to the ground, Julian caught me before I could hit the ground. He pulled me up into his strong arms without any struggle.

“I have you. I’m getting you out of here. We’re going somewhere safe. Is that okay?” He sounded very concerned for me.

I felt myself beginning to lose consciousness, “Yes.” I mumbled closing my eyes and leaning onto his shoulder.

“Get some rest Mia, I will take care of you.” I heard him say before I completely lost consciousness.

When I came to, I was lying on the couch of what seemed to be a private jet. I was wrapped up in some incredibly fluffy and warm blankets. The only other person on the plane, that I could see, was Julian and he was sitting across from me watching me intently.

“Hello Mia, how are you feeling?” He questioned getting up from his seat and bending down near me.

“I’m okay. I think. I mean I’m in a little bit of pain, but I feel okay. Where are we?” I asked looking around the cabin.

“We’re in a private jet. As I promised, I’m taking you somewhere safe until we can get this all figured out. You don’t have to worry either, because I will be with you the whole time.” He quickly explained.

I let out the breath I had been holding, “Oh good. Will you explain it to me?”

He nodded, “I will, but not until we get there. Now we need to clean up those wounds. Come with me.” He stood up and helped me up. I noticed I was wearing a t-shirt that was probably his, I wrapped one of the blankets around my body and followed him through the cabin. He took me into a pretty big bathroom with a huge shower. I didn’t know that planes could be this glamorous.

Julian lifted me up so that I was sitting on the counter in front of him. He pulled out a first aid kit from the cabinet and pulled out what he would need. He cleaned my wounds and stitched up the ones that needed stitches, which were two of them.

“Okay it would probably be best if you took a shower to clean yourself up. I have some clothes for you, and I will leave them on the counter for when you finish.” He explained and I nodded. Then he left me to shower.

I enjoyed the feel of the warm water washing away the grime from my body. I felt so dirty after what had almost happened with that man. I was so grateful that Julian came in when he did. I owed him for saving me.

After the shower I got out and found a comfy pair of sweats and a t-shirt sitting on the counter. He had also provided some underwear as well. I wondered where he had got the clothes. They were my size as well. Before leaving the bathroom I decided to see what I looked like. It was not good. I was beginning to get a black eye and there were cuts on my face. Those men really messed me up.

Julian was seated where he had been when I awoke. He looked up at me as I exited the bathroom. He smiled a little, seeing me looking a little better than I did when he first saved me.

“Where are we going?” I questioned sitting on the couch across from him.

“We’re going to a private island. No one will be able to find us there.” He said so nonchalantly.

A private island? What did he do for a living?

“Oh wow. Well I need to say thank you to you for saving me when you did. That man was going to…..” I stopped talking and looked towards the ground.

I didn’t hear Julian get up and walk over to me, I only felt him sit beside me and pull me into his arms. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I never meant for anything like that to happen. I never wanted you to get hurt.” He sounded so guilty.

“It’s not your fault Julian. Those men would have hurt anybody you were close too. They had some beef with you for whatever reason and believed that I was more important to you than I am.” I did not want him to blame himself for what those men do.

“Without me, that would have never happened to you. You would have never been a target of those men.” He sounded so upset.

“I don’t want you to dwell on this, Julian. I just want you to be happy you saved me and that it won’t happen again.” I said knowing he would do anything to make sure that they never got me again.

“Okay.” He nodded and just held onto me, I just let him hold me. We stayed like that for a while until Julian seemed to snap out of it.

“We’re almost there. I think you will like it here. We will have the whole island to ourselves.” He said looking out the window.

I looked out the window and saw the island coming into view. It was small, but obviously big enough to land a private jet on a part of it. I was actually pretty excited to be here. I hadn’t been able to get away for a holiday in a very long time. It was a shame it had to be under these circumstances.

“Oh wow.” I said as I watched the island come more into view. Ten minutes later and we had landed on the island. I was bubbling with excitement.

About a half an hour later, we had finally arrived at the place we were staying. Julian explained that it was a bungalow. By the looks of it, it was a pretty fancy one. He led me into the place, and I was in awe with what I saw. It was a very open set up. There was a beautiful kitchen, dining area right off from it. Then there was a nice living room with a huge flat screen TV. there was an open door that led outside to the patio and what looked like a pretty pool. Then there was a door to the right that led to a bedroom with a huge canopy bed and I was sure the bathroom was through there.

“Wow Julian, this place is amazing!” I stated as I walked farther into the bungalow. I was actually excited to spend a little time here, not to mention I would be with Julian.

“Check out the rest of the bungalow. The bedroom is through there. I believe that you will like the bathroom as well. Also there is a path that leads straight to the beach from our backyard. Explore and I will make us some dinner because you must be starving.” Julian explained placing the few bags he had on the ground, “Oh and there are some clothes already waiting in the dresser if you wanted to change.” I smiled and left him to it.

