Erotic Love Stories

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In His Arms

Another night ending with me frustrated and horny, even after Hunter got off.

He never managed to make me cum. Honestly, it felt like he wasn’t even trying anymore. Like he was only fucking me for his pleasure and not even bothering with mine. It had been a good six months since I have cum while having sex with Hunter.

Hunter may be good looking, but he was horrible in bed. Also, he was nothing but an ass to me anymore. Whenever he and his friends got together, he would just talk about me and basically make me the joke of his friends. I hated it.

Once he fell asleep, I rolled out of bed and slid my panties on. I put on one of his t-shirts and left the room. My thigh tattoo was visible, and it made me happy.

Hunter hated my tattoos. I had quite a few. A black rose on my right shoulder. A cluster of black roses on my left under forearm. A grouping of green vines on my left side curling up under my breast. A sun and moon tattoo on my right thigh, and a small heart outline on my left foot. Hunter always made me cover up my tattoos and I hated it.

I headed to the kitchen for a late-night drink. Surely his father was asleep by now. The lights were all out, so he must be asleep. Pulling out a beer, I pulled myself up onto the counter.

Hunter was younger than me. He was 24, while I was 29. I met hunter at school four years ago, and I don’t know why I really agreed to go out with him. He was the typical frat boy and nothing like the guy’s I was normally into. I don’t know why I stayed with him as long as I have.

Oh right, the only reason I stay with him is because of my huge crush on his father. His father was such a sexy man and I could never not think about that man. He was the definition of DILF. Mr. Dorian has been single for as long as I can remember. His wife left him and Hunter when Hunter was still a baby and I don’t think he ever dates. Which is a shame, because he is so sexy.

I was so lost in my mind, that I didn’t hear someone enter the room.

“Can’t sleep?” I looked up to find Hunter’s dad standing in the doorway. His eyes were focused on my body and that gave me goosebumps.

“No, I can’t.” I admitted taking another sip of the beer.

Mr. Dorian fully entered the room and grabbed himself a beer. He sat at the island bar, which is what I was currently sitting on top of. “That’s odd, they say sex usually tires you out.” He stated bluntly.

This made me blush madly, “What, sex. No, we weren’t...”

“Come on Eve, I’m not dumb. Besides my son comes to me every time he needs condoms.” He admitted with a shrug.

What, seriously? Hunter is incapable of getting his own condoms. What a loser.

“He’s not the brightest. Now how come you’re not passed out right now?” He questioned and again while I was blushing. It was weird talking to my boyfriend’s dad, who I have a crush on, about sex.

“Uh, he didn’t really get me off.” It was embarrassing to admit this, especially to his dad.

Mr. Dorian was now staring at me in disbelief, “How often does this happen?”

“Every time.” There was no way it could get worse.

“That selfish son of bitch. What kind of man doesn’t get his woman off? Well he didn’t learn that from me. I would never do something like that.” That was so hot coming from him. “I can beat his ass if you want me to do.”

I smiled, “Thanks, but there’s no need. I don’t think it’s his fault.” The truth was, I felt like he was bored of me and didn’t care enough to tell me.

The older man in front of me frowned and made his way over to me. He stopped in front of me, literally trapping me on the counter. He reached forward and lifted my head to look at him.

“It’s not your fault baby girl. He’s the one who’s incompetent. You need a real man. A man who knows how to please his woman correctly and doesn’t stop until he knows she’s cum for him. I don’t think you will ever get that with Hunter.” His words were a little shocking to me. Who did he think would be a better match for me?

“Who do you think would be better for me?” I questioned noticing him getting even closer. He placed his hands on either side of me. He was so close, and it was turning me on so much. This is so wrong.

“Hmmmm, who do you think would fuck you better than my lazy son.” He leaned in closer, our faces were only inches apart at this point. I welcomed the closeness. “I can make you scream when you cum, princess.” He whispered into my ear, causing arousal to soak my panties.

I was about to reach up and pull him into a kiss, when I heard footsteps on the stairs. He stepped away from me and moved to the other side of the island. Hunter entered the room a second later, looking mad.

“There you are. Why are you down here?” He questioned glaring at the beer in my hand, “Why are you drinking beer? Only whores drink beer.” He grumbled walking over and taking the half full beer from my hand and chucking it into the sink. It shattered on impact.

“What the fuck was that for?” I questioned jumping off the counter.

