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Part 4

The moment Sophia sat her butt on the space beside Alex and then Mike went in to sit on her other side, she knew then that something was immediately off. She felt trapped all of a sudden.

And with good reason.

Because out of nowhere a grinning Alex was grabbing the collar of her simple school blouse, and then ripping the whole thing in to two in one go. She screamed, completely taken by surprise and her arms going to her exposed front. She tried scrambling away from them, but grim-faced Mike was there to pin her down on the large sit. Him on his knees on the floor while Alex proceeded to roughly tugging her pleated skirt off her hips along with her shoes. In no time at all she was left in her undies and knee-high socks. She kept shouting and struggling until Mike went down to shut her mouth by giving her her first kiss. She went still, shocked at the feel of a man’s lips devouring her own. It was more than she could take, especially when Mike’s tongue swept suddenly into her mouth, having a tango-dance with her own tongue. She couldn’t help it, she moaned and responded to the dance.

Never had Sophia imagined that this would happen to her. Being forced against her will.

But Lord did she want this.

It was all she had been fantasizing since she discovered sex and her preferences about it. One particular preference of hers was called the Non-consensual Play.

Only this time... it was not a play.

It was really happening to her right now.

At least, the men doing it to you are drop-dead gorgeous. Others aren’t so lucky, you know.

The thought was not comforting at all, but it made her more hyper-aware on the men pleasuring her body.

Weren’t rape the other way around?

She was confused as hell. More so when Alex said something upon revealing her vagina to his eyes. His hands pushing her grappling legs to her stomach.

His face just an inch away from that part of her body, he said, “Fucking hell... look at that tiny pussy...can’t wait to make it mine and Mike’s for forever.” Before diving in to get his first taste on his future-wife’s already-wet flesh.

It was impossible for Sophia’s hormone-filled body to ignore that kind of treatment no matter how much she didn’t want it... the moment Alex’s lips came in contact with her sensitive vagina she was a goner. She doesn’t have the power to resist her body’s wants and needs anymore, and also of the caresses the two men were bestowing on her writhing figure. Because let’s be honest here, Sophia’s been wanting this. And apparently the devil heard her secret prayer and made it happen.

And so she stopped fighting Alex and Mike.

And began responding to their touches like a flower blooming under the morning sky.

Mike and Alex were surprised as fuck when their little princess stopped struggling against them. But that surprise was soon gone because Sophia was hot as hell moving against them. Pulling back from Mike’s tongue-fucking, she told him shyly but boldly, “Please... I want to feel your mouth on my breasts... and give me hickeys.”

Mike was sure that if he weren’t already on the floor he would’ve fallen to it because of the words he just heard coming from his angel’s mouth.

Fucking shit, now I understand why some people die of sex. He thought as he immediately granted his girl’s wishes. Devour her breasts and give her hickeys. Roger that.

His head went to her B-cups and his lips captured one pink nipple. He felt Sophia arched against him and moaned out loud, her hands went to grab fistfuls of his hair and pulled at it. It hurt, but Mike doesn’t care. She could take the entirety of his hair for all he cared, because all he could think about was the pleasure he wanted to impose on Sophia’s little jailbait body and the pleasure he will get by imposing that pleasure. He could feel his cock head oozing pre-cum as he kept devouring her ripe tits. They were round, perky, and heavy on his hands, he couldn’t help but think how these two, teenage globes would be filled with milk by the end of this year. He couldn’t wait to suck on her nipples while they’re spurting milk. Hell, he couldn’t wait to see their offspring, because he and Alex would make sure that their beautiful angel would be pregnant with their child by the end of this month. They’re going to make that tight cunt of hers their cum dump for the whole month. Everytime they cum, they release it deep into her womb.

Sophia’s body appeared to strain and then seconds later she was shaking the enormity of her orgasm. She was clamping Alex’s head between her legs as she came for the first time in her life that was caused by her two fantasy-came-real lovers. It was all her body dreamed of for hundreds of nights since two years ago.

“Fuck this shit. She’s so fucking ethereal. I’m taking her.” Mike’s bestfriend bit out roughly. Alex glanced at Mike for a moment and when Mike nodded Alex proceeded to unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pant’s zipper. His dick sprang free from its confines, hard and angry red with large veins lining up the length of his cock. Sophia stared at it and she almost drooled, she knew it was going to hurt like hell when he take her virgin vagina, because Alex’s cock was huge. With large mushroom head at the top, and big pair of balls at the base, and the entire length of it was long. It was going to hurt, but Sophia clearly doesn’t mind much of that fact because she spread her legs wider for Alex.

Alex had just the time to ripped his own dress shirt apart when he came down on top of Sophia, groaning with the sight of his girl offering herself willingly to him, and then hissing when the head of his cock finally touched Sophia’s entrance.

“I’m so sorry, babygirl, but this is going to hurt real bad.” Alex told Sophia, staring down at her angelic face in loving concern.

Sophia wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms went around his neck, and declared with her face flushed with desire and eyes dilated with lust, “I’m ready. Fill me to the hilt, Alex.”

That was all Alex needed, and then he rammed his hard cock inside his girl’s cunt. Breaking her hymen apart in a single thrust to the hilt. Sophia screamed bloody murder at the sharp pain in between her legs, her nails dug unconsciously into Alex’s back painfully but Alex doesn’t feel that because his entire focus was at the tight heat enveloping his cock at the moment.

“Just so you know, Sophia, we never plan to let you get away from us after this. Not ever.” Mike whispered to her ear.

Sophia’s lust-filled brain barely registered what Mike said, but she heard it. She turned her head to him.

“What are you talking about?” She asked huskily.

“What he means, angel, is that wedding’s at the end of this week and a child is on the way.” Alex spoke, grinding and circling his hips experimently.

Sophia gasped at what he said and at the pleasure-pain she felt when Alex moved.

Oh my goodness. Sophia thought numbly at her life’s fate.

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