Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 20

“Hmmm…” I moaned as I slowly came into consciousness. Not of pain though, but of pleasure. Because someone was at my breasts, suckling at my nipples and kneading my globes gently.

I felt the bed dip as somebody got in the bed, and then a new pair of hands started parting my knees wide. A second later a mouth was on my vagina.

I gasped, my eyes flew open as my came alive with arousal.

I looked down and my eyes met Milo’s hungry ones. His tongue darting out to twirl it around a nipple of mine.

So freaking hot.

“Katie.” Sasha called ever so gently from beside me. I turned my head and saw him looking at me with concern on his handsome face.

“Are you alright? Why did you faint?”

I felt Milo and George stopped for a moment as they waited to hear my answer.

“I was overwhelmed.” I replied hoarsely, accusation clear on my voice while I glared at him.

I heard George chuckle from between my legs. “Warned you not to drop the bomb yet.” He told Sasha, smugly smirking. Sasha glared at him but the brute ignored him and instead went back to continue feasting on my womanhood.

“Oooh!” I cried out when George drove a finger into me.

“Sensitive as fuck.” I heard him mutter, sounding pleased, and then he flicked his tongue on my clitoris before closing his lips around the sensitive bud, suckling at it like what Milo’s currently doing to my nipples.

My body couldn’t take it any more of these barrages of sensations, in a matter of seconds I was climaxing, screaming as I did. I heard someone growl, I didn’t know who but I came again for the second time when George and Milo continued assaulting my breasts and vagina.

When I was having my second orgasm, George immediately kneeled between my spread legs. His stiff, huge cock coming into view, he didn’t waste any time getting inside me. He just rammed his cock all the way in, he was so deep I could feel the head of his tool pressing familiarly at something inside, it was a bit painful. It was my cervix, I guessed.

All three of their cocks had been there. That’s how long and large they were for my tiny female body.

“You’re still so fucking tight, bitch. Still like a fucking virgin.” He said harshly, but his voice was dripping heavily with lust.

I didn’t have the chance to reprimand him for calling me ‘bitch’ like I did with Milo, because he was moving already. All of my thoughts went flying away as I focused on the bliss his cock was giving me and Milo and Sasha’s ministrations on my breasts.

“Ooooh! Yes… ah!”

My eyes were closed tightly and I was so consumed by pleasure I barely noticed when George pulled out and was replaced by Sasha. I only opened my eyes when the thrusting slowed down a bit and Milo went away. That’s when I realized Sasha was the one fucking me now. He flashed me a naughty, all-teeth smile before stepping and letting Milo take his place between my parted legs.

Milo thrust several times into my slick passage, then George was back again, then Sasha, then Milo. I couldn’t possibly keep up with them. Seeing them lined up like that, waiting for the others to get inside me turned me on so much that by the time it was Milo’s turn I orgasmed. For the third time.

After that I didn’t bother counting my orgasms anymore because I couldn’t think straight, my brain and reasonable thinking had gone to the seventh heaven.

George came shooting first inside me. Roaring like an animal as he did. Then Sasha, his hands squeezing my hips so hard they left marks. And at last, Milo, his hot and cold eyes holding my glassy ones, one of his hands went to my clitoris and pinched the sore, little nub.

I came again, this time, with Milo.

That’s just the beginning it seemed. Because they kept fucking me throughout the day. Sometimes one would take me. Other times they fucked me in pair. They seemed to know every sex positions because I found myself getting drilled creatively. I got fucked against the wall by George. On the floor on my knees and hands by Sasha. In the bathroom by Milo (him sitting on the toilet bowl while I bounce on top of him). Thankfully, they let me had some breaks in between bouts of sex. I used those precious moments to either sleep, eat, drink, and go to the bathroom to either shower or just clean off their cum in my vagina. Because they only cum inside it.

They were pretty serious when they said they’d get me pregnant by Monday.

Anyway, I discovered that I love the after-sex moments with the guys. It was when they were sated, their body lying against mine, their arms wrapped tightly around me. That was when I could ask questions without them getting angry with me.

I found out so many things about them.

For example, Milo’s girly apron was from his deceased mother. Who was a drug-addict. But before his mother went to the wrong path, she was sweet and kind and was always cooking him delicious foods while using the apron Milo had now. For Milo, the apron represented the happy times of his childhood. I cried when I discovered the real reason why he was calling me slut before. When his parents separated and he was left with his mother, the poor woman couldn’t cope properly with the pain so she made herself forget by using drugs and by whoring herself. To Milo’s eyes, every girl was a slut. A whore.

He had a very traumatic childhood, he was also often beaten up by her mother’s numerous drug-addict boyfriends. That was why he was so cold to the worl.

Now I know the why’s of Milo.

Meanwhile, I asked Sasha how he became what he was now. A dominant. He said before becoming a dom, he was already into hurting girls when having sex with them. It was a preference. A fetish. But the girls always threw a struggle and was always crying. He didn’t like that. He wanted to hurt them but he also wanted to pleasure them. He just doesn’t know how to balance and mix the two. And then on one of his naughty internet surfing he came across a site showing BDSM. His attention was caught immediately. He contacted the person behind the site, and it turned out that the guy was a Dominant, and then after a long chat they came to an agreement where the Dom guy would show him the ropes on how to become a proper dom. And so he became an official dominant.

He also told me the story of how he, together with the other two, became rich. He said that George was originally a kid from a rich family, but he and Milo started off poor. Good thing all three of them had amazing heads for gadgets and technology, because now they’re making millions per day and everyday via a successful phone app they made themselves.

Listening to Sasha’s story, I thought, Jeezus, what did I get myself into?

Going back now.

As for George, even after cumming inside me twice in one session, it was hard to draw personal information about him. When I asked him how he met Sasha and Milo, he bit my head off by saying, “None of your fucking business.” I wanted to tell him it was my fucking business because I was about to become the mother of their child and their wife (if I would really become, that is). But George beat me to it by pushing his tongue inside my mouth and inserting his hard, tireless cock into my sore vagina.

I was not giving up though. If it really happened and I became his wife, George would have to suck it up because I was not going anywhere. I had to know him, personally and emotionally. He’s the most brutal out them, I was so curious as to why. What’s his story?

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