Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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George, Milo and Sasha are Katie's own sadistic bullies. Ever since she could remember they had made her suffer in every way possible. But things change with the trio after that one summer Katie left. Bullying had been part of Katie's life ever since she and her mom moved to Well Town (named Hell Town for Katie) over six years ago. She fought back at first but Milo, George and Sasha were just too big and too strong for her. And then last year, they started becoming meaner, more aggressive towards her. The three men do physical bullying now. And what started as physical bullying, with the shoving and slapping, progressed into something Katie would never imagine they'd do to her. Wanting her. And forcing sex with her. DISCLAIMER: The photos used for all of my books are not mine. Credits to their rightful owners. Thanks! THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT PROMOTING RAPE AND ABUSE. THE TWO ARE ONLY PART OF THE PLOT SO AS TO MAKE THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME THEME OF THIS STORY WORK OUT. *Book cover done by Caroline Macduff*

Erotica / Romance
Karla E. Ros
4.8 74 reviews
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Chapter 1

At first I thought they were doing this to me because my mother was such a whore she slept with their fathers. It was a known fact within this town that my mother would spread her legs wide for everyone who was considered male and has dick, no matter the size, no matter the age.

I accepted all of their taunts unmovingly. I was used to it.

But it’s been six years since we came here. Everybody eventually got used to us. The good folks ignored and avoided us.

But these three. Milo, George and Sasha didn’t stop bullying me. At first I fought back when it became apparent that they will never back off with the abuses. I tried to hurt them with words, I tried to ignore them, I tried everything just to get them off my life. Except killing them. Which I didn’t have the guts to do.

The only solution I could think of was to move away.

Far, far away. Where no one would recognize me and whose daughter I was. Where there would be available jobs and absolutely no bullies. Maybe I could even have friends and get myself a nice boyfriend.

Just three more weeks before my eighteenth birthday. I can survive three more weeks. I thought to myself as I stepped into the small shower of our small, ugly house. I winced and let out a small whimper when I tried washing my left cheek with soap. It was still hurting from the slap George gave me earlier.

I felt my eyes getting hot with tears as I recalled what happened just an hour ago.

I was getting out of the school building by the back door that the janitors use when they take out the trashes. It smells so awful in that place I always almost vomited, but it’s the only way my three tormentors won’t find me.

Since school started last August, the three became more mean and aggressive and violent to me. I guessed they missed me so much when I went out of town for the whole summer to work for my estranged father and his wife and five kids. It was the first time I ever went out of this town for the whole six years I’d been here. And I would say that those two months away from here were the happiest months I’d ever had in my entire life. No drinking, whorish mother and no Milo, George and Sasha.

I get to bond with my father for the first time, which was quite nice, but there was a whole lot of awkwardness between us. Though I’d choose awkwardness over bullying anytime. I’d also acquired nice new clothes given to me by my father’s wife for babysitting my stepsiblings for the whole summer. My stepsiblings were a bunch of very energetic little angels who were very hard to manage and were always dirty, but really, they’re kids, they’re meant to do those kind of things, and I found out that I love their nature as kids.

If I ever get the chance to have a family of my own in the future, I will have five kids. Period. The more the merrier. I thought, choking back a sob as I realized that I missed my father and his happy family.

But now I was back, things have changed. Things had become more unbearable for me.

Author's Note:

The first few chapters will probably make you cringe in disgust because of how the male characters treat Katie, but please, I BEG YOU not to judge this book by those chapters. Life will get better for our girl, the trio will love her unconditionally, have amazing sex all the damn time, and most of all, she will have her very-deserved HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER.
Thank you!
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