The bedroom was amazing and so tropical. He was right about me liking the bathroom, it was gorgeous with this huge jacuzzi tub that I couldn’t wait to use. I rummaged the dresser and closet and decided on a long sky blue maxi dress. I also found some makeup and decided to try to cover up some of the bruises on my face. I did an alright job.

I stepped outside and smiled at my surroundings. The bungalow was surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants. There was an amazing pool off of the patio, with a beautiful jacuzzi. There were two lounge chairs on the edge of the pool. I saw the path Julian was talking about and smiled when I saw how close the beach was. I decided to go down to the beach.

The sand was warm beneath my feet and downright therapeutic. I walked right up to the clear water. looking straight into the ocean. The surf washed up under my feet and the water was very warm, I was excited to swim in the ocean. It was breathtaking. Moments later Julian called me in for dinner.

I sat down at the table on the opposite side. He had laid out the food and it smelled divine. Julian must be good at a lot of things. He smiled at me and we dug into the food. It was honestly heaven in my mouth. I had to control myself so I would not devour it very quickly.

“You covered up the bruises.” He questioned as we were cleaning up.

I blushed, “Yes I did, I hated seeing them.” I admitted as I dried my hands.

Julian came over to me and pulled me in front of him. Cupping my face with his hands in a very sweet manor.

“You don’t ever have to worry about it happening again. I’m going to keep you safe. I will never let another soul like them get near you.” He was staring into my eyes and I knew that Julian was going to keep me safe.

“Thank you, Julian.” I was enjoying the feelings I felt being this close to him.

He looked conflicted as he continued to hold me close, “Mia, I need to be honest with you.”

I looked up into his baby blue eyes, “What is it?”

He took a breath, “I like you, a lot. I have since the day you moved in next to me. I love being around you and my heart broke when I found out you were missing.” He was about to move away from me, but I held him in place.

I smiled up at him, “I like you too. I never thought you could like someone like me.”

“How could I not? You are gorgeous and amazing.” He was looking into my eyes.

I decided to take a leap of faith and leaned up to kiss him. Surprisingly he kissed me back almost immediately. His kisses made me feel things I had never felt with any other guy. I liked it a lot. I couldn’t believe that someone as sexy as Julian Wolfe had feelings for me. I couldn’t believe I was standing here kissing him on the private island.

Once we pulled away, he suggested we prepare for bed and I agreed since it had gotten dark. Julian said I could have the bed and he would sleep on the couch in the living room. To be honest I wanted him to sleep in the bed with me, but I thought that may be a little weird, so I decided not to mention it. But about halfway through the night I woke up from a nightmare of that guy trying to get to me again. He ran into the room and pulled me into his arms, soothing me from the nightmare I had just experienced. I managed to convince him to stay in the bed with me and keep me from having any more nightmares. It seemed to have worked.

The next day was beautiful and sunny, so I decided I wanted to spend the day by the pool. Julian wanted to do the same. So here I was lying on one of the loungers in one of the bikini’s I had found while Julian swam laps in the pool. I was practically drooling at the sight of him and his muscular arms doing all the work. Fuck he was so sexy. He caught me staring a couple of times.

I was enjoying the warmth of the son on my beaten body. I chose not to cover up my bruises today because it was too much work and Julian didn’t seem to mind them. Well I mean of course he minded them, but not in the way most may. He just hated seeing me looking the way I did after what I went through.

Julian got out of the pool and stood there staring at me, I was looking right back at him biting my lip. He looked so sexy standing there in some swim trunks and his perfect chest on display.

“Do you enjoy staring at me, Mia?” He questioned moving closer to me.

“Maybe I do, Mr. Wolfe. Does it bother you?” I was trying to be seductive, but I was not sure how well I was doing.

“Not at all.” He stopped at the end of the lounge chair and got on his knees in front of me. He gently took my ankle into his hand and kissed the inside of it, moving slowly upward.

“What are you doing, Julian?” I whimpered as his kisses moved higher up my leg. He was causing me pleasure by what he was doing.

“I’m going to make you feel good.” His breath fanned over my legs and chills raced through my body despite the heat. He reached my thighs, spreading them so he kiss the insides of them. He was getting me very hot and bothered.

He stopped and looked up into my eyes, “Do you want me to continue?” His gaze never faltered.

I smiled, “Yes please, Julian, pleasure me.”

“Anytime, anywhere.” His hands were on my hips, hooking under the hem of my bikini bottoms. “You’re mine now.” His voice was low and full of lust as he pulled the bottoms down my legs and off, dropping them to the patio.

“Mhmmmm.” I moaned as he spread my legs and kissed the inside of my thighs again. Moving closer to my wet heat.

