Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 12


I nearly came with how tight her cunt was around my invading cock. I had to stop for a whole damn minute so I could mentally talk to my cock to calm it the fuck down. Not that I could blame it for nearly shooting. I literally felt the bitch’s hymen tear in to two and how her cunt walls stretched to accommodate my whole length. Was that her fucking cervix?


I really hoped she’s bleeding from this. I had been waiting for this. I wanted the evidence of her innocence coating my thighs.

Bitch kept thrashing wildly beneath me, her hips tried to buck me off, but it’s pointless, I was completely pinning her curvy little body with mine.

I could feel her large, pointy nipples and heavy globes against my chest.

Fuck if they didn’t feel perfect.

I bent to reach her neck. I didn’t know but I had this sudden urge to mark her in any way I could. I nosed around her slender column first. Bitch had this special scent on her skin that I had always smelled on her but never on anyone. It’s always there whenever I get near her. This was one of the reasons why we burned her school stuff last school year. I searched through her shitty backpack for a bottle of perfume but I found none.

I found that her special scent was kind of addicting for my nose.

Suddenly I had this image in my head. Me and her in a bed large enough to fit ten people, and me waking up spooning her warm, tiny, pregnant body against mine.

What the hell?

I bit her neck. And I felt her pussy squeezed me even tighter. And it got even wetter. My eyes closed to the intense pleasure and then I started pumping my hips while my mouth was doing its own fucking on her neck.

Bitch’s struggles minimized when I began fucking her. Her breathing hitched every time the head of my cock touches the ceiling of her cunt.

I unconsciously threw my head back as my cock got faster in its drilling. It was so excited to shoot its load inside her fertile womb.

I heard a distant, continuous growling and groaning from somewhere and realized that the sounds were coming from me.

And then I realized bitch was moaning too.

She’s enjoying this.

That was my trigger point.

I went wild, almost bestial, as I fucked her. Her legs went high around my hips and she was unconsciously digging my ass with her heels. Her head flung from side to side, both of her eyes were closed and her forehead was crunched like she’s focusing on something. Like she’s focusing on the pleasure I was giving to her.

My hips went out of rhythm as my cock began cumming. My hand immediately went to bitch’s clit and rubbed it hard.

I let out a roar loud enough to be heard outside of the van as I felt her orgasmed on my dick.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I collapsed on top of her small, sweaty frame, still thrusting deep inside her, my cock in a semi-hard mode. I could feel my balls dripping with wetness. And I could feel that both of my knees where soaked.

I leaned back and sat on my heels, not pulling out of her super tight cunt, to look at the mess beneath our bodies.

“She squirted. Fuck.” Milo said from the door of the van. Only barely noting that the vehicle had stopped and Sasha was gone.

Fuck. Have I already said that this bitch was the hottest thing I had ever had the pleasure to fuck in my entire nineteen years of living?


Well then, consider it stated.

Because my bitch was lying unconscious on her back. Her legs still spread wide, and between those meaty legs were a lot of liquid mixtures.

Our sweat, my cum and hers, her virgin blood and her fucking pee.


I couldn’t wait for round two.

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