Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 26

“I’m alright, Sasha. Seriously. I’m fine.” I said, trying to shake the two worried men following me while I walked through the hallways. Everyone’s eyes were following the three of us, their mouths buzzing with gossips.

“You’re not. Why is your face so red right now?”

“Maybe she’s coming down with something.” Milo inserted. A hand immediately stopped me in my tracks and then spun me around.

I let out a loud exasperated sigh as I faced the two worrywarts, both of their hands reaching out at the same time to touch my forehead (Sasha’s hand) and neck (Milo’s hand).

My heart melted, but I blushed even more.

“You’re not hot.” Sasha informed.

Gee, thanks, Sir. For saying that I’m not hot.

“Maybe…” His forehead wrinkled as he thought deeply. And then slowly, his eyes widened as if realizing something. “Maybe this is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Maybe you’re pregnant already!” He said so excitedly and loudly that everyone who were listening and not listening couldn’t help but heard this.

My eyes rounded with shock with what he just said and revealed to the world. Now everyone knew that I was having sex.

Having sex with them.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran. I ran away from the two as fast as my small legs could.

Stupid, idiotic, shameless men!

I quickly found my classroom just as the bell rang. I sat at my usual seat which was located at the very back, and didn’t dare looked up at my classmates. I could feel all of their eyes on me.

“Hey, Katie!” Someone shouted from the front. It’s a girl named Mary Ann, she’s one of those famous, confident females who’s not afraid of anything and was beloved by everyone.

She’s also a snotty little beeyotch that I made sure to avoid, and one of the rare females who claimed to have had sex with one of my boys.

Grrrrrrr. What a slut.

“Are you really pregnant? Do you know who the father is? Sasha, Milo or George?” She shouted in a mean, laughing tone that the whole class heard. That’s the cue for my too-nosy classmates. I was immediately bombarded with intrusive questions that I found myself crying all over again.

“How’d that happen? Aren’t they your bullies?”

“Are you screwing all them at the same time? A foursome?”

“Like mother, like daughter!”

That last one finally did me. I broke down sobbing with my hands trying to hide my face from the verbal abuse happening to me.

I just lost myself my three bullies of six years, but now they’re replaced by these people.

Almost instantly, the class hushed. I thought our first period teacher has arrived, but then George’s angry, deep voice boomed. “Who the fuck made her cry!?”

My head shot up from being down, I was just in time to see Milo swinging a fast punch to a guy classmate of mine. My classmate was thrown to the ground, he wasn’t moving when he landed.

“I heard him.” Milo explained curtly before cracking his knuckles, looking like he’s ready to punch some more. People near him scrambled fast out of his reach.

“Katie.” Sasha called out with so much concern as he walked towards me. I crumbled down when I saw how overprotective they were of me. How ready they were to hurt people when they saw me cry.

I launched myself into his arms. Feeling instantly safe.

“Take me out of here.” I pleaded quietly, my face buried in his neck. I inhaled his familiar masculine scent and that calmed me down big time.

Thoughts of my escape plan was pushed away when I heard George saying, “Whoever hurts her will answer to us, you fucks got that?”

“Yeah. You see that guy down on that floor? Take him as an example.” Milo threatened menacingly, effectively scaring everyone.

“Come on you two, Katie wants out.” Sasha told them. I didn’t let him when he attempted to carry me bridal-style like George did.

I had two functioning legs and further humiliation to prevent. Thanks very much.

As we four went out, I saw Mr. Finnigan in the hall just outside our classroom, his face unusually pale like a sheet of paper. He was just staring at us, letting us go by without reprimanding us, his eyes were wide with fear and shock.

What did the three do to him?

“Do you want to go home, little girl?” Asked Sasha.

I shook my head.

“No. I still have that two quizzes later after lunch.” I replied.

“Nerd.” I heard Milo mutter.

My head whipped to glare at him but then I saw him smiling wickedly. It’s very rare to see him smile like that. It made him incredibly handsome.

And sexually appealing, I guessed, because my body got suddenly horny.

“Sir?” I asked before my nerves would get me.

Sasha’s head turned so fast at what he just heard me call him. He was surprised, to say the least, so was Milo and George.

We all stopped walking at once. Thankfully, the hallway was deserted of people except for the four of us. And so I let all of my inhibition go.

“You said something about fucking me here at school before?” I asked shyly but definitely coyly as I let them see the hunger in my eyes and the need in my voice.

“Fuck.” They all exclaimed incredulously.

For the second time that day, I was sprintingly carried to their clubroom. The moment we closed its door, they were stripping me out of my clothes and theirs. My mouth almost drooled when they finally revealed to me their muscular, perfectly-sculpted naked skin.

Oh Katie, you’re sooooo hooked. Physically and emotionally.

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