Hunter just rolled his eyes at me, “I was getting rid of that beer. You’re not allowed to drink them.”

Who the fuck did he think he was?

His dad broke in, “You have no right to tell her what she can and can’t do, son.”

Hunter turned toward his dad, “Stay out of it dad, she’s my girlfriend and I can tell her what to do.” He turned back to me, “Why the fuck are you parading around like a slut?”

I slapped him, and he growled at me. He pushed me back and I was close to hitting the counter.

“Get the fuck out of my house, slut.” He yelled pushing past me. His footsteps were heavy against the staircase and when he reached his room, the door slammed shut.

I let out a sigh of frustration before turning to Mr. Dorian. He looked pissed off too.

“Your son is a piece of shit.” I grumbled before heading out to get my shoes and purse to leave.

Mr. Dorian followed me to the door, “Eve, I don’t want you going out this late. It’s not safe for you.”

My heart warmed up at how much he cared about me, “Thank you, but I have to get out of here. I will be back in the morning to get my stuff from him.” I was about to walk out of the door, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the house. He shut the door and locked it.

“No babygirl, you’re not leaving right now. You’re staying until the morning.” He said lightly pulling me through the house and in the direction of the guestroom located next to his room. “Please just sleep and in the morning, I’m sorting that boy out.”

I just nodded, allowing him to lead me to the bed. He pulled back the covers and helped me get into bed. Once again, his face was millimeters from mine.

“I’m not done with you darling. I intend to show you just how precious you are.” He kissed my forehead before leaving me to sleep. My heart was beating so much. That was seriously so hot.

I woke up to someone mumbling my name in my ear. Opening my eyes, I found Hunter standing beside me.

“Good morning sleepyhead.” He stated with his stupid smile.

Did he forget what he said to me last night?

“What do you want?” I grumbled.

“Ooooo, someone is grumpy today.” He stated with a laugh. He started to walk around the room and open the curtains, letting the harsh sunlight in.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Hunter? You called me a slut last night for drinking a beer.” I said sitting up in bed.

He shrugged, “It’s not a big deal. Okay anyway, Charlie and the guys want us to come camping with them. They are bringing the girls with them. What do say, are you ready for some camping?” Hunter was so nonchalant.

“Not really.” I pulled myself out of bed, frowning at my attire. I was still wearing his stupid shirt.

I looked up to find Hunter glaring at me, “Why the fuck not? You like being around the girls.”

Shaking my head at him I replied, “No I don’t. They are all so fake Hunter. For fucks sake, I’m 29 years old and they are 20. I don’t get along with those fake bitches.” I yelled at him.

He walked up to me and grabbed my arm, “What the fuck is your problem?”

Using force, I pulled my arm out of his grip and walked around him.

“You’re my problem.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He sounded like a little child.

“It means that we’re done. We don’t get along and I’m sick of you trying to change me.” It felt so good to say that.

“What about last night? I made you cum so hard.”

This made me laugh hysterically, “Fuck no you didn’t. You never make me cum.”

Of course, this made him mad, “Fine whatever slut. I’ve been cheating on you with Brielle anyway.”

I honestly wasn’t surprised to hear that, but it still hurt a little.

“Look, I’m leaving now. I want you out of my house when I get home. Make sure you get all your stuff.” He said before heading to the door. Picking up his bags, he was out the door.

“This house is not yours.” I heard Mr. Dorian say as Hunter stepped out the door. Hunter just rolled his eyes and sent his father the middle finger. “That disrespectful piece of shit.” Mr. Dorian grumbled as the door slammed shut. It was easy to see that he and Hunter didn’t get along at all.

Mr. Dorian turned to me, “You’re better off without him.”

I smiled, “Damn right I am.”

He smirked at me, “Why don’t you go get a shower and then I will help you collect your stuff from that piece of shits room.”

Suddenly I was frowning, “Are you kicking me out?”

This made him stop and look back at me, “Heavens no, baby girl. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you need. I know that piss baby made you give up your apartment. Now I’m going to make us some breakfast, go get relaxed, honey.” I nodded and headed off to get a shower.

After I was done, I threw on my silk robe without bothering with underwear. I would worry about that later. Right now, I was starving, and I could smell the delicious food Mr. Dorian was making.

