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Business as Unusual

Staring up at the skyscraper, she felt herself wanting to crawl back home and go to bed, it was a daunting building that just seemed to taunt her as she walked closer to the entrance. Being the complacent woman, she was, she had agreed to deal with her father’s feud with Billionaire CEO an owner of The Palace luxury hotel chain, Sebastian Klein.

Why he couldn’t handle his own battles was beyond her.

Taking a deep breath, she entered the building and was greeted by the secretary at the front desk in the lobby.

“How may I help you today, ma’am?” She asked in a sweet southern accent.

“I’m here to see Sebastian Klein?” She answered in a timid voice.

“You must be Bella Winters, Mr. Klein is expecting you.” She commented handing me a name tag and buzzing me through. “Have a good meeting Miss Winters.” Her voice was almost telling of what was going to happen in the meeting.

Bella walked into the elevator that would lead her to Mr. Klein. Her heart was racing at thoughts of seeing him. She was knocked out of her thoughts when the elevator stopped on the right floor. It opened to show a pretty red-haired woman sitting at the desk typing away. She knew this was his secretary. The secretary looked up and gave Bella a smile.

“Good morning, Miss Winters. Mr. Klein is expecting you.” She stood up and dusted off her skirt. “You can follow me, right this way.”

Bella followed her through the office until they stopped in front of one of the board rooms. She didn’t know why he wanted to meet her in a board room, unless he was expecting more people at this meeting. She cursed her father for not coming to meet him instead of her. Sebastian was surely going to challenge her.

“Mr. Klein is waiting inside. Have a good meeting.” She spoke before walking off quickly. It seemed like everyone knew something she didn’t.

Bella knocked on the door, holding her breath to hear him call her into the room.

“You may enter.” She heard a deep seductive voice say from inside. Her heart raced as she finally entered the room. Her heart was in her throat when she caught sight of him.

They may have not seen each other for years, but he surely hadn’t changed very much. He was a tall, dark, and handsome man. With his luscious brown hair and those gorgeous ocean blue eyes of his. His muscles were mouthwateringly sexy on him, all six feet of him. Not to mention the scruffy beard he was now sporting was enough to bring any woman to her knees, Bella included.

Sebastian sent her a seductive smirk. “Hello Bella, it’s been a long time.” His deep voice was hard to handle but she held her ground. He was seated at the head of the table with an elbow resting on the table top, there was a finger poised at his chin. “It’s really no surprise your father sent you in his place.”

She was in no mood for the games. “Get to the point, Mr. Klein.”

“Oh sweetie, call me Sebastian. After all we’re well acquainted.”


Before she could continue, he spoke up.

“Here’s the deal. If you agree to marry me, your father’s debt will be forgotten.” He stood up from his chair and started to make his way through the room.

Her eyes went wide in surprise. Did Sebastian just propose to her? Wait a second, her father’s in debt?

“My father’s in debt?” She had no idea that he was in debt.

“Yes, he has been for about five years now, but he came to me and I helped him out, but he’s never repaid me. That’s how our feud started. I technically own all his companies and he knows that, but he’s been ignoring me.”

“That bastard.” Bella was pissed that her father would do that. He promised her that he had been able to get himself out of the trouble he fell into five years ago, but instead he went to Sebastian.

“What do you say to my offer?” Sebastian stopped in front of Bella, making her want to cower but she stayed strong.

“That man can go to hell.” She spoke through her teeth. “He was going to pass down the company to me when he knew very well it was in shambles. Selfish man he is.”

“I agree with that.” Sebastian reached out and stroked her cheek, catching her off guard. “Forgetting about him, will you consider my deal?”

“I don’t want to save him, he can burn with his company.”

Seb smirked at the fire in her eyes. “This deal isn’t about him anymore. I want to marry you and get you away from him.”

She stopped and looked at him. He couldn’t seriously want to marry her. There were so many more beautiful women he could choose.

“You really want to marry me?”

“Well of course I do, Bella. We were in love back in college and I’m positive that love never died. When I heard what your father was doing, I needed to get you away from that. I still do. Your father is planning on marrying you off with some other loser and I can’t have that.”

“Fucking asshole, that’s what he was talking about the other day. He’s trying to get me to marry Miles Thompson.”

Sebastian took her hands into his. “I can’t let that man take you from me. You’re mine, and you will always be mine.”

Bella knew she was still in love with him, but she was sure she would never get the chance to see him again, much less get to be with him again. Of course, she didn’t want to be forced to marry under these pretenses, but she would rather be with Sebastian than Miles.

“I will marry you.” Bella made a decision that was going to alter her life, but she knew it was for the better. Her mother loved Sebastian and would want her to be with him.

Her words made him smile before pulling her into a passionate kiss and holding her tightly in his arms. She kissed back with just as much passion. She knew she was safe with him and he would make sure her father stopped trying to get into her business.

“Thank you, baby. You won’t regret this.” He whispered against her lips before kissing her more deeply. His tongue had made its way into her mouth to greet her tongue and she allowed it to happen.

Sebastian held her close, before backing her up to the table, where he lifted her to sit on top of it. She spread her legs, to allow him to stand between her legs. His grip on her hips was tight but didn’t bother her. His hands then moved to her uncovered thighs and started rubbing them sensually as they continued to kiss.

They were making up for lost time.

