Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 15


“How does it feel to be tied up like that, Katie?” I asked my new pet as she tried the cuffs I hanged her with.

She gave me a death glare. “What do you think?” She retorted rebelliously, her attempts at pulling her wrists free futile.

I smiled despite the disrespect she showed. Oh I loved a good, hard challenge. And it’s seems she’s more than that.

Exercising my dominance to a female was pleasurable. I loved the feeling of total domination over a naked female body. I loved it when they called me ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’. It gave me the feeling of power and intense satisfaction. I became the real ‘me’ when I conduct BDSM.

But although I’d been in the business for a year now, I had never truly disciplined someone into obedience. All the females who submitted to me before were already taught and disciplined. They’d do anything for you as long as you give them what they want.

Not the case here though.

Katie would be the first woman I’d have to train in order to become what I want. A submissive. It’s in her, I was just going to make her realize it.

“Sarcastic retorts in this room will earn you flagellation, you know.” I said to Katie.

I watched her eyes widened in fear.

“You-you mean, you’re gonna whip me?”

I nodded and walked behind her.

“This is how I’m gonna fuck you later, Katie. Standing up and restrained by my chains. Be ready.” I whispered to her ear, inhaling her delicious feminine scent as I rubbed my hands on the cheeks of her soft, bouncy ass. I heard her whimper with my words.

“Don’t move.” I ordered as I took the choker necklace from my pocket and clasped it around her neck. I moved in front of her to admire the piece of jewelry I’d specifically ordered for her from the BDSM Club I was in. This signified our ownership over her whole being. She’s ours. It’s a black velvet choker with three tiny circles formed like a triangle, and in the middle of those three circles was a beautiful one-carat round diamond.

It was expensive as fuck, just how I liked it. Only the best things for our girl.

Behind her, she couldn’t see the large cabinet and set of drawers that contained various tools and tiys designed to pleasure and to cause pain to submissives like her.

I went to the drawer where all the things inside were for anal play,

I pulled out an anal plug the size of my thumb and a tub of lube. Then to another drawer, which carries different designs and sizes of vibrators, I took the black mini wand vibrator.

I went to my knees behind Katie’s opened legs spread by the spreader bar. I then opened the tub, scooped a finger-full of lube, and then applied it to her other nether hole that was still untouched.

As expected, she freaked out and shrieked, lurching away as she felt me lubing her forbidden tunnel.

I spanked her ass cheek hard for that.

“I said, ‘Don’t move.’ Every movement you make from now on will be punished. Understand, Katie?” I said, hardening my voice so she would feel the seriousness of the situation.

Instead of stopping, Katie’s struggles intensified.

“No! Please! Not there! Please, please, please, no! Not there too!” She begged, tears already falling from her swollen eyes.

I stood and walked in front of her. At the same time, the door to this room opened and I heart to pair of feet walking in. George and Milo had decided to join the party.

“Don’t mind us.” I heard Milo’s quiet but strong voice said from a few feet behind me.

“Oh yeah, don’t mind us, we’re just going to watch you fuck her so that after you fuck her we can fuck her already.” George the fucker added, sounding like an excited maniac.

Katie suddenly had become quiet, her face had gone pale and she stared at the two men behind me like she’s seeing something horrifying.

Would she also look at me like after I fucked her?

I mentally shrugged. Well, I didn’t really care. As long as she does everything I told her to do in this room.

“Eyes on me, little girl.” I ordered, and felt pleasure when her eyes immediately obeyed.

“As they said, don’t mind them. It’s just you and me right now.” As I said that I proceeded to the wall next to my cabinets where all my whoop-ass were hanging.

I took the thin, leather, black belt and went back to standing behind her. In my peripheral view, I saw my two half-naked friends lying on the bed in front of Katie, staring lustfully at her with George stroking his cock gently and Milo rubbing his through his boxer briefs.

“Now, for your show of disobedience earlier, I’m gonna have to punish you, Katie, to instill discipline.” I said, letting her know about the belt by the small of her back. Thankfully, the two bastards didn’t mark her beautiful back unlike what they did to the front of her body. The latter was full of suck marks from them, fingerprints from when they squeezed her flesh too hard and a few noticeable bite marks. It’s obvious they didn’t hold back in their urges. And now it’s my turn to mark her.

“Ah!” She screamed.

“Count along with the belt, little girl.” I commanded as I whipped her back again, I won’t mark her ass cheeks, because the bouncy things are only for my hands and fingers to play with when I finally fuck her.

But she didn’t.

“One!” She finally shouted after three succeeding whips to her thighs.


“Three! Please st—“

“Four! I beg you—“



And then I stopped, and she went jelly on her knees and sobbed uncontrollably. Only the straps were keeping her standing.

I took advantage of this weak state of hers and plunged the small, lube-coated butt plug in her ass hole.

Surprisingly, she didn’t scream or anything of the like. She just continued crying.

It seemed the belt was effective.

After half a minute I pulled out the plug, then pushed in right back in, I did it again and again until I knew for sure her hole was accepting it easily. I left the butt plug inside as I went to stand in front of her.

Her glaring eyes widened when she saw me holding the wand. I turned it on and a soft buzzing voice sounded out.

“First, I’m gonna make come using this.” I heard someone grunted behind me, looks like someone was getting turned on big time.

