Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 23


“Make me proud, son. Kill that motherfucker.”

I did. I pulled the fucking trigger.

“You’re such a fucking pussy, George! Punch him! Make him fucking bleed! Make me proud, brother!”

And so I did. Like the puppet I was, I swung a hard punch at the enemy.

The bitch wanted to know how I became like this.

Well, she’s in for a great surprise.

My father was a mob boss who lived here at Well Town before, but his businesses were operated elsewhere outside of this town. He was a cold-blooded man who would kill just to get what he wanted. From an early age on he had already taught me and my older brother how to become like him. Taught us how to become cruel and brutal like him.

I hated him. I hated everyone.

I was only eleven when he first made me kill a man. Albeit, the man was also a merciless killer who was out to get us. But that didn’t make me any less than a monster. A killer.

My older brother was an underground fighter. An infamous one. He’s known for the brutal beatings he gave to his opponents. Just stopping short from killing them. He tried to bring me in his circle. Hoping that I would become exactly like him. I only got there halfway because he was killed during a fight.

I was there when he was beaten to death, and I didn’t do anything to stop it.

For that, I was disowned by my own father, although he was the one who went away. Big bro was his favorite son, I guessed. I never saw him again since that day, which was exactly two years ago. The last I heard was that he had a new family with a new wife and a baby in one of his business places.

As for me, good riddance. I never liked that man anyway. He was always meddling with my businesses.

I only grew up surrounded by this cold affection. And the damage that had been done to my personality was permanent. They screwed me up so fucking much I was capable of force-fucking someone.

That someone was this nosy, panty-less bitch I just screwed on the hood of my favorite car and shot my morning load inside her warm, tight cunt.

She’s damaged too, you know, but unlike you, she came out innocent.

Fuck, I couldn’t wait to get this day done. I had marriage documents to attend to and an insane man to hunt and kill.

Just thinking about the man who endangered her life six years ago was enough to make me see red. Her whore fucking mother was to blame too, that’s why I was going to visit her later.

No one. As in, no one gets to fuck with what’s mine and gets away with it.

He tased her for five minutes? I was gonna tased him to the brink of death. He planned to stab her to death? I was gonna stab him even after his dead.

I already formulated a sound plan on how to kill the motherfucker while the sexy bitch was in her rundown house to get her stuff, I just need a fucking name and I’d fucking get him. I intend to tell Milo and Sasha of this, but whether or not they’d join me in my manhunt, I’d execute the plan within this week. The killer in me that I tried to bury deep down was making its way to the surface again.

I was not comfortable that someone from my future-wife’s past could get out and hurt her and the child in her belly. Our child.

Our future as a family must be safe and secured. In order for that to happen, all possible threats must be eliminated.

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