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A Little Taste

Today was such a long and tortuous day. It wasn’t a bad day, but my husband had been teasing me all day long with such naughty texts. He would send them when I was least expecting them and just keep adding to them. He had me so horny by the end of the day. I couldn’t wait to get home and ravish him.

I can’t wait for you to get home, baby. I just want to see you kneeling in front of me, with my big cock in your mouth. – Jasper

I read the message as I was walking to my car at the end of the day. I think it was pretty easy to see that my husband was very horny today and he wasn’t going to spare me from the torture either. My panties had been soaked since lunch, just thinking about that cock of his.

I quickly clicked his name and pressed call, holding the phone to my ear as I walked to my car. He picked up in less than a second.

“Hello, my beautiful wife, please tell me you’re coming home very soon.” He said desperately.

“I’m just about at my car. You’re such a fucking tease. Did you know that?” I was walking in the empty parking garage and all you could hear was the click of my heels on the dirty pavement. There were only a few cars left on this level.

“That was my plan for the day, since I had the day off at home. I got pretty bored shortly after you left me in bed, naked. So then I started thinking about that body of yours and those messages just happened.” He was trying to sound innocent but failing horribly.

“Hmmm, I guess I should apologize for leaving my husband alone to fend for himself all day long. So sorry baby.” I of course was not, and he knew this.

“Oh you should be. How long do you think it will take for you to get home?” This man was very desperate for me.

“Not sure, but I hope I can be there in maybe 15 minutes. Can you wait that long, hubby?” I was finally in my car.

“Mhmm, I don’t know. I can’t get the images of your sexy body out of my mind. I can’t wait to have those luscious lips wrapped around my cock.”

I groaned, “I know baby. Soon. Just be patient and try not to touch yourself?” I knew that was going to be hard for him.

“I don’t know if I can do that, Elle. I fucking miss that sexy body of yours. God those beautiful breasts of yours. Fuck I need you so bad, please get home soon baby!”

“Yes I will be home as soon as I can. I love you, Jasper!”

“I love you too, Elle. See you and that rocking body of yours soon.”

I rolled my eyes, “My body is far from rocking. It’s way too curvy.”

I could almost hear him roll his eyes, “I love those curves, now

It had taken about 20 minutes to get home and man was that a long drive for me. I was dying for Jasper. I couldn’t stop thinking about his thick cock. I was dying to have it in my mouth, desperate to taste him. I quickly excited my car and almost ran up to the house, letting myself in. I saw Jasper laying on that ugly tan leather couch we had.

He smirked when he saw me enter the house. I put my bags down and took off the heels I had been wearing and left them by the stairs. Then I started with the clothes. I unzipped the form fitting dress I had been wearing, and let it hit the ground. Now I stood in front of Jasper in my grey lacy lingerie he helped me to pick out.

“Fuck baby. Just what I wanted to see.” He pulled himself into sitting position and I could see the very prominent bulge in his black jeans. God why was he wearing such constrictive clothing.

“Why are you wearing those pants, you know how constricting they are when you’re aroused.” I said moving close and stopping directly in front of him.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, “You know I like a bit of a challenge. Oh and I had lunch with my brother, Bradley, so I kind of needed to wear clothes to see my brother.” He leaned forward and kissed my stomach gently, sending lovely shivers through my body.

“Hmmmm okay, well I think it’s time for them to go. Don’t you agree.” I pulled him up and moved my hands to his belt, quickly undoing it and the zipper on the pants. I was about to pull them off when I noticed he was wearing his sexy brown combat boots. “Oh Jasper, you’re a bad boy. You know how I don’t like shoes on the furniture.” I kneeled down and started to pull them off.

“I’m sorry baby. I forgot to remove them when I laid down. I will try to remember it in the future. Ooooooooooo shit.” He moaned when I palmed his bulge through his jeans, making him shut up.

“How bad do you want me to take your thick cock into my mouth, Jasper?” I questioned as I started to pull his jeans down his legs.

“I want it more than you know. I’ve just been waiting for you all day. Please don’t tease me.” He was moaning again since I was touching his straining bulge. “Please stop teasing me, my beautiful wife. I’m way too aroused to wait a second more.”

I smirked and nodded obediently, pulling his hard cock from the confines of his underwear. He was so aroused that the tip of his cock was turning purple and I could see a bit of pre-cum forming too. He had been waiting for this all day long, so I wasn’t going to make him wait too much longer.

I pumped him a few times before leaning forward to lick the tip, moaning at the saltiness that I tasted. I loved it. I glanced up to see Jasper looking down at me, I smirked and ran my tongue on the underside of his cock, just teasing him slightly since he had been doing it to me all day long.

“Fuck, baby I need to be inside that mouth of yours.” He moaned closing his eyes. I teased the tip of his cock again before taking it into my mouth. “Oh baby, your mouth feels amazing around my cock. Do you like having my big cock in your mouth?” He questioned as I started moving my mouth around him.

I was able to fit most of him into my mouth and what I couldn’t fit, I was pumping with my fingers. Every time he hit the back of my throat, I would moan at the feeling. His moans had me soaking through my panties, desperate for some sort of touch.

“You like fucking me with your mouth, don’t you babygirl….” Jasper cut himself off with a moan. “Oh fuck baby, just like that. God that mouth of yours is magic.” His hands wound themselves into my hair, holding on as I pleasured him. “You must be soaked. Do you want to touch yourself?”