I then put the vibrating head of the wand directly on her clit.

Katie’s body jerked like it was electrocuted. Try as she might, she couldn’t close her legs because of the ever-useful spreaderbars. She couldn’t move them because it was locked to the floor. She had no chance of escaping pleasure… or pain.

“Now, now, Katie. Don’t fight the sensations. Prolonging this will only cause you more pain.” I warned her.

It’s then her tensed delicious body began to relax.

After a minute or two, her hips had begun swaying a back and forth. Katie’s eyes were closed and she was biting her lip unconsciously.

My steel-hard cock couldn’t help but jerk pre-cum out as I heard her moan of pleasure. I wished I could moan with her, but as her dominant I couldn’t let such weakness show.

I must not lose control.

Not yet anyway.

I didn’t almost heard when she said it, but I saw her lips moved and formed the words I badly craved for her to say.


“Please what?” I asked.

When she didn’t answer, I turned the wand off and took it away from her pussy.

“No! Please, Sir! Make me… make me…”

“Make you what, Katie? Say the words.” I ordered her. Secretly rejoicing inside.

“Please make me come, Sir.” She murmured, embarrassment in her tone. But I heard the sentence perfectly, and so I gladly turned the wand back on. Turned it to its highest setting, then put it back on Katie’s hungry pussy.

In a matter of seconds my new pet came screaming. Her head was thrown back, legs were quivering and her large boobs were swaying.

With her body shaking so breathtakingly like that, I couldn’t help it.

I finally let myself lose control.

I got naked in no time, my cock was standing up so hard it was pointing to the ceiling. I dropped the wand on the floor, its job done for the day.

I bent my body to finally kiss Katie on her lips. Like earlier, her lips were like heaven against mine. They were perfectly shaped without the help of plastic surgery.

This perfect was mine. Ours.

This time though, instead of fighting, she responded.

I was shocked to my very core, I expected she would be fighting us at every turn. That it would be some time before she would freely respond to us.

I stopped for a moment because of the shock, but I quickly recovered when I felt her lips move against mine unsurely.

Truly an innocent. Wow.

With that, I tightly pressed my body against hers. My arms moving to hold her against me.

I could feel her softness for the first time. It felt nice. Very nice.

My left hand was holding her head, guiding it according to the kiss. While the other was on her ass, kneading and spanking her bouncy cheeks.

“Fuck her already.” I heard George complained from behind us.

Fuck him. I needed to taste her nipples first.

My lips disconnected rather reluctantly with her eager ones, and traveled down to her neck, collarbone, and then to her breasts, where I squeezed the large globes together.

I captured one nipple into my mouth and began licking and sucking it. I couldn’t express my happiness enough right now.

She’s responding. She was moaning and offering her body to me.

After I did the same treatment to her other nipple, I finally took pity of my dick and of George’s and Milo’s.

I stood up and went behind Katie. I reached above where Katie’s hands were cuffed, and adjusted the chains. Making it longer so I could get her to bend.

“I told you this is how I’ll fuck you, right, Katie?” I asked as I positioned my cock at the slick entrance of her pussy, the plug in her ass winking at me.

Later, my friend, we’ll replace you.

“Please… Sir.” She moaned, then bent a bit more, pushing her ass against my front.

This was the submissive I was talking about. She’s already making herself known.

“Ah!” We both exclaimed at the same time as both of her bodies finally connected.

I was so deep inside her pussy, no skin of my cock was showing.

Both of my hands grabbed her hips as I began pumping.

My head was thrown back, I couldn’t believe how tight she felt. She’s so hot and wet on my cock.

I looked down at our bodies and saw her ass and breasts bouncing with our every movement.

My palm twitched, so I spanked her ass.

“Oh God!” She yelled, pleasure in her voice.

Our girl loved being spanked, huh?

And so I continued spanking her between thrusts. She didn’t beg me to stop even once. That’s how addicted she was to it right now.

Her moans became louder and louder as I began to ram my cock into her pussy faster and harder. I bent down to her back, my hands grabbing both of her breasts as my lips went next to her ear, my hips like a drill as I fucked her.

“By next week, you’ll be pregnant with our baby. I can’t wait to suck on your breasts while they’re dripping with milk.” I whispered dirtily at her.

Her pussy tightened incredibly with that.

“Would you like that, little girl? Us cumming inside your fertile little pussy? Our cum making life inside you?” I continued, pinching and twisting her nipples.

“You’re ours, you know. Since day one. So when we get back on Monday, we’ll make sure everyone knows. We’ll cover you with suck marks, we’ll kiss you, and we’ll fuck you anywhere we want.”

Finally, her body tensed and she shouted hoarsely as she climaxed around my cock. Squeezing it like a fucking pussy pro.

I came with her, burying my face in her hair as I shouted my own release inside her.

I pumped and pumped even till after my cock’s spent all its contents inside of her and Katie was just being supported by the cuffs, too exhausted to stand up in her own.

When I finally pulled out, semen came rushing out of her overfilled hole.

I watched proudly as it dripped to the floor.

Hopefully, one of those millions of stud sperms would get her fertile egg. I did bet with George and Milo on who’s going to get Katie pregnant first. The winner gets to order the losers around for two months and gets to fuck Katie in solo-flight.

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