Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 17

As Milo knelt behind me, George quickly climbed up in the bed with us and positioned himself in front of me. His large cock leveled with my face.

“Open your mouth, bitch. You’re gonna suck me so fucking good.” George ordered, grinning like he was about to get what he wanted.

He did get what he wanted, because I had no choice, he grabbed a handful of my hair, and tightened his grip painfully when I tried to avoid his manhood.

I was scared. I didn’t know a thing about blowjobs and how it was supposed to be done, not that I wanted to do it. But George was a cruel man, I had to do it and do it properly, because I knew he would hurt me very much if I did not.

“Open your mouth!” George barked. Tugging at my hair hard while he thrust his hips against my face.

Oh God, my lips were kissing the head.

Against my wishes, I grew curious of his cock. The feeling of its skin against my lips was anything I had never felt physically. The mushroom head was wet, and semen was slowly coming out of it in tiny spurts. It was also soft and hard at the same time.

Before I knew it, my mouth was opened and George was quickly sliding his cock inside with a groan. Afraid that I might close it again.

“No teeth, bitch. Cover it with your lips.” He instructed harshly, his huge dick hitting the back of my throat. I gagged.

“Easy, man. You’re gonna kill her if you keep that up.” Sasha warned, his voice dark and threatening from beside us. He was just there on the side of the bed, palming his hard shaft while he watched his two friends dominate me.

“Shut the fuck up!” George bellowed angrily, but he eased up. Thank God. I thought he was going to choke me to death.

Now I could taste his penis more clearly. It kinda tasted like salty seawater on my tongue, with a sweet tang on it, and had a musky-soapy smell.


What the hell, Katie?

“Give me your hand.” He ordered, I automatically gave him my right, afraid that his impatient, hot-headedness would be directed at me again. My body’s hurting as it was, I didn’t want any more bruises and pain.

“Wrap it at the base of my cock.” His hand made mine wrapped around the base of his length. Goodness, were my hands really that small or his cock was just big? My index finger and thumb didn’t even meet, they were like an inch apart.

This thing went into my vagina? No wonder I hurt so much.

“Then slide it back and forth while I do your fuckin’ mouth, got that?” I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth, then nodded. That seemed to urge him on, he pulled out until the crown of his cock was the only one left, my hand that was circling the base had begun to move, doing what instructed.

“Lick it, bitch. Swirl your tongue around it. Suckle at it.” And I did. And I saw that he liked this act very much because he closed his eyes and groaned out loud, his hips did an involuntary jerk, pushing his cock deep into my throat again but pulled out immediately to let me continue my pleasuring him.

Pleasure begets pleasure, I guessed. Because my body was greatly turned on as I watched George’s reactions, he was now rhythmically fucking my mouth, slipping it in and out. That, and the fact that Milo was doing something from behind me.

I could feel the other man rubbing the head of his cock against my very, very wet vagina, taking an exceptional interest on that little bundle of nerves, and he was also moving the thing Sasha put inside my butt. He was twisting it and pushing and pulling it out like a tiny cock

To my surprise, the sensation from what he was doing to my butt only added more gasoline to the fire building inside me.

Milo tested the waters first and slid two of his fingers inside my vagina, making me feel humiliated as to how easily he got in.

“I’m getting in.” Milo said to no one in particular but George suddenly slowed down to a stop and waited for his friend to get inside my wet hole.

Unlike the first time, Milo didn’t shove his cock inside my vagina. He slowly slid in. making me feel every bumps and humps his manhood’s giving. It was a slow invasion, and I was not even doing anything for objection.

My body’s loving this. I finally realized. I was somewhat like my mother after all, a slave to sex.

I moaned audibly in my throat, along with Milo, when he finally got all of his inside me.

He was so long, so hard, so huge like George and Sasha. My poor kitty.

Milo and George immediately set up a pattern of medium-speed fucking where when Milo pulled, George would push. And vice versa.

An image of them doing this thing to another girl made my chest twist. What the fudge?

