Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 11

Sasha put back the tape on my mouth. I couldn’t see his face, but he was holding my arms pretty hard enough it would surely leave marks.

I kept crying, my throat kept releasing these pathetic little noises that I knew the bastards enjoyed.

My eyes never left George as he replaced his knees that were pinning my legs down with his hands. He pushed my legs wide apart. I resisted but then I felt a sharp, metal object touching my right cheek.

“I advise that you don’t resist, Katie. It’s futile. Let the ape man have his way with you, then me and Milo. Relax and just try to enjoy this.”

I gulped, this man was mad! I was about to be raped, a girl’s worst nightmare, and he’s advising me to relax and enjoy!?

But what he said was true. No matter what resistance I do would be futile to the three of them. I never really had the strength to overpower them ever since they started bullying me, I still didn’t now.

My eyes closed for a moment. My sobs got louder as I thought of my virginity about to be taken this way. I was saving it for my special someone.

And now that’s impossible.

My eyes snapped open and widened when George’s face lowered down and went near to my vagina.

Is he—is he going to do that!?

And then he licked me. Slowly. From my freaking asshole to the top of my vagina. And then again.

I shrieked, my body arched involuntarily, as if electrocuted, while the beast violating me groaned, his eyes closing, as if savoring a yummy meal.

No! My mind shouted.

But my body reacted otherwise.

What’s happening to me?

George continued licking me there. Wet noises surrounded the whole van as he took his time with me. He licked and sucked and nipped. He took a particular interest on that little button of nerves that made my body feel… wonderful.

I never expected that George could be this good. Nor I expected him to be able to bring me pleasure. Especially, to me. I mean, this was rape, right? I thought he was just going to stick it in me and be fast about it.

Never expected this kind of gentleness from him. My tormentor for six years.

Oh God, I was getting turned on by this.

“You’re wet, bitch. I’m eating your cunt and you love it.” George taunted me, grinning like a maniac. He dove in again.

How much longer? Dammit!

I was reacting against my will. Instead of struggling, I was now writhing beneath him. My hips were swaying. George let out a triumphant laugh when I moaned with pleasure.

I couldn’t. I just couldn’t fight my body. I was slowly giving in.

“You have the sexiest fucking cunt I’ve ever seen.” George stated with a growl, I stared at him, shocked.

He just complimented me. What the freak?

And then he slapped my left inner thigh, “Keep this open.” He ordered. The hand holding it left and came down to my vagina to… finger it!

I shouted a ‘No!’ through the tape but he worked his finger inside me so fast.

Oh my God, I could feel him inside.

This was so hot.

His large finger was moving. In and out, in and out, then again and again.

My eyes closed with pleasure, I could feel something building up. I knew I was about to have my first orgasm.

And then George leaned down to suck my clit as he drove his finger deep inside of me.

I released a scream completely caused by pleasure.

“She’s a screamer.” I heard someone said in the distance.

“That was her first orgasm.” Someone replied.

Damn right.

I was still breathing hard when I felt something foreign touched my opening.

A cock.

My eyes flew opened and saw George on top of me, his eyes connected with mine, he gave me a wide sinister smile before his hips pushed his dick inside of me.

In one swift move he tore my hymen and was buried deep in me.

Now I screamed in pain.

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