Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 2

I couldn’t believe it. They found me. Even here in this smelly dump they would follow me just to have their daily dose of sadism!?

I stared and gaped at them in shock as the three of them advanced in on me, all of them wearing very hot glares that was enough to make my body run for the hills. But my legs were short and theirs were so much longer and bigger.

There’s no denying the fact that Milo, George and Sasha were all built like tanks. Big and stocked with muscles. George was the biggest and tallest of the three, he was six foot seven from what I heard, followed by Sasha who’s as broad as George but smaller by a few inches in height. Then Milo, who was much more on the lean side but bigger than most guys, like an athlete but with the same height as George.

All of them were handsome, but that doesn’t change the fact that they love to hurt me. And that’s why I hate them so much I could feel it to my bones.

George was the one to catch me before I got to touch the doorknob of the backdoor. He curled his burly arms around my small waist, touching the under of my boobs and carried me to where his friends were waiting. I screamed breathlessly and struggled from his hard grip. I could see Milo glaring at me while Sasha has an evil smirk on his face.

I managed to hurt George by elbowing his face.

I paled, I shouldn’t have done that.

He immediately dropped me down on the hard cement with a loud growl followed by shouting “Bitch!”, I landed on my knees and hands. Before I could react on the pain shooting from my knees and hands, I felt someone pulling my hair so hard I had no choice but to stand up. It was George and then he shoved me, Milo caught me by the arms. I looked up at him, my eyes already streaming with tears, and he just looked at me with that famous icy expression of his. He squeezed my arms so hard I yelped and then he turned me to make me face George.

George was practically panting with anger. I let myself beg.

“Please George, I’m so sorry. I’m—“ He suddenly slapped my left cheek so hard I went unconscious.

I came awake still being held by Milo, and Sasha pouring ice cold water on my face. I saw George behind Sasha with a wild look in his eyes. His eyes roamed my face and my entire body, I saw Sasha scanned me too, his eyes doing a head-to-toe and vice versa.

And then he let out a descending whistle that made my blood go cold.

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