Entering the room, I saw him placing two plates on the table. His eyes immediately found me as I entered the room and it seemed like he could not take his eyes off me. It made me extremely aroused to see that. We quietly ate breakfast, each of us sparing glances at the other. I was so wet for him.

“We should go get your stuff out of that pricks room.” He said as we put our empty plates in the sink.

“I agree.” I said with a slight blush on my face. I was thinking of all the dirty scenarios that could go on between us.

I led him to his prick of a son’s room, not happy at all to see it. The room just reminded me of all my sexual frustration. I needed to be fucked properly and soon.

“Okay, most of my clothes are in that dresser.” I pointed to the small dresser shoved in the corner.

Mr. Dorian frowned, “How do you fit everything in here?”

I shrugged, “I couldn’t. He made me get rid of the rest.” That was the sad truth. Hunter had been living in his own apartment, when he decided we would move in together. I stupidly agreed and sold my place, only for him to lose the funds for the new place. That’s when we moved in with his father.

“I fucking hate that son of a bitch.” Mr. Dorian mumbled looking around the room in disgust.

“Me too.” I mumbled with a frown.

I was in my own mind when suddenly Mr. Dorian pulled me against him, “There’s no need to frown, my Evelyn. I’m going to make you so much happier.” He whispered leaning in and claiming my lips in the sweetest kiss I had ever received. His lips felt so perfect against mine. This kiss felt very right.

When we pulled away, a huge smile was left on my face.

“Did you like that sweetie?” He questioned not letting go of me. I wasn’t exactly trying to get away either. I liked how his arms felt around me.

“Yes, I did, Mr. Dorian. Is it bad to say I want more?” I was slightly embarrassed to admit this.

This made him happy, “Call me Alexander and no it’s not bad at all. I’m going to give you more. So much more babygirl.” He pulled me closer and claimed my lips in a very steamy kiss. The kind of kiss I had never once experienced in my life. It just kept on getting hotter and hotter as we continued to kiss. At this point, his tongue was exploring my mouth and I was moaning softly.

This man was making me feel things that I didn’t think I could feel anymore.

The kiss was growing a little rougher, to the point where he gripped my thighs and pulled me up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist, for some balance. I completely forgot I wasn’t wearing panties, until my bare core was flush with his jean covered core. I moaned and bucked my hips a little.

“Oooo, baby girl is impatient.” He mumbled against my lips before diving into the kiss again. I responded by grinding against him some more.

My robe was coming loose and falling open. This attracted his attention, as he looked down to see my impressive cleavage on show for him. He smirked, while leaning down and nipping the top of each breast. It was such a sneaky move, but I loved it.

“I need more Alexander.” I moaned as he began to nibble on my neck.

I had completely forgotten we were in Hunter’s room, all I could think about were his lips upon my body.

“I got you baby girl.” He leaned down and set me onto the bed. Thankfully Hunter had managed to make it for once. “I’m going to show you how a real man pleasures his woman.” Those words had me soaking once again.

Biting my lip, I untied my robe, letting it fall open for him. My naked body was completely on display for him. My extensive vine tattoo that was on the complete left side of my body was on display for him. He licked his lips when he spotted the tattoo.

“Oooo damn, I never knew you were hiding this baby.” He caressed the big tattoo, causing shivers to run through my body.

“You don’t know how much I love all of my tattoos. I’m not covering them up anymore.” I stated with defiance toward Hunter.

Once again, he licked his lips, “Fuck no, you’re not covering these up. They are a work of art, just like you sweetie.” He was now on his knees, so he started placing light kisses up my body.

“Oh yes.” I whimpered fisting the sheets as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, He sucked it gently, causing it to immediately harden in his mouth. He was idly playing with the other nipple as he sucked on one. After he was satisfied with the moans escaping my mouth, he took the other nipple into his mouth. It was plain torture and I loved it.

Finally, he lifted his head to look up at me. Of course, there was lust in his eyes, but I saw unmistakable love in as well. This man cared for me.

“Do you want me to continue?” This man was nothing short of a gentleman and I loved it.

“Yes. Please fuck me!” I moaned as his hand traveled between my thighs, slipping into my folds. I was already soaked for him.

“Mmmmm yes, you’re soaked for me honey.” He started to rub slow circles into my clit, which immediately had me spreading my thighs for him to have more access. He was now looking at my bare pussy in complete lust. “Fuck darling, every part of you is perfect.” He moaned before he leaned forward and licked a line up my pussy to my clit.

