Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 22

For the first time since I got here, I finally saw the house. It was a quick tour done by Sasha after we showered—separately, thank goodness. He said I had to know the house because it was where I was gonna live forever. That didn’t sit well with me.

He showed me the kitchen, the spacious living room, the huge backyard surrounded by tall walls with CCTV cameras. And the room where Sasha performed the softcore BDSM to me on that first night here. It was a room specifically made for his preference, he said. He also showed me Milo’s room. It was a huge mess with books, clothes, video games, and many more strewn on every surface of the room.

I had this sudden urge to take a broom and clean the poor room.

Moving on, the room where I stayed for two days was Sasha’s. He didn’t show me George’s room because it was locked.

Huh, that reminded me. I hadn’t seen the giant brute since yesterday evening. Where was he?

I found out two minutes later when we came down to the front of the house.

An expensive-looking black car was parked and purring lively in the large car garage (a garage that houses three fancy cars, a van and two race cars) and inside it was a grim-faced George.

“George will escort you to your house, Katie. You will go home first to get all your important belongings.” Sasha explained. His eyes excited but then it suddenly became serious. “And please, if you don’t want to get hurt, try not to do anything that will anger George.” He warned before he opened the super cool car door that swung upwards.

“So you’re about to become my husband, how does that feel for you?” I started as soon as the door shut closed and Sasha was out of earshot. Normally I would cower away from them, but now that I knew they were trying to get themselves better for me, I would ignore Sasha’s warning because if I do that and get scared by George, nothing will happen. I was feeling bold and feisty like never before with these guys. I didn’t know but I didn’t want to be that girl anymore, the one who was always bullied by them. I didn’t want to be scared anymore.

George didn’t answer but he gave me a warning glance before pulling out of the house and into the road so fast I almost yelped in surprise.

“Please slow down.” I asked, my voice small with fear as he continued driving the car like a madman. Oh God, does he plan to kill is!? I don’t want to die yet!

George miraculously listened to me though. His face unreadable. I finally breathed in relief.

“I almost died, you know… before.” I started after a full minute of awkward silence between us. His face remained expressionless, but I saw his knuckles turned white when he gripped the steering wheel too hard.

I continued even though I was getting quite afraid of his silence.

“My mom’s last official ex-boyfriend tried to. A knife and a Taser in both of his hands, he chased me around the whole neighborhood in the dead of the night. He was knee-deep in some drugs he consumed in our own house that time, and at the same time he was mentally ill. He was going to torture me with the Taser first before stabbing me fifty times with the knife… he told me those when he finally got to me.”

I swallowed roughly as I recalled the most horrific event of my life. I could hear his evil laugh in my head right now but I continued, although this time my voice was shaking.

“He tased me for a whole five minutes. It was horrible. I wanted to die. He was laughing as he did it.” I stopped to inhale shakily, emotionally in pain, but immediately went back to storytelling.

“Thankfully, the police arrived just in time to stop his poised knife from stabbing me. He was sent to a mental prison after that, and then me and my mom moved here.” I finished, staring blankly at the road ahead of us while I reminisced.

“So what’s your story, George? How did you become like this?” I asked him bravely.

That’s when he snapped.

He suddenly swerved into a deserted off-road. He went deeper into it before stopping the car abruptly. He went out, slamming the car door so hard I thought it was going to break.

He walked around the car to open my side of the door.

“Get the fuck out!” He shouted, but before I could do what he ordered to me myself, he hauled me out of the car. Gripping my right arm painfully, he dragged me to the hood of his car where he released his grip.

“Take off the fucking shirt.” He ordered darkly. Sasha’s large shirt and my bra (which survived the ripping of that first day) was all I had as clothes. I was panty-less beneath. It falls to the middle of my thighs so I thought it’s okay to go out on this.

It’s futile to run away when George was staring at me like that. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run fast enough to outrun his large long legs. Besides, my sexually-awoken body already went wanton with the thought of an outdoor fucking with George. And so I obeyed him. This was what I get for being too nosy in George’s life.

I was trembling slightly while I took off the shirt.

He saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties and his face suddenly became thunderous.

He spun me around and pushed me roughly to the hood of his car. Bending my upper body to it.

“You bitch, going out without panties. You’re gonna fucking get it.” I heard him mutter as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

“Ah!” Goodness, good thing my vagina gets wet faster than him opening his pants. After releasing his beast of a cock he just rammed it straight into my vagina unannounced, and then he was fucking me fast and hard.

I panted along with him. I could hear our bodies slapping lewdly together as he pulled my hips according to his thrusts.

“Shit! No matter how much I fuck you, your cunt is still tight as a fucking glove.”

And then he was shooting inside me. Painting my womb with his hot fluid. I orgasmed when I felt his warm cum began filling me.

Good morning to me.

After that quickie, we went back inside the car and finally drove into my house, I didn’t ask him anymore questions because I became brainless after that exhilarating fuck.

George turned in his seat to face me when the car stopped. “Go in and get your fucking things.” He said then stopped. He was glaring into my eyes, silently but effectively scaring me, he said, “And don’t try to run away. Because we’ll always catch you in the end. And when we did, be ready to get hurt.”

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