Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 13


Finally, George pulled out of my sleeping slut’s pussy after what seemed like an eternity.

His cocks still hard as fuck, he thrust one last time, making a loud squelching noise out of their mixed cums, and then slowly drew back, as if relishing every sensation her pussy walls’ giving to him.

I could already tell he’s addicted to being inside her as he pulled out, because he casted a long, full-of-lust look on her whole body, particularly to her pussy, then gave me a death glare when he stood up, fully naked and sweaty.

Clearly, he’s mad that I was intervening. Well, screw him. He’s lucky he got to be the one to take her virginity. To get to fuck her pussy first.

I was so hard my cock’s leaking cum since we got her here in the van. Then all the fucking that happened and all her moans and shout of pleasure when she climaxed multiplied my desire to fuck her tenfold.

Couldn’t get the sound of it off my fucking head.

But first, I was going to fuck her fast. I was going to see what’s it like to be on top of her naked body, what did her smooth, clear skin felt like, and what it felt to have her pussy wrapped around my raging cock. I was going to take the edge off first.

Within seconds I was naked and in between her spread, messy thighs.

I hissed through my teeth when I saw the proof of her innocence coating her pussy, there was a substantial amount of white liquid trickling down from her opening to her other hole and to the floor of the van where it joined her pee and other fluids.

Fuck, I wanted her to squirt on me like she did with George. It was so incredibly hot to see her spray George’s thighs like that.

But that’s going to happen on round two, because right now I just wanted to fuck her while she’s vulnerable like this.

The word somnophilia echoed through my mind as I explored every inch of her delectable, used body with my mouth and hands. I left and added bite marks everywhere, I sucked, I bit, I squeezed. And then after a long time I raised myself above her sleeping form, my eager, dripping cock poised at her entrance. To my surprise, she was fully awake, and she didn’t even made a single protest as I ravished her body. My cold gaze found her frightened and aroused ones.

I entered her in one hurried shove, making her gasp and her hips arch, in pain or in pleasure, I didn’t know, but I didn’t stop once I was inside her. I keep thrusting, my balls were already tightening up in release.

Damn, she’s tiny and skintight. I felt my cock breaking her still even after being broken by George.

Her hands had already wrapped themselves around my neck, her nails making scratches everywhere they land on my skin, but I didn’t dare reprimand her. This new version of her was wild and lustrous, and I would make her of its flourishing. Of course, with the help of my other two friends who would no doubt continue using her amazing, responsive body.

“You’ve just been fuck twice now, and you already became a certified slut,” I said to her, looking at her half-closed eyes gazing glassily at me. “How about when we’ve fuck you a hundred times? What will you become? When you’re already carrying our eighth child in your womb?” I gritted to her as my hips began pumping into her wildly. She wasn’t able to answer because that was the moment she threw her head back and her body became strained with her release. I came shooting inside her pussy, her walls twisting and massaging my cock so deliciously I didn’t stop firing until a full minute later. I kept driving my semi-hard cock in her, I was enjoying the wet sounds I was making with our cums and her little pained groans when I go deep, all the while her gentle eyes never left my hardened ones.

I stopped eventually when she fell asleep and pulled out slowly, my shaft fully erect again.

“I’ll take care of her from here, Milo. Go inside and help George in the house.” Said Sasha from the outside of the van.

I took one last look on my sleeping slut’s pussy before I climbed out. As I walked inside our house I glanced back and saw Sasha sliding slut’s body by her ankles, and then parting her legs to examine her pussy.

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