I moaned loud at the act. Hunter never ate me out. He thought it was gross, but he was such a child and his father was such a gentleman.

“Yessss fuck, Alexander. That feels so fucking good.” My hands immediately wound themselves into his hair as he continued to lap at my wet pussy. He paid special attention to my clit, sucking it into his mouth every once in a while, making me buck my hips up at him. The pleasure was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I was already so close to my orgasm, and he just started.

“You taste so good.” He moaned as he pulled away for just a second. He was back to licking me like I was his favorite flavor of ice cream. It was so fucking hot, and I was going to cum any second. The way he licked at me was so sexy.

“I’m so close, fuck. You’re going to make me cum.” I moaned, whimpering when he pulled away from my wet pussy.

“Not yet honey. You’re not going to cum until I’m deep inside of you.” Those words alone nearly made me cum. Fuck, this man was so sexy.

Alexander stood up and pulled his t-shirt off, letting it fall to the ground haphazardly. Next, he started to work on his jeans. He pulled them off along with his underwear in one swift go, revealing a huge erection.

He was huge. So much bigger than anyone else I had been with, which had only been two other men. I wasn’t sure he would be able to fit inside of me.

He must have seen my concern, “Don’t worry sweetie. I’m going to take it slow. I won’t hurt you. We’re going to go slow and only when your completely adjusted to me, will I pick up the pace.” Alexander was looking into my eyes as he said this. He knew what I needed to hear to calm down.

“Okay, I’m ready.” I said knowing I was truly ready to feel what a real man could do to my body. I needed to feel pleasure. I needed to have a mind-blowing orgasm. Alexander was going to give it to me, I just knew it.

He sent me a little smile before climbing onto the bed with me, moving us to the center of the bed. “I’m going to take good care of you honey. Now relax”

I obeyed and allowed my body to completely relax. Alexander moved, so that he was hovering above my body. He leaned down and gave me a sweet kiss. Then he positioned himself between my legs, waiting for me to nod before going on with everything.

There was nothing else I wanted at the moment, so I gave him the nod he had been waiting for. He smiled and pulled me into another kiss while placing his erect cock at my entrance. We continued kissing as he slowly pushed into me. I was extremely tight around his cock, but as he pushed farther in, I started to relax more and feel more comfortable. He stopped when he filled me to the hilt. I felt so full. Full of a real man’s cock. It felt great.

“Please move inside me.” I whimpered as he started to move. He was still taking it slow as he thrust in and out of me, and I was beginning to feel more and more pleasure as he continued to move.

“You feel so good around me, baby.” He moaned into the kiss. He felt so fucking good inside me.

“Fuck, you feel so good inside me. Go faster please.”

My moans only increased as he continued to push in and out of me. His cock was hitting all the pleasure points inside of me. That was something the others could never do. He started to nibble on my neck, as he continued thrusting.

I turned my head to the side, to catch a reflection of us fucking in the full-length mirror. It was so fucking hot to see Mr. Dorian fucking me. I had only crushed on him for a long while now. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be fucking my ex-boyfriends father. Oh man, he was the best fuck I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

“How close are you?” He asked as he noticed me looking at us in the mirror.

“I’m so fucking close, baby. Make me cum like I have never cum before.” This only made him thrust a little faster, making the orgasm come crushing down a whole lot quicker.

I screamed as I came. My walls clamping down on his huge cock, coaxing him to his own orgasm. He moaned when he felt himself getting close.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum.” Just before he could cum inside of me, he pulled out and shot his load all over my stomach. I was moaning as he did so. It was so fucking hot.

“That was so fucking close. I almost didn’t pull out in time.” He admitted as he settled down beside me.

For some reason, that made me feel aroused all over again. The thought of being impregnated by this man was fucking hot as hell.

I smiled and kissed his cheek, “You made me cum so fucking hard.”

There was a satisfied smirk upon his face, “I know I did baby. I’m very proud of that.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “This is not the last time I plan on making you cum. I don’t want to let go of you and this smoking body of yours.” His eyes roamed my bare body. “It was so incredibly hot fucking you on my prick of a son’s bed. I so want to do it again.”

I had to admit, it made everything so much hotter.

“I agree. Now, would you help me clean up?” I questioned pointing to his sticky cum, that was spread on my stomach.

“Hell fucking yes baby.” Before I could say anything, he was out of bed and he had lifted me into his arms, carrying me to the bathroom.

