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It turns out Mike and Alex had been stalking and watching over their angel for two years already. Stalk her anywhere she goes... and watch her get naked in her room and masturbate in her bed... Mike Grant and Alex Russels knew they were hooked the moment they laid their eyes on young Sophia when she was just fifteen years old. Like gentlemen, they waited for their angel to grow old enough for the taking. But like the predators that they really were, they couldn't wait that long. They took her when they knew she was ready and can take Mike and Alex together... ... in her body.

Erotica / Romance
Karla E. Ros
4.4 29 reviews
Age Rating:

Part 1

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe it. She just came for the fourth time, and she’s still going for another round. Her little pussy must be really horny tonight. What is she reading, Mike?” Alex Russels asked as he watched the monitor in front of him. The laptop was showing him Sophia’s naked body covered with the sweat she accumulated from the past hour and a half of self-fucking. Alex felt his dick come alive for the third time as his little girl started moving her hands again.

Poor hands, he thought. They must be aching by now like his hands, but Sophia doesn’t clearly care because she’s still rocking them in her pussy.

Alex badly wanted to go there in her tiny room and fuck her himself. Ramming his cock into her virgin cunt over and over again until she begs him to stop, not that he’s stopping. Fuck, no. He’s gonna be the one calling the shots when he takes her. He’s gonna own her body like a fucking beast. He’s gonna fuck her anywhere and anytime he wanted. And more.

“That series again. She really love this stuff, huh? Rough, dirty, and rape. What do you think, Alex? Should we oblige to our little angel’s wish and rape her?” Mike grinned wickedly to his partner-in-crime, Alex, who’s also sprawled naked and dick in hand in front of the laptop, watching their naughty angel take care of her needy pussy while Mike was busy doing both the stalking of her phone to see what’s making her cum and watching her pleasure herself on his own laptop.

Oh yeah, the infamous Mike Grant had finally deduced himself from being a known hacker in the computer world to a man who used his talent to stalk a girl thirteen years his junior so he could jerk off rather mind-blowingly.

Not that he regretted it. His angel was worth all the things he’d done since he first saw her. Mike had done many bad things before he met her as an accomplished hacker. He was a criminal, and he was not planning to stop. Not until she saved him. He did not realized he was in the path to hell until she graced him with her presence and made him aware of what he was doing. So now, he’s a retired hacker with billions in his bank account and a certified pervert.

Alex only grunted in response because he’s too busy concentrating on Sophia’s slender hands, imagining that his cock was the one thrusting up into her young cunt. Since the time they saw fifteen year old Sophia riding her bike to a convenience store two years ago, Alex knew he and his dick was hooked.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon that time, he and Mike was inside a limo doing their own things. They were parked across the street from the convenience store where the driver was buying coffee for them since the brewer was broke from overuse.

Alex and Mike was typing away on their laptops when Mike grumbled, “What the fuck’s taking him so long?” He badly needed the coffee, he could feel the three nights of no sleep finally taking its toll on his body, and he needed to be awake for one more day so he could finish up a project of his. And so he pulled his eyes from the monitor and dragged them to the store, hoping to find the driver coming back with their coffee only to notice a biker heading towards the store.

Mike stopped dead to stare at the one riding the bike.

She must be the prettiest woman he had ever seen in his entire life. Or girl.

“Mike, what was the th-- Mike?” He saw Alex turned his head around to see what he was staring at. Or who, for that matter.

And he knew it the moment his partner’s back went ramrod straight.

She’s the one.

She was like a bullet going straight to their hearts. But instead of dying they became alive. The connection was immediately there. Stirring something deep inside them, and Mike and Alex were powerless to stop it. Hell, they didn’t want to stop it.

They didn’t care that she’s underage and too young for them because she’s the one and they wanted her. They needed her. They had never felt this way about a woman before and they’re not gonna let this pass by.

After a full minute of gawking from Alex and Mike, they decided to follow the girl inside the convenience store.

As soon as they entered the door to the small store their eyes were instantly on their angel who was at the cashier talking to their driver and handing him something.

The two’s eyes went red when they saw the smitten look on their driver's face and they immediately went to the pair.

Their driver was the first one to see them and his face became pasty white when he saw the angry looks on Alex and Mike’s faces, warning him that he should get the fuck out with their glares.

Their angel rotated her head around to see why the man she’s talking to suddenly became pale as if he had seen a ghost. Or two.

Sophia visibly turned rigid with shock and awe.

Because standing before the little girl were two hulky and incredibly hot guys who both had the same stormy expression on their faces that did nothing to depreciate the powerful handsome features the men possessed.

Moving those dark glares to her stilled form, they became even darker and the anger was replaced with something more profound. Something Sophia didn’t understand at the time because she was too innocent.

The only thing she clearly understood was that she desired those two men who gazed at her whole body like they wanted to... take her.

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