“Mhmm.” I moaned as I continued to deep throat him, focusing on causing him the most pleasure I could.

“Don’t touch yourself just yet, I have plans for you.” Jasper was moaning so much that was getting harder to not touch myself, but I held off knowing he would treat me well in the end. Suddenly he pulled me off him, “Sit on the couch for me baby. I think it’s your turn to get some pleasure.”

I obeyed and took a seat on the couch where he had been when I came home. He dropped to his knees in front of me, spreading my legs to reveal the wet patch that had started to form on my panties. His fingers swiped across the wet patch, sending a small jolt of pleasure through my body. He smirked and quickly removed my panties and spread my legs again, revealing my soaked pussy that was more than ready for him. I removed my bra after that.

“Look how wet you are sweetheart. Have you been this way all day?” He questioned as he ran two fingers through the wetness and then brought those fingers to his mouth and sucked off my juices, moaning as he did so.

“Yes I have. You’ve been sending me those messages all day long. I almost had to take care of myself in the bathroom.” I admitted as he took another taste of my sweet cunt.

“You taste like heaven, my love. Damn that’s hot. How much would you have liked having to take care of yourself while at work, knowing any of your coworkers could walk in at any time. Fuck, that’s so sexy.” Finally, he leaned forward and licked a line from my entrance to my aching clit. He sucked on my clit lightly, causing me to moan loudly.

“Mhmm Jasper, I would’ve loved it. I probably would’ve called you when I was touching myself, just so I could tease you the way you have been teasing my all day long. Fuck baby like that.” He was sucking my clit while two fingers thrust into my entrance, the pleasure that I felt from just that was overwhelming and orgasm inducing but I held back.

My hands threaded into his hair and I was practically riding his face as he sucked and licked me like I was his afternoon snack and essentially I was. Jasper always told me my cunt was one of his favorite snacks to eat and well that was fucking sexy as hell. My moans were echoing through the house. Jasper threw my legs over his shoulder in order to open myself up wider for him to indulge in.

“Oh my fucking god, Jasper, you’re a fucking god baby. I love the way you eat me like I’m the most delicious thing ever.” I moaned, gripping his hair just a little tighter. I felt him smirk against me before he pulled away from my clit but kept on pumping his fingers into me.

“You’re the most delicious thing ever, baby. I find my mouth watering at the thought of your perfect dripping pussy. If I could, I would eat you all day long.” He said before attaching his lips back to my clit. His tongue was flicking my clit that sent me into immediate orgasm.

“FUCK JASPER, YESSSSSSS.” I screamed as I rode out the orgasm. His hands were on my waist, helping me ride through the orgasm.

I quickly pushed him away and sat up, “It’s time for you to come and I want you to come inside me.” I stood up and pushed him onto the couch before I climbed into his lap. His hands were on my waist again as I positioned his hard cock at my entrance before sinking down so that he was filling me up.

“Oh shit, I’ve been thinking about this all day. I don’t know how long I will last.” Jasper admitted making me smirk.

“That’s okay babe, just let me ride your cock and I want you to just let go.” I positioned my hands on his shoulders before moving myself up until he was barely inside of me before sinking down on him once again. I kept doing that for the next couple of minutes.

Our moans were just filling up the house and hoped that our neighbors couldn’t hear us or else they would call the cops. We didn’t need a cop to interrupt our intimate time, again.

“You’re a fucking goddess baby, just keep riding me just like that.” Jasper moved me closer so that he could reach my neck and started to bite and suck on my sensitive spot, making me moan. He was moaning against my neck too.

“I love your cock. This cock belongs to me. No one else is ever allowed to have this cock. You got it?” I was starting to sound a little possessive, but it was the pleasure talking.

Jasper pulled away from my neck, “Of course it’s yours. You already know that pretty pussy of yours is all mine. All mine to look at, eat, and fuck.”

“Mhmm yes.” He started biting my neck again as I was moaning. “I’m getting close again, Jasper. Are you close.”

He nodded and continued to suck on my neck and sneakily move a hand between us to play with my clit. When he flicked it gently, I was nearly coming. He tweaked it a few more times before my walls clenched down on his cock and I came around him. That triggered his orgasm and he spilled his warm load out inside of me, filling me up with his cum. It felt fucking amazing.

Once the orgasms passed, we stayed in that position resting our foreheads together. We were just basking in the glow of our lovemaking, enjoying our time together. Finally, I moved off Jasper, whimpering as he pulled out of me. I was about to get up when Jasper grabbed me and pulled me against his chest and laid back on the couch. He held me close.

“I love you baby.” He murmured into my bare shoulder.

“I love you too, Jasper.” I whispered back as he continued to kiss my shoulder with little pecks.

“You know I’m not done with you, right?” His hand snaked around my side to rest on my stomach.

“Yeah I know. I’m totally okay with it.” I was still in complete bliss from the two orgasms he caused me.

“Maybe tonight will be the night it finally happens.” He continued stroking my stomach and I smiled at that thought.

“Oh baby, I have a feeling we won’t have to wait long for it to happen. We’ve been making love like crazy these past few months. I have my suspicions” I admitted.

He smiled against my shoulder, “Oh Elle, that’s wonderful. We will have to check that first thing in the morning. But for now we keep on trying.”

I giggled, “Of course Jasper.”

Jasper kissed me, and we rested up for our next round of the night. It was bound to be as sexy as the first one.

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