His hands made their way under her dress and to the hem of her panties. She was aroused by him in a matter of minutes. His fingers traveled to her core and started rubbing her through her panties. He was happy to feel her wetness soaking through her panties. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. A few more minutes of agonizing taunting from him touching her through her panties, he ripped them off her before diving back into her wetness. His fingers rubbed her swollen and aroused clit, causing her to moan into his mouth.

He pulled away from her lips, to nibble on her exposed neck causing her to moan some more. Bella was biting her lip though, because she didn’t want anyone to hear what they were up to. Sebastian slid a finger into her soaked entrance, causing her to cry out in pure pleasure.

“That’s it, babygirl. Let me hear your pleasure.” He whispered into her ear as he pumped two fingers in and out of her. He liked sounds she made for him.

“They are going to hear us.” Bella whispered, biting her lip, to hold back her moans.

With his free hand, he removed her lip from her teeth. “I don’t care. Let them hear us. I’m the CEO and I can do whatever I please around here.” His hand traveled down to cup one of her breasts while the other continued to thrust into her. He pushed her dress down to reveal her ample chest held in a fitted black lace bra. His lips found a nipple and he began to suckle on one of them, causing her to moan even more.

Bella was reaching her climax, but she needed more. She needed his cock. She grabbed at his clothing, finding his bulge ready to play. “I need you.” She panted in his ear as he suckled her other nipple.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” He was going to make her work for it.

“I want you to fuck me, Seb. Fuck me!” She whined rubbing his cock through his pants. He was still fingering her, but he pulled his fingers from her and sucked her juices from them.

“Oh fuck, baby, you taste amazing.” He moaned as he started to unbutton and unzip his perfect black suit pants. He dropped them to the ground, allowing his boxers to fall with them. Pulling her to the edge of the table, he thrust into her making her scream out as she got used to his size.

“Yes, fuck yes.” She moaned as he pulled out only to push back into her, hitting all the best spots inside of her. He always knew how to fuck her good.

“You like that, baby.” He moaned as he pumped into her tight wet pussy. “You’re all mine.” Once again, his lips were attached to her neck. She has buried her face into his shoulder, not wanting to scream from the immense pleasure.

He was taking her to another world, and he knew that. “Let go.” He whispered as he hit her g-spot. Bella obeyed and just let the pleasure take control of her body. Her orgasm was coming, and it was coming fast.

“Sebastian!” She moaned as it took a hold of her and she came around his cock, which was still thrusting in her. His orgasm wasn’t far behind as he emptied himself inside of her.

They stopped moving and he just help her in his arms, while he was still inside of her. He could stay like this all day, but that wasn’t going to happen. He reluctantly pulled out of her and pulled his boxers and pants up. He helped her off the table and she bent down to pick up her panties as the door burst open.

The person stopped when they saw the state of the two of them. “What have you done, Mr. Klein?” Bella’s father said as he glared at the man and his daughter whose cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Sebastian turned to face her father. “What are you doing here, Mr. Winters?” He kept calm as he spoke to the man. A man that had practically stolen money from him to keep his shady company afloat. Sebastian was planning to take the man to jail, but only if Bella allowed it. He really cared for her.

“I’ve come for our meeting, but instead I’ve found you fucking my daughter.” Mr. Winters didn’t sound happy at all.

“I was just celebrating my engagement to my beautiful fiancé.”

“You sent me for the meeting, father.” Bella answered as Sebastian took her delicate hand in his.

“I sent you for a meeting, not to fuck my enemy. Wait a minute, did you say fiancé. You’re not marrying him, Anabella Eleanor Winters. There is no way in hell I will allow that.”

She sent her father a glare. “I’m 30 years old father. I’m pretty sure that means I can choose who I marry.” She was sick of her father trying to run her life.

“No, you live in my home, you have to do what I say. You’re already engaged to another man.”

Sebastian’s patience was wearing thin.

“No, I’m not marrying Miles. I’m marrying Sebastian and that is the end of it.”

Mr. Winters looked like he was about to explode with all the pent-up anger he was feeling towards the situation. “Then you’re not my daughter anymore.” He was hoping that would change her mind about wanting to be with Sebastian. After all, a daughter couldn’t live without the love of her father, right?”

“Then so be it.” Bella felt no remorse in saying those words. Since her mother’s death, her father had become a horrible man. A man that she wanted nothing to do with anymore.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Sebastian had heard enough from him.

“This isn’t over.” Mr. Winters said making his way to the door.

“Damn right it’s not. Expect my lawyers in your office first thing on Monday morning. We have some unfinished business to deal with.” Sebastian said turning away from the angry man.

Mr. Winters growled but left without a fight.

“Are you going to sue him?” Bella questioned.

“I’m probably going to have to.” He was afraid of her reaction.

She smiled. “Good, he deserves it. I can’t believe he borrowed money from you and never gave it back. That’s a scummy move.”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, definitely not. That man has been causing me hell since I lost my mother. He didn’t even care that she was gone. He moved on within two weeks.”

“Let’s forget about him and get you home.”

Bella frowned. “I don’t want to go back there.”

“I’m not taking you there. You’re going to my place, if that’s okay with you?”

“Yes, I’m more than okay with that. I love you.” She blurted and blushed.

Sebastian’s heart soared at those words. “I love you too.” He leaned down and kissed her with an unprecedented amount of passion and love. He finally had his woman back.

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