“You smell lovely, tesoro.” He finally stopped where I wanted him and ran a finger through my wet folds, just barely grazing my clit. I whimpered and arched my back into the slight pleasure I felt. “I can see my baby girl is impatient. Well let’s not make her wait any longer.” He spread my folds and licked up my growing arousal. “Oooo, you taste lovely too.”

To hear him talk that way only made me that much more aroused and I could tell he loved it. He was lapping at me like he had wanted to taste me for ages. He gripped my thighs and put my legs over his shoulders, allowing him better access to me. He started to suck on my clit, bringing me the ultimate pleasure. I was moaning his name very loudly. Being the only ones on the island made me feel so much better about this. As his tongue played with my clit, I felt him slip two fingers into me making me moan louder. I was very close.

His mouth pulled away from my core, but his fingers continued to thrust into me, “I can feel you’re close. I want to taste your sweet essence in my mouth, please come for me.” He spoke before bringing his lips back to my swollen clit.

My fingers threaded themselves into his perfect messy deep brunette hair as he continued to send me into pleasure with his tongue and fingers. I could feel the orgasm beginning to hit me and I started moaning a little more to alert him, but he already knew. He removed his fingers and moved his mouth south while continually lapping at me. I felt his fingers beginning to rub my sensitive clit and that was all I needed to finish. My whole body burst into pleasure and I came hard. He licked up every last drop of my sweet arousal, moaning as he did so.

Once I calmed down from my orgasm and he had cleaned me up sufficiently, he lifted his head to look up at me. My wetness coated his mouth and it was so fucking sexy. Everything about Julian Wolfe was fucking sexy but to see him like that after having bought me so much pleasure was just fucking amazing.

“Tesoro, I want you to ride me. Can you do that for me?” He asked closing the space between us and kissing me with such passion. I could taste myself all over his mouth and it was such a turn on. I wanted to make him feel good too.

“Yes I can.” I pushed him back off the lounger and moved to the edge, quickly removing his swim trunks and throwing them off to the side. I removed my bikini top as well. Then I stood up and pushed him onto the lounger so that he laid there. He looked shocked at my behavior. I just smirk and climbed up onto his lap, feeling his erection underneath me. “I want to fuck you so hard, Julian.”

“Oh fuck, that’s so sexy. I have wanted this for a really long time. Bellissimo.” Julian placed his hands on my waist, moving me a little to grind down on his erection.

I reached down between us and positioned him at my entrance, moving him inside just a little bit, “How bad do you want this?” I teased him moving ever so slightly.

Julian did not like the teasing, so he grabbed my hips and pushed me down onto his length and filled me up to the brim. “I won’t take any teasing from you, Mia. I have had to deal with a lot of shitty people and I just want to be inside of you right now. You can tease me later.”

“Mhmm, I’m sorry Julian.” I whispered as I started to move myself on his length. He felt so good inside of me, he fit perfectly. I had wanted this for far too long.

“You don’t need to apologize, tesoro. Just keep moving that way.” His hand were gripping my waist and helping me to move a little faster. Each time I moved my hips down, he filled me up to the point where I could feel him nudging my cervix. He was also hitting my g-spot each time he filled me up.

I gripped onto his shoulders to help me move better and I could not help but to dig my fingernails into his shoulders. There were bound to be some marks there when we were done. I felt Julian move forward and begin to suck on my neck, all while I still bounced on his cock making the two of us feel amazing.

“I’m almost there, baby.” He mumbled into my neck and I decided to pick up the pace to help us reach our orgasms faster. “Keep doing that, fuck it feels so damn good.” He was biting my neck a little harder now, but it only added to the pleasure.

“Oh Julian!” I moaned digging my nails deeper into his back. I was beginning to feel my orgasm wash over me. “Come with me.”

I felt him twitch inside of me, which triggered my orgasm to hit full force. He came immediately as well, filling me up with his warm seed. It was so fucking erotic. The fact that we were outside only made it more erotic. We both rode out our highs before I collapsed into his chest.

While I was laying on his chest, I heard Julian’s heartbeat get quicker. He was worrying about something. I lifted my head to see the worried expression upon his face.

“What’s bothering you Julian?” I quickly looked around to see if there was someone who had caught his attention, but I saw no one.

“I’m so sorry Mia. We didn’t use protection. Fuck I’m so stupid.” He sounded so mad at himself and I could not help but to chuckle at him causing him to glare playfully at me.

“There’s no need to worry, I’m on the pill and I’m clean. Are you clean?”

“Oh of course, I haven’t had sex in over eight months.” He seemed to visibly relax.

I nodded and yawned.

“You’re tired. Let’s head in for a nap and then we can continue this later on?”

“I like that idea.” I yawned again.

Julian gently pulled out of me and pulled me into his arms bridal style. I was already falling asleep as he carried me into the bedroom. I felt him place me on the bed and get in next to me and pull me close. I heard him mumble something I could not understand before I finally fell asleep.

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