I couldn’t shake the feeling of… jealousy. My body reacted in accord to the new feeling, my mouth began to suck George’s cock more vigorously and my hips went wild against Milo’s fucking that I made him shout, “Fucking shit!”

I was getting close. And the three knew it. Suddenly, Milo and George pulled completely out of me.

What the—

But before I could react, Milo went to lie on his back on the bed, lifting me up by my hips to make me straddle him, his cock going inside my pussy once again. George stood up to his feet, squeezing his cock hard enough for it to be painful before grabbing my hair again and bringing my face to his glistening manhood.

“Just relax, little girl. I’m going to take out this butt plug now.” Sasha said as felt me tense up when he positioned himself behind my raised butt.

I felt him pull the butt plug out of my other hole, and immediately after that, I felt something like a cool gel being spread around it and inside it. I couldn’t help but squeal in shock and protest when he inserted two of his gel-coated fingers in and twisted it around.

“You’re neglecting my cock, bitch. Focus and relax, or else it’ll hurt. Because we’re gonna do it one way or another.” George said, tugging at my hair, his cock staying motionless in my mouth, so was Milo’s in my vagina.

Bastard! You’re not the one who’s about to get fucked at your virgin butt! I nervously shouted in my mind, and flashed him a glare that he didn’t thankfully see because he glanced at the happenings on my butt.

After a minute of playing around inside my dark tunnel, Sasha finally pulled out his fingers, and replaced it with his hard cock.

I groaned in defeat at the first touch of his cockhead on my anal opening. They would really left nothing untouched on my body, huh?

Anal sex, I discovered, was a very slow process at the beginning. With lots of pained moans from the partner who would be at the receiving end. Which was me in this case. It was really intense. I hadn’t decided if it’s a good intense, or a bad intense, but it’s definitely intense. I could feel every inch of him sliding in slowly, more so than when they took my vaginal virginity.

Add Milo’s cock in the midst of all that, I felt pretty overloaded. They were stretching my young body beyond its limits. Sasha was taking me with Milo still in my vagina. The two were moaning a lot—in pleasure, I might add—because of the extreme tightness and pressure they’re getting by being inside my female body at the same time.

Finally, after how many minutes, Sasha reached the very bottom of my bottom.

“Oh fuck, my whole cock’s inside of her. I thought she wouldn’t be able to. Her ass is a fucking taker.” Sasha informed his friends, his voice sounding triumphant.

“I can’t wait to fuck her there.” George stated with a bit of envy in his tone. Milo grunted in agreement.

“Let’s move it, then.”

I couldn’t. I felt so full. All three of my body’s hole were being used and taken at the same time.

I was so deliciously sensitive, and becoming more sensitive by the seconds that passed, I was going to cum, I couldn’t stop it, I had reached my peak.

“She’s cumming!” That was Sasha from behind, he must have felt my anus closing in around his cock.

“Fuck it, she’s squirting!” A shout from Milo from beneath me this time, drilling his inside my vagina so hard he came fast inside my squirting flesh and drenching all over his thighs and hips.

“Move it, Milo!” Sasha yelled just as Milo finished shooting his semen in my core. Milo pulled his out his semi-hard cock out and was swapped by Sasha’s cock going inside my still-cumming vagina, and shot his own cockload of semen. Before pulling out, Sasha spanked my butt cheeks, saying while panting, “Good girl.”

“My turn, bitch.” Said George. He moved to my behind, which was being raised by Milo because I was so weak I couldn’t move a single muscle.

George shove his cock inside my abused passage, and with five rough thrusts he came with a shout, and I had my second mind-blowing orgasm for this session alone.

All of us laid panting and exhausted and greatly satisfied on the large bed, with Milo beneath my body, and George and Sasha on my sides. All of our bodies covered in sweat and other liquids. Especially me, I could feel a large quantity of their semen seated deep inside my womb.

Taking root.

Possibly making me pregnant right now.

“Tomorrow again, slut.” Milo whispered dirtily to my ear, wrapping his strong arms thightly around me. Making me feel strangely safe.

I groaned mentally, but my sore, aching body sang with joy at what he said.

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