Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 10


“Fucking hold her, man. Going to tear the rest of these slutty clothes now.” I said to Sasha. He quickly covered bitch’s swollen mouth with tape before moving to pin her arms down to the floor of the van.

The bitch’s legs flailed wildly. She tried kicking my hands off but she’s too weak to stop them from ripping the rest of her clothes. I pinned both of her legs with my knees, making her immobile.

I was a savage person, and rape, I realized, was a savage business.

And I loved every moment of forcing the little bitch.

I finished ripping her tops off. Her fleshy white breasts with red large areolas and nipples and small waist was bared for the world to see. I felt my hard cock continuously leaking cum. It was so ready to take the cunt this bitch possessed.

And then I moved down to take off her slutty skirt, it was easy. Just a movement from my hands and it was gone.

I stopped for a second to just gaze at her.

This girl. Who I’d been hurting since the day I met her, was now lying on her back, naked except for her panties.

I licked my lips, and traced the slit of her dry cunt with my thumb. By the end of this day she’d be covered with my semen. I’d make sure of it.

She struggled with renewed energy when I hooked my fingers on her panties. She kept screaming through the tape, knowing what was about to happen.

I savagely tore off the last thing that was keeping my cock from her hole.

What the fuck? This bitch!

My eyes snapped to the bitch’s crying ones. One of my hands roughly gripped her face while the other cupped her hairless fucking cunt.

My eyes wild with anger, I shouted, “You’re not a virgin, you fucking slut!?”

Her head shook so hard with denial.

“No? Then why the fuck is this hairless? You shaving this for some fuck!?”

She tried speaking, but the tape prevented her.

Sasha angrily ripped the tape from her mouth. Like me, he also believed that bitch was a virgin.

“Why?” I asked then slapped her hard.

Her head snapped to the side with the impact of my slap. She released a loud sob mixed with a scream.

“Let me go please! Please…”

She pleaded. I slapped her cunt three times in a row for that. She tried closing her legs. but that made me pinch her inner thighs painfully.

“Answer me, you slutty bitch!”

“I’m a natural! I didn’t shave or anything! I’m naturally hairless down there! Please! Let me go, I beg you! I won’t tell anyone. Just let me go now. Please.” She pathetically cried.

I slapped her cunt again.

“Hymen still in there then?” I asked, roughly cupping her cunt. She whimpered and squirmed.

With a small voice, she answered, “Yes.” Her eyes closed and her face red with embarrassment.

My eyes connected with Sasha’s. Both of us finally able to breath.

I didn’t know what I would do if I ever discovered some fuck’s already touched her. I think I would have killed her with my bare hands.

I got into her face.

“This cunt is ours, you understand bitch? You never let anyone’s cock get near this, got it?” I slapped her meaty cunt when she didn’t answer. She reluctantly nodded.

I mentally roared with triumph. My bitch was already surrendering so soon.

This was what I was secretly craving, I realized. Her surrender and her voluptuous little body.

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