The rest of the weekend went very much like that first day. There was lots of fucking around the house, and lots of cumming. It was so fucking perfect. Alexander Dean Dorian was a fucking sex god and he knew just what I wanted and needed.

“Mhmm baby girl, you’re so sexy.” He mumbled against my neck as I cleaned up after lunch. His arms were wound around me, and I wanted nothing more than to melt back into his arms.

“You are too.” I said turning off the sink and drying my hands off on the towel.

He started nibbling at my neck, making me giggle and moan at the sensations he was giving me. Alexander knew how to get to me in the smallest ways. That was more than Hunter had ever done.

We were busy in our own world when the front door flew open, “Why the fuck is that slut’s car still here? I told her to be gone by the time I returned home.” He grumbled before entering the kitchen, where his dad and I were still embracing.

His eyes went wide in surprise, “What the fuck is going on? You seduced my dad? God, you really are such a fucking slut.” He was now angry.

His dad was still holding me tightly when Hunter came over and tried to push me away from him. That only made Alex hold me even tighter.

“Get the fuck out of here, you punk.” His dad said pushing him away with ease.

“Are you fucking kidding me? She really is a slut.” Hunter looked disgusted as his father held me close and kissed my cheek.

“She’s not a slut. I’m the one who pursued her. I found it unbelievable you could get such a beautiful woman. Then I found out you weren’t treating her right and that’s when I decided to step in and claim her for myself.” He kissed my lips in front of his dumb son and it made me happy.

“No, this isn’t right. You can’t go after my girlfriend!” Hunter yelled and stomped on the floor like a child.

“Ex-girlfriend.” I corrected when we finally pulled away from each other. Hunter was furious and it made me a very happy girl. He deserved a taste of his own medicine.

“This is so illegal. You just can’t move onto my dad like that. We were together for 4 years!” He was now pacing the floor.

Alex’s grip on me never gave up, “Yeah, I wasted four years of my life with you. Your father has treated me better in three days than you have throughout our whole relationship. He’s made me cum more than enough times to make up for all the times you could never make me cum.” There was a sly smirk upon my face as I said these words.

“The two of you had sex! What the actual fuck!” Hunter punched the wall beside him, creating a dent in the wall and messing up his hand in the process.

Alexander was now mad and let go of me, stalking up to his son. He grabbed him by his collar and pushed into the wall.

“You don’t get to come into my house and tell me or my girl what to do. Nor do you go around destroying my property boy.” His voice was deep but loud. It turned me on and made me soak my panties.

Hunter was speechless.

“Now I’m going to take my girlfriend and go fuck her. Get the fuck over it or move out.” Alex said before taking my hand and leading me to his bedroom, where we proceeded to fuck very loudly. All to teach that fucker a lesson.

Alexander and I had been together for about eight months now, and I can truly say they have been the best months of my life. He treated me like a queen and made me feel loved.

Hunter was still throwing a fit about the fact that I was with his dad. He made his hate for me known whenever he could, but I could care less. I was happy with his father and he wasn’t going to ruin that.

“God I can’t believe him and that slut are still together. I was so disgusted to find out she had put her claws into my dad.” I heard Hunter whine to his friends. Hunter finally invited his lame friends over but decided to talk about me when me and his father were just in the kitchen.

“Do you really think you should be saying that about your ex?” One of friends asked. Sounds like this one actually had a soul.

“I don’t fucking care about her man. She’s nothing but a slut to me. I mean I broke up with her and three days later I found out she was fucking my dad. I don’t even want to think about how long that has been going on.” Hunter whined like a little baby.

Alexander was glaring into the other room, getting ready to pounce at his son.

“Hunter man, you really shouldn’t be saying that about her. What if your dad hears? That man scares me, you know.” Another one said.

“Damn right I do.” Alex mumbled under his breath making me giggle.

“I don’t fucking care anymore. I’m going to keep saying it until he realizes what a fucking slut she is.” Hunter said and I knew Alexander wasn’t going to hold back anymore.

He stood up and went over to the sink, pulling out a bat from under it.

“What is that doing there?” I questioned.

“Shhhh baby girl, stay here and get ready for me. I’m going to teach that boy a lesson.” He walked out towards the living room. Despite telling me to stay still, I followed him out.

“Your fucking in for it, you little prick.” His father said while holding the bat up high.

