Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 21

It felt like Sunday came and went too slowly for my liking. Not much had happened though, except for the fact that they tied me to the bed face down with two plump pillows beneath my stomach so it rose my butt to the air. The fat metal stick was keeping my legs apart again.

Sasha explained to me that in this position their semen will not dribble down out of my vagina and would most likely get me pregnant if I was not yet.

So for the whole day they would just climb behind my hoisted butt, stuff their cocks into my waiting flesh (sometimes they would stuff it inside my butt hole, but they still made sure to cum in my vagina), made me cum numerous times, shot their load inside me, then go away when they’re finished to God-knows-where, but they always came back hard and ready for more fucking.

Milo and Sasha took it upon themselves to spoonfeed me food, mainly chicken soup, and make me drink water using a straw. They also wiped my body (but never my cum-filled vagina) when needed ’cause I was always sweaty after every fuck-session. George did nothing, as expected, he just made sure my womb was full of his cum. I thought, out of the three he was the one to fucked me so much. He’s got the stamina of a sex machine.

Anyway, that’s how my Sunday went. Full of pleasure but not that fun when you’re tied to the bed for the whole freaking day.

Now it’s Monday. My most awaited day. You see, I was going to try to escape later. No matter what they said about getting better, I was still worried. I had not forgotten how they’d taken me against my will just two days ago, how much damage they had done to my person for the past six years.

But you already care for them, Katie. And you heard what Sasha said, they need you. Besides, what if you’re pregnant already? Would you really deprive your child his/her father? Can you even support the child alone?

I couldn’t. If I was really being honest to myself I would say I couldn’t afford raising a child of my own. My mother would definitely not help, I wouldn’t let her actually. But there’s my father and his wonderful family. I think he’d accept me and my baby.

I hoped so.

I felt myself tearing up. Why was this happening to me? Why couldn’t I be just like the other teenagers with normal teenage lives? Do I get a big reward after all these hardships?

“Katie? You awake?” Sasha whispered from behind me, his warms big arms wrapped around me. He kissed my shoulders before taking my chin and turning my head to his waiting lips. Sasha was the last one to take me last night, right after the sex we just fell asleep right off the bat with him cocooning my body.

My chest tightened painfully.

Out of the three, Sasha was the gentlest (if not for his hard spankings during sex and his different sex gadgets). I could really see that he made an effort to change for the better for me.

He’s a good guy. Milo too, apparently. They’re just damaged inside. I admitted, I grew to care about them for the past two days. And I hurt to leave them.

George too, I guessed. I was gonna miss him too despite his rough personality.

“Are you ready for school, little girl?” Sasha asked after kissing me thoroughly, I could feel his hard-on poking my hip persistently.

“Yes, Sir.”

He smirked, and then kissed my neck. A telltale sign that he’s ready for some morning horizontal workout with me.

“I can’t wait to get you to school, I will claim you in front of everybody, so will Milo and George.” He told me wickedly.

Oh my God, help me. I thought pleadingly as one of his hands captured my already-wet flesh and began rubbing me there, his middle finger going straight into me.

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