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Part 3

“Tell me this isn’t a dream. Or else I would die of disappointment.” Sophia whispered to the silver-eyed man’s chest as she buried her face in it. She was mortified, to say the least, of her reaction in finally seeing the two, that’s why she was hiding her reddened face, and another reason was to really feel her first loves’ bodies, so she could add the feels to her imagination.

“No, Sophia, this isn’t--Umph!” The golden-eyed let out as Sophia suddenly launched herself to him.

“How do you two know my name? What are your names?” She asked, still talking with her face hidden, but not letting go of her tight embrace on the stranger who returned her hug. Which made her want to squeal in so much happiness.

The stranger’s head swooped down to Sophia’s exposed ear. She could feel his hot breath against her skin, and her knees almost buckled.

“I’m Alex Russels.”

And then to her another ear, “I’m Mike Grant.”

“And you, Sophia Heartlet--”

“--belong to us.”

That had her pushing away from the both of them.

“Wh-what do you mean?” She asked in utter disbelief at what’s happening to her right now.

Mike Grant’s hand went to tuck a section of her hair at the back of her right ear, his hand then continued sliding down that length of hair which ended up directly over her right breast.

Right over her nipple.

Sensations came shooting to her whole body from that simple touch. She could feel goosebumps forming all over her body at the foreign feeling of someone else’s fingers besides hers touching her sensitive bud.

“Let’s get into the limo, princess. We’ll discuss it from there.” Said Alex Russels.

She blushed at what he just called her. Princess. No one had ever called her that before. Her parents’ endearment for her were ‘pumpkin’. Just that. So she was very happy to hear that word coming from a handsome stranger’s mouth.

Take note, Soph. STRANGER.

Warnings from her parents about meeting and interacting with strangers rang loudly in her head. She knew the right thing to do in this siuation was to abandon this two exquisite men and never see or talk to them again because they’re strangers. But seriously though, weren’t all people we currently knew were once strangers to us?

See the logic there?


To un-stranger Alex and Mike, she had to get to know them.

Meaning, she would go with them.

Sophia doesn’t get it. Yet. But there was a voice inside her telling her she could trust the two. And that she’s safe with them.

It’s her womanly intuition, and Sophia trusted her intuition very much.

And so she said, “Okay.” Rather excitedly.

Both men smiled at the same time. Their smiles were triumphant and they eyed each other as both of their hands went possessively to Sophia’s back and guided her into the waiting vehicle.

Sophia just sealed the deal by getting into the limo with Mike and Alex. Because the moment they had her inside and in between the two of them, they began touching her and ripping her schoolgirl uniform.

There was a divider between the driver’s seat from the back where Sophia’s innocence was getting claimed by two, starving, impatient beasts. The sixty year old driver who was listening to a very loud music couldn’t hear the screams, the moans, the groans, and all the noises being produced at the back. Though he could feel the shaking and thumping of the limo, but his bosses told him about its inevitability, they said he should just ignore it and must only focus on getting them to the luxury mansion where Mike Grant and Alex Russels resides.

His bosses also told him that he’s invited to a private wedding next week. The bride being the teenage girl at the back currently getting fucked roughly by two older men.

The old, half-deaf driver began whistling happily with the music playing in his ears as he drove.

He couldn’t wait to see the two good men that gave him a chance in life finally get settled down. Earlier, he saw a glimpse of his future mistress and was in great agreement of her youthful beauty.

Perfect for his bosses.

So he was quite sure that in about a year, there would finally be a baby in the nursery room that his bosses built and readied five months ago.

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