“What the fuck dad?” Hunter said jumping up from his seat.

“See this is why your dad scares me.” His friend mumbled making me laugh.

“You need to stop talking shit about Eve. Get the fuck over the fact that she is mine now.” Alexander was intimidating, but it made me so fucking wet.

Hunter grunted while moving around the room, “It’s just sick that the slut has a hold over you! You don’t even see that she is only with you for the money.” He was just coming up with lies on the spot.

Alexander shook his head with an evil smirk upon his face, “Oh you are so sure of that?”

Hunter nodded nearly running into the coffee table, “Come on, she’s young and hot. There’s no way she would willingly be with you dad.”

This made him angrier. He swung the bat at Hunter, making him trip and fall to the ground. To drive the point, Alexander swung the bat again and hit the wooden coffee table. He only barely made a dent in the old thing.

At this point I stepped into the room, “Fuck off Hunter. I’m in love with him and there is nothing you can do about it.” I wrapped my arms around Alexander and kissed his cheek.

Alex wrapped an arm around me, “We’re in love and you need to get over it. I suggest you do it before your little brother or sister gets here.” He stated placing a hand on my stomach

This had me giggling because I wasn’t actually pregnant, but it was the perfect way to get Hunter to knock off the shit.

Hunter’s eyes went wide, “What the fuck! She’s pregnant?”

With the biggest smile upon his face, he replied. “She sure is.”

All the other guys were quiet as Hunter jumped up, “I’m fucking out of here. Come on guys.” He grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

“Don’t come back with this same attitude!” Alex yelled as the door shut behind them.

I turned to him, “Now why in the world would you tell him I was pregnant when you know damn well I’m not?” I questioned still very amused by all of it.

He shrugged, “It was the only thing I could come up with at the time. I think we need to make sure that it’s true, so that prick really cuts the shit.” He said it so casually.

My eyes went wide, “You actually want to get me pregnant?” This both surprised and enlightened me.

Alex pulled me close, “Hell yes babygirl. I mean why not? We love each other and we’ve been together for a little while now. Plus, I know how much you want to be a mom. Every time we see a baby, your eyes become clouded over with need.”

He was right, my need to become a mother was kicking in hardcore lately. “You’re so adorable. What will people say about the age difference?”

“Oh sweetie, what’s 15 years? It’s nothing to me and I love you too much to let that stop me from being with you.”

“Awe, I love you too baby!” I leaned up and kissed his lips. He of course deepened the kiss, ready to take it to the next level

“How about we go make that baby?” He questioned with a sexy smirk upon his face.

“I love that idea.” I said allowing him to take me wherever he pleased.

Alexander led me through the house, until we stopped at his bedroom. He quickly closed the door behind us and claimed my lips in a passionate kiss. Through the kiss, I could feel every emotion he felt for me.

“Mhmm baby, I need more.” I moaned as he started push my clothes off my body.

“I know baby girl, I’m getting there.” Alexander said as he pulled away, and took off my shirt. My pants were next to go, leaving me in a lacy pair of lingerie. He attached his lips to my neck, I was moaning in no time.

I was growing impatient, so I reached forward and started pulling at his clothes. He thankfully helped me pull them off until he was wearing just his boxers. I wanted him and I wanted him then. So I reached behind myself and unclasped my bra, pulling it off and throwing it to the floor. I did the same to my panties, and I was left naked on the bed.

“Fuck me right now, Alexander. Don’t stop until you have cum inside me and made sure to leave me with your baby.” I was struggling to talk because he was playing with my body the whole time I was talking.

His underwear joined mine on the floor, “Of course baby girl.” He moved so that he was hovering above me, he thrust into me quickly which made me cry out in surprise and pleasure. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go much deeper inside of me.

“Oh fucking yesssss, that feels so fucking good.” I moaned as he just kept on going and going. I swear this man had more stamina than me. Which definitely means he had more stamina than his fucking loser son. That was so fucking hot.

“Damn right it does. I always aim to please you baby.” He just kept on pounding into me, making me feel good around his cock.

My moans were basically all you could hear in the house. So it was good that no one else was in the house or else they would for sure know what we were doing. Not that Alexander or I cared. We were too lost in each other to notice anything around us.

He leaned down and kissed my lips passionately, “I’m not going to last much longer baby girl. Are you sure you’re ready for a baby?” He asked while he twitched inside me.

