Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 25

Entering the school alone was one thing. Everyone totally ignored you as they all went on to their friends and respective classrooms.

However, entering the school with your three former-bullies—who were extremely famous by the way—escorting you was entirely a different thing. It was completely different from what I was used to.

The moment George parked his car in the school parking lot, I was already blushing from head to toe.

Everybody was freaking staring or gawking at us. As in, everybody, even the teachers and every other school staff.

Umm… could I just go back to being invisible? Please?

But no. As always, I didn’t get my wish.

“What’s going on? Why are they with her?”

“What the fuck?”

“Are they going to finally kill her?”

Those were what I heard just before the three stopped in the topmost steps of the stair that led to the main entrance of our school building. In short, everybody could see us from this point of view.

Suddenly, Sasha from my right circled his arms around my waist and then plastered my body against his.

Oh my goodness, I could feel his hard-on.

“What’s that wet spot just below your butt, Katie? Did you had a morning exercise with George?” He whispered dirtily to my ears.

What!? Seriously!? But I wiped myself thoroughly after—

“Hmm!” I protested in shock when Sasha claimed my mouth in front of everyone.

Gasps and several curses came flying from almost everywhere around the school.

It was a hot kiss not fit for everyone’s eyes, not to mention the junior and minor-aged kids going to this school. Including me, I guessed, as I was still seventeen.

I was suddenly ripped away from Sasha, and I went tumbling into Milo’s strong arms.

“My turn!” He growled loudly that everyone who was near us heard this, and the crunchiest and most shock-filled curses I had ever heard were sent in our way.

The Milo kissed me too, his hands were shamelessly cupping my butt cheeks. Pulling me tight against his body. Okay’ he’s hard too, there’s no mistaking that fact as he dry-humped it against my stomach while kissing me. Making the visual like he’s fucking me.

Definitely for R-18 right now.

I heard some commotion in the background. Someone was shouting (that sounded like Mr. Finnigan, our school Disciplinary Head) and the other guys must be George and Sasha. George sounded like he’s threatening the poor man while Sasha’s voice was calm, though I could hear the doom clearly in his tone.

“I count the minutes when I can finally have your tight pussy wrapped around my cock again, Katie.” Milo said oh-so-hotly to me just before a furious-looking George scooped me up into his arms and carried me bridal-style into the school building, with the two tailing us like bodyguards.

Everyone we passed by the corridors gawked at us in shock. Disbelief written all over their faces. One student even dropped his books in astonishment.

While I was hot and bothered from all the kissing and dirty-talking that happened, I could not help but feel so much embarrassment and humiliation.

Everyone’s gonna think, ‘She’s like her whore of a mother after all.’

I buried my face into George’s broad, warm chest, blushing furiously and upset.

“What’s wrong?” George asked gruffly, but there was this barest hint of concern in his voice that made me looked up at him, my eyes already wet with tears.

His face suddenly became harsh and his walk became a sprint.

In a matter of seconds we were in the third floor, Room 303. Their clubroom.

Milo opened the door, and George came in with me in his arms, he deposited me silently and gently on the large black, leather sofa.

I was lying mutely on my back, my eyes dried up as it scanned the whole interior of the room. It’s my first time being here. It didn’t look like a classroom at all. The only indication that it was a former classroom was the rectangular whiteboard plastered on the wall at the front.

“Now, Katie, why were you crying?” Sasha asked with his soft, mesmerizing deep voice.

I looked up at my three men, looming tall over me like towers.

Wait, my three men? My? NO!

As my brain protested to the thought of officially acknowledging the three as mine, a voice inside me spoke out.

When will you give up Katie? The past is past, they were your ‘former’ bully. Not anymore. They care about you now. There’s no time like the present. You’re being dumb if you try to leave them. Others have only one, others none at all. But you have three. Three, gorgeous men ready to change for the better for you and ready to have you for forever.

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