Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 16

Milo’s right. I had become a certified slut.

My felt so much pleasure when they fucked me. Even though I was sore as hell, I couldn’t stop myself from responding to their touches.

And I called Sasha ‘Sir.’ Just like what he wanted. I begged for him to make me cum. Just like he commanded. And I loved it when he started spanking me in the middle of the sex.

I’m such an embarrassment.

As I thought of the things that had happened to me, George and Milo stood up from the large bed several feet away from where I was cuffed up, already in their naked glory.

Sasha, who was behind me, knelt down to free my ankles from the fat metal stick that was keeping them immobile. Then he reached up to free my sore wrists. My body, still jelly weak from the fucking, went down uncharacteristically, but Milo was there to catch me before I hit the ground.

“At last.” I heard George spoke as Milo carried me to the bed.

My heart that finally slowed down started speeding up again.

Oh no. Don’t tell me they’re gonna do it all at the same time now?

My active mind protested but my exhausted body bloomed under the thought of getting fucked again… by these three bullies of mine.

What the hell? What’s up with me?

But even as I asked this, I knew the answer.

I loved what they’re doing to my body. Despite the pain and soreness they inflicted, the pleasure I get everytime they slide into was kind of addicting.

I’d never felt such satisfaction like when I climaxed, and I admitted that… it turns me on big time to hear them say such filthy things to me while they’re doing me.

Babies. They want me to have their babies.

Oh goodness, I didn’t take my pills today, and I wouldn’t be able to tomorrow. It was stored in my school locker the three emptied out earlier, I was to take a pill every morning. Surely, two missed pills wouldn’t get me pregnant immediately… right?

Yeah, right. Tell that to your unfortunate self.

Milo climbed up on the bed with me still in his arms, then he settled me in the middle. Completely naked except for the choker on my neck.

George, Milo and Sasha. My three tormentors who’d been bullying me since forever, now stood all together staring at me like predators, I stared right back at them while I was lying on my back at the bed. George was standing at my right, Sasha at my left, and Milo at the foot of the bed.

“Get on your knees, slut.” Milo ordered, his voice cold but tainted with thick lust.

I gulped as the image of him taking me from behind flashed through my mind. My body recognized the sexual demand and immediately reacted. My vagina, which was full of Sasha’s semen, began tingling anew.

“Please use condoms.” I murmured quietly with fear, I was expecting them to go ballistic on me, but they all just barked out a laugh.

It was the first time I ever saw Milo smiling. Even though it was an evil smile he was showing, it’s still a smile. And he’s got a dimple on his right cheek… which made me want to sit up and kiss him there.

Milo put a knee on the bed, then his other knee. He was stroking his long cock.

“You were not listening.” He started, his two hands grabbing both of my ankles.

“When we told you how we’re gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be pregnant by Monday—“ he continued, but this time he flipped me around, shouting as he took me by surprise so I was now lying on my front. “—we weren’t kidding. We were serious.”

And then he pulled my hips, forcing me to go on all fours. Kneeling behind me, his bare cock nudged insistently at the wet entrance of my unprotected vagina.

Oh boy… me… pregnant at seventeen.

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