I smiled, “I’m ready baby. I want this, I really do.” I was biting my lip as my orgasm drew closer.

“Okay, sweetie. You’re stuck with me after this.” He stated becoming a little sloppier with his thrusts.

“I know and I’m totally okay with that, babyyy.” I moaned as my orgasm grew closer. Everything about this moment was turning me on.

“As long as you know it dear.” He moaned as his orgasm was starting to take over.

I decided to try something I had been wanting to try for a while now, “Cum inside me, daddy.” I moaned while biting my lip.

He completely lost control and his orgasm crashed over him, making him fill me up with his seed. I had never let another man cum inside me before, the feeling was unlike anything else. It pushed me over the edge and caused me to cum all over his thick cock. We held onto each other as our orgasms hit us full on. We were moaning in unison.

We finally settled down, but he stayed buried inside me. We cuddled up as I felt the tiredness creepy in.

“Oh baby girl, I promise to make love to you until we know for sure you’re pregnant. Then I will continue to pleasure my lady, like a good man does.” He said while kissing my cheek, “Also, calling me daddy is a surefire way to make me cum instantly.”

“I’m ready for it baby. I will also keep that in mind for later.” He kissed my forehead and mumbled for me to get some rest.

True to his word, Alexander made sure to make love to me at least once a day until we knew I was pregnant. Which didn’t really take all that long, because I was apparently very fertile. I was pregnant within a month. Alexander and I were very happy about it.

With pregnancy came the symptoms. I had some morning sickness, increased sexual appetite early on, fatigue, and cravings. I had been craving things like Mac and cheese with like 5 different types of cheese. I was wasn’t a big cheese lover beforehand. Spicy food was a must for me. Then I was craving fruits that were way out of season.

Hunter was still being a big asshole to me. On the days when I was way too nauseous to make it to work, and Alexander confined me to the couch. Hunter made it his mission to make me feel like shit. Often calling me a whore and a gold-digger. None of which I was. He would just insult me as much as he could. Alex would tell him off when he was home, but that never stopped him.

At 5 months, Hunter was still bothering me and my anger was about to get the best of me. Alexander was at work, and Hunter had apparently lost his fucking job months ago. I was off for the next two days, and this prick was going to make it hell. He already had.

“Why do you stick around, you slut. My dad isn’t serious about you. He’s probably out with another woman as we speak.” Hunter said interrupting me sketching out what I wanted the baby’s room to look like.

“Stop fucking lying, I know that’s not true. Your dad and I are in love. For fucks sake, we are having a baby.” I stated while rubbing a hand over my belly. The baby moved inside me.

Hunter started to laugh, “He knows that baby isn’t his slut. He’s only letting you stay here out of pity.”

This kid made me reach my boiling point, “You’re so full of yourself. This baby is his and he fucking knows that because he was the one who fucked me until I became pregnant. Also, not that it’s any of your business but I’ve only been with two guys before him. Some shitty guy before you and well you. We know how much you couldn’t satisfy me, now don’t we?” I knew it was petty as fuck but he deserved it.

Anger flashed through his eyes, “You fucking cunt! I’m going to end you.” He jumped up and ran for me, but I ran off to his dad and I’s room and shut the door before he could get to me. I locked the door, and backed away as he started hitting the door. I was scared for me and my child’s life.

“You’re such a fucking cunt. You don’t deserve happiness you fucking whore. I’m going to kill you!” He was still pounding at the door while I was cowering at the other side of the room.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Alexander yelled making Hunter stop pounding at the door.

“Getting that fucking whore out of here once and for all…” He was cut of by a loud sound. I was guessing his dad punched him.

“No, you need to leave once and for all. You’ve been harassing my pregnant girlfriend for months and I won’t deal with it anymore. You’re no longer welcome here. I want you and your stuff out by tomorrow. If you ever come near my girlfriend or my child again, you will pay.” Alexander was loud and angry, but I knew he was protecting the baby and I.

Once it was silent, I heard the door unlock but I didn’t move from my spot. Alexander saw me and frowned, he ran over to me and pulled me into his arms.

“I’m sorry he did that baby girl. I didn’t think he would ever get like that. I’m so sorry baby.” He kissed my forehead while leading me to the bed. I got into bed, and he slid in next to me while keeping his arms wrapped around me.

“How are you and the baby?” He questioned with worry evident in his eyes.

