Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 14

Someone was wiping my body with a wet cloth, I couldn’t see who’s doing it because of the blindfold around my eyes, but I bet it’s Sasha, I could just see him doing it. I was lying in a bed now, I woke up just as Sasha started cleaning me. My arms were restrained apart by handcuffs, and my feet were spread wide by something, like a fat metal stick, I couldn’t lift my legs up because of it.

I yelped loudly when Sasha wiped my aching vagina.

“And the beauty awakens.” Sasha said, the warm cloth lingering a little longer between my legs before moving downwards to my legs.

I felt the bed shift as another body gets in. The newcomer suddenly cupped my left breast and squeezed it roughly. I groaned painfully. Oh God, my whole body aches, especially my privates.

“When are you going to fuck her, man? I’m dying to do her again. My cock’s not going down.” George’s rough voice sounded.

“Please, George, don’t do it again. Please, it hurts, my whole body—“ I yelped for the second time as a palm hit my vagina, then that hand went to circle my neck.

“Your body is fucking ours, you bitch! You’re our slave! We’ll do anything and everything we want with you no matter how much you fucking hurt! You know why? Because we’re sadists, and you’re our little toy. We enjoy hurting you. We fucking love it when you hurt. You understand, bitch?” George ranted, putting so much pressure on my neck I couldn’t speak and almost couldn’t breathe. Thankfully that only lasted for a few seconds and then he went away, slamming the door so hard in his wake.

Silence descended upon the room and only my harsh breathing and sobs were heard. I totally forgot about Sasha sitting in the bed with me until he began his cleaning thingy again.

“P-please, Sasha, s-stop that.” I tried to squirm away from his gentle touch. I couldn’t bear the way he’s treating me right now. Was he playing with me? His friends raped me, and he’s going to do it too, wasn’t he? So why couldn’t he just get on with it? Why this?

Sasha didn’t stop though. He was now wiping my feet. I bit my lip as I struggled not to suddenly laugh, my feet were very ticklish.

“Don’t worry, Katie, I’m going to let your pussy rest for a few hours.” He said in a soothing voice, I felt him stood up and walked away. I heard a faucet turned on.

A few hours? I needed a lifetime! Every move I made I could feel where they’d been, the abuses they’d done to my body. I never felt so humiliated in my whole existence, especially when I knew I experienced two orgasms as two of my worst enemies raped me.

Oh God, please kill me.

Sasha came back and went between my legs, “No!” I shouted terrified that he’s going to do it already.

“Shhh, it’s just ice.” Sasha said. I jumped when the ice touched my vagina.

“Are you ever going to let me go?” I asked, my voice small, afraid that he’d get offended by my question and lash out on me like George just did.

Thankfully, he didn’t. “As a matter of fact, yes. We’re going to release you by Monday.”

Hope sprang up inside my chest with his answer. Screw waiting for my eighteenth birthday, I’m running far, far away as soon as my unrestrained feet touched the ground.

“Why?” I asked again. It’s not that I wanted them to keep me, definitely not. I was just curious as to why they’re letting me go when they could just locked me here, right? And why Monday?

“Because we like the idea of hunting you.”

Wait, what?


“We love the idea of fucking you whenever and wherever we want, Katie. At school and outside of it. And we need the chase you’ll surely provide, because we know you will always try to run away from us.” He said, it was then he took the blindfold away from my eyes, he’s just in time to see my eyes bulging with shock.

“You’re all crazy!” I shouted, the shock was quickly being replaced by panic.

I was just realizing how truly unfortunate of a human being I was to have not only one, but three unhinged men after me.

“Oh and Katie.” Sasha stated, making me focus on his wickedly smirking face. The ice he was applying on my vagina stopped at the entrance area.

“Don’t call me Sasha. You call me ‘Sir’ from now on.” He said, his eyes somehow looked wild and lustful. And then he pushed the entire ice inside me along with two of his large fingers.

What the hell!

“What are you doing!? Please! Stop that!”

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