Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 24

I hurried up to my house as soon as Mr. Hulk out there parked his fancy car into a stop, leaving him silently fuming. He was so confusing. Was he that angry with my questioning him? I was the one who was supposed to be angry at him. He threatened me, and I just bared my soul to him. I told him my most horrible childhood memory and what I got was a angry, fast fuck on the hood of his car.

I sprinted up into my house. Exclaiming a loud, “Yes!” when I saw the house empty. Mom’s probably somewhere with someone in this town.

I didn’t stop until I was in the tiny bathroom of my home, where I pulled up Sasha’s shirt, tied it around my waist, turned on the shower, and faced the shower head directly to my vagina. Which was dripping with George’s semen.

Jeez, why did that guy’s penis have so much load? I thought as the memory of what happened minutes ago flashed through my mind. My first sex outdoors. Damn. I immediately put a stop on where my dirty mind was heading when I felt my body getting needy again.

I washed my flesh thoroughly, not wanting any leftovers making a wet spot on my gray shirt. That would be embarrassing.

After that, I went into my room, which was neat as ever, put some fresh panties on and began piling the stuff I considered important to me in my largest bag, which was not that large considering I had to get a second bag. I got out of the house quickly after that as I didn’t want to be late for school and also make George wait. He’s already in a bad mood, I didn’t want to worsen that by making him wait.

He was just waiting outside of the door. His tall frame making the front door of our house looked like a dwarf’s door.

He soundlessly took the bags from me and we walked together to his car. I went into my side of the car while George put my things in the trunk.

“What’s that?” He asked when he came in.

“Ummm… a poster.” I replied. He suddenly grabbed the poster from my hand and rolled it open.

I gasped. “Don’t!”

The image of my beloved Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in their superhero costumes appeared. The poster had signatures from the both of them.

“They’re my favor—wha, please, nooooo!” I protested when George ripped the poster savagely into two and threw it outside. The wind blowing it into the air and onto the road.

“You bastard! I can’t believe you! Do you know the hardships I faced getting that poster signed? I waited several hours under the sun just for them to sign it, I got swarmed at, I got hurt!”

I was really angry, tears were running down my face. That poster was the second most important thing to me next to the picture they already took from my locker. I didn’t realized that I just shouted at my terrifying ex-bully until I saw George’s shocked face.

Then his expression became dark and stormy.

Oh… shit.

His hand shot out. He grabbed my nape and roughly pulled my head towards him.

“You. Don’t. Cry. Over any other men, besides us.” He said, his hand shaking my head in every words he uttered. “You’re not allowed to idolize any other men, besides us.” His black eyes looked almost wild and dangerous as it stared into my teary ones. “You don’t get to love any other men, besides us.”

Oh my heart. OH MY HEART.

And then I kissed him. I was very much turned on at the moment. What is he doing to me?

George didn’t move at first. I guessed he’s surprised. I was surprised myself.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and I scooted closer to his body.

Electric goosebumps were forming all over my body. My nipples became taut and my vagina began getting hot and wet.

Finally, after a few seconds that felt like forever, George responded.

He easily scooped me up and deposited me on his lap. My legs went to his sides as he leaned me back to the steering wheel. He began kissing my face, my neck. And when that wasn’t enough, he pulled my dress shirt up, up and away.

I was now wearing panties. He growled when he saw it.

“Fuck this.” He said, before savagely tearing my panties off of me.

Two panties down (and probably more to come.)

“We’ll be late for school.” I whispered breathily, my fingers tangling themselves through his soft dark hair, not wanting to let him go.

“Fuck school. I want you. I’m gonna fuck you first.” He said so hotly my flesh clenched tightly with need.

His hands expertly released his manhood, which sprang magnificently from the confines of his pants. I almost drooled.

“Ride me.” He ordered, whispering seductively to my ear.

I obeyed eagerly.

My right hand looped itself around his cock, I lifted my body and positioned my wet entrance directly to the head of his hard length. I slowly sank on him. Relishing the feel of his big cock in this position.

He groaned, I moaned.

And when I hit the bottom, I started riding him like a cowgirl shamelessly. With him thrusting up at me and caressing every inch of my bouncing figure with his mouth and hands. His eyes were silently conveying a message I deeply recognized from the very depths of my soul.

I was theirs. Wholly and truly.

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