I snuggled into his arms, “We’re okay. He didn’t get to us honey.” I whispered not moving from his arms. They made me feel safe.

“I’m kicking him out once and for all. I can’t have him intimidating you or the baby. I hated coming home to that sugar.” Alex kissed my forehead.

For the next half hour, I just laid in his arms listening to his heartbeat. I was just trying to calm myself down after everything that had just happened, and he managed to calm me down very well.

“Alexander, can I ask you about something?” I questioned when I started thinking about Hunter’s mom.

His warm hands were rubbing my back, “Anything sweetie.”

“What happened to your wife, uh Hunter’s mom?” Hunter had never really elaborated much about her. Just that she left them when he was very young.

“I wasn’t married to her.” He stated while kissing my crown. “Her and I met while I was in college and back then I was a partier. Also, rebellious as hell and I guess that turns some women on.” He said with a laugh.

“Yeah it can be a turn on.” I admitted with a nod.

“Well she and I met at a party one night. She was all over me and of course I loved it at that age. One thing led to another and you know.” He stopped for a second before continuing the story. “A few months later she came to me and told me she was pregnant. I was freaked out, to be honest. Here I was at 21 and I was about to be a dad. I got used to that fact and I supported her the best way I could. But after he was born, she left him with me one day and never came back. Later she sent me a letter explaining that she didn’t want to be a mother and not to look for her.”

Wow, that’s harsh.

“I tried to raise him as best as I could, but it was hard with no help. He’s always been a handful. But I vow to do better for this little one.” He stated while patting my stomach.

“Oh I know you will honey.” He was already so supportive and very protective of us. I knew Alexander was a good father, Hunter just made it hard for him. “The way you treat Hunter is no reflection of your ability to be a father. Hunter is a piece of work and you’re just trying to hold your ground around him. Things will hopefully get better when the baby comes.” That was wishful thinking, but I still hoped it would come true.

“I sure do hope so darling. I hate fighting with him so much, but he never wants to listen to me.” He sounded sad, so I kissed his cheek.

“I definitely think he will come to his senses soon. I don’t think he will hate this little one. This could be what changes him honey.” I had hope for the future.

He smiled and kissed me, “We will see.”

Two Years Later

We were preparing for Christmas. Alexander was in the middle of making one of his famous dishes, while I was tending to our two-year-old daughter, who was in her height chair eating a snack.

“When Hunty coming?” She whined as she was playing with her food.

I giggled at her. Her and Hunter have actually grown close. She sees him more of an uncle at this point than a half-brother and it’s so cute. Shortly after she was born, Hunter came around and apologized for everything he had done. It took a little while for Alex to forgive him, but he did.

Our daughter, Isabelle, was only six months old when Hunter came to us and told us he was going to be a dad. He had met a sweet girl named, Annie, and well I guess they clicked. Alexander and I said we would be there to help him and Annie, and we were.

Annie and I actually became good friends and I helped her with their baby boy when he arrived.

“Hunter and little Henry will be here in about an hour.” I stated cleaning her up from the mess she was making.

“Daddy!!!!” Izzy shouted making Alexander turn and smile at her.

“Hello, my little one.” He had just finished cooking, so he walked over to Izzy and kissed her cheek. “Hello to my love as well.” He said kissing my lips, “How are you feeling today?” He asked motioning down to my stomach.

I giggled, “We’re feeling pretty good today. We’ve agreed to tell everyone today at dinner, right?” I asked talking about our second child. I was three months along with them and he was as happy as ever.

“Oh yes, I think it’s the ideal time. Don’t you?” He was smiling and playing around with Izzy who was laughing at her daddy.

“I do think it is. But I can’t help but to be a little nervous.” I admitted when I thought back to the way Hunter reacted to my first pregnancy.

Once again, he kissed me, “Nah, no need to be nervous. We’re all on better terms now and I think Izzy and Henry would love to have another one to play with.” Izzy was still playing with her food, and she now needed a bath.

“I hope so. Well it looks like our Izzy needs a bath. I’m going to go bathe our little monkey, while you continue to set up.” I said starting to clean up Izzy.

“Alright, I love you baby girl.” He spoke pulling me into one more passionate kiss, “Don’t take too long. I hate it when I can’t see you or our little one.” He kissed me again, before pointing to the door. He was such a cutie. My wedding ring glinted in the lighting, as I picked up Izzy for her bath.

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