Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 27


“Sir?... You said something about fucking me here at school before?”

I could die right now and I wouldn’t care one bit if I went to hell, as long as I got to be inside my little girl’s pussy and feel her warm, naked body grinding against mine.

“Sit on the sofa, then open your legs.” I ordered, my dominant side was taking over because he heard the word ‘Sir’, but I couldn’t stop my eyes on their exploration on Katie’s deliciously naked body full of red hickeys, which I knew would further increase. We just couldn’t help ourselves from marking her in any way we could. Her skin was also so soft to kiss… to bite.

With a bit of shyness in her walk, she went to the sofa, her perfect round ass facing us. My palms twitched with the desire to spank her.

I felt pre-cum leaked from my cock when she finally sat down and opened her legs slowly. Her whole face was bright red, but she did it anyway. I felt my chest glow with pride for myself and for my two friends. We finally did it. And it’s only been just three days. Katie was submitting herself to us most willingly. She wanted us herself.

I could barely control my lust at the hot display in front of me. George and Milo didn’t even bother containing their hunger as they immediately went to her. Both of their cocks were the same as mine: pointing hard and straight in her direction. George dropped to his knees in between her legs, while Milo went to kiss her luscious lips and fondled her large breasts, tweaking her nipples while she writhed beneath their sensual caresses.

George, however, was teasing her. I could see his tongue tracing her inner thighs, starting from her knees and stopping short of kissing her pussy lips, and then transferred to her other thigh, doing the same. Katie looked like she’s in agony. I was sure George was grinning up at her.

I walked to my school bag that was thrown at the floor. I took the white silk rope I packed earlier inside just in case this kind of situation would arise. Good thing I was a boy scout. I specifically bought these ropes for her. They don’t cause abrasions and cuts, but they would make my little girl’s wrists the color pink, or red if Katie’s moving too much. Either way, I’d love to see it marring her flawless, milky white skin.

“George, please!” Katie pleaded so desperately my cock jerked and I had to count one to ten to calm my sex-driven body.

George didn’t hold back when he heard Katie’s cry. He dove in to feast upon her needy mound. My little girl released a loud “Oh!” and her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

I went to the three and took Katie’s right hand that was gripping George’s hair tightly, I tied the rope around her wrist and then connected the rope to her right ankle. I quickly did the same to her left which was gripping Milo’s hair. What I did left her body immobile and her pussy very accessible.

George was the first one to push his cock inside her wet pussy. They both let out a groan that made me squeeze the head of my dick. Katie was now lying on her back on the sofa with her ass hanging and her legs bent open.

George screwed her hard and fast. With his mouth against hers, kissing her French style, and her tits bouncing up and down wildly. Katie came first, and then George followed. He stepped away after he was done dumping all of his semen inside our girl’s tunnel.

Milo was immediately in between Katie’s leg after George went away. Stuffing his cock inside Katie’s tight womb. Milo grunted, and began a rhythmic medium-speed fucking that made Katie say “Ah!” every time Milo’s cock goes deep inside her. Possibly touching her cervix.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Milo shouted continuously when he started cumming. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, mouth opened and his cock completely buried inside Katie.

Finally, it was my turn. I was hard on my little girl’s cum-filled pussy as I shove my rock-hard cock inside it. I just rammed it in, pushing Milo and George’s fluids out of her, and pumped into her snug flesh several times until she was close to her third orgasm. But I pulled out suddenly, which made her whine and her tied-up legs tried to capture my retreating hips. I gave a laugh of delight at her apparent need for me.

I wanted her wanting and needing me… us. Her three men.

I flipped her around so she landed on her front with her bang-up ass in the air and her puckered asshole winking at me.

With my cock coated and properly lubed by our mixed fluids, I slowly entered her cornhole. She was flailing around I had to spank her five times on her ass cheeks before she stopped protesting. She couldn’t do anything to stop this sudden invasion of mine because she was tied expertly by me.

“Relax, little girl. And just enjoy this.” I said to her, my voice tight and breathless form the sensation my cock was currently receiving from her super tight asshole.

Felt like heaven whenever I claim both of her holes.

At last, all of my cock was within her.

I slowly pulled out, then in, pulled out, then in again, and continued when her anus had been shaped open for my cock. I reached down to her clit and began rubbing it furiously when I felt myself coming. Her little whines and muted moans became louder and louder as I fucked her harder. Her hips now moving alongside mine as she also felt pleasure.

“Holyfuckingshit! Shit! Fuck! Shit!” I shouted mindlessly as I lost control and sprayed my seeds in her dark tunnel. I could feel it massaging me while she also came for the third time in this session alone.

I fell on her raised back. Exhausted and spent but satisfies like never before. Both of our breathings were ragged and heavy like a we’d ran a thousand miles.

I slid my cock out slowly from her surely-sore anus and I was happy to see the large dark hole gaping open from my fucking. And then a trail of white fluid substance came rushing out of it. Making me want to fill it anew again.

God, I’m insatiable when it comes to her.

I untied the ropes from her ankles and wrists, and she immediately stretched her entire body out. Making a mewing sound that was so fucking adorable I grabbed her head and kissed her fervently.

“How was your first time fucking at school, little girl?” I asked when I pulled away from her swollen red lips, gazing at her wickedly.

She gave me a shy smile and batted her eyelashes innocently at me.

“It was great, Sir.” She said quietly that I was the only one who heard it. I grinned, happy that we satisfied her.

But then her forehead crinkled into a frown.

“But then I’m full of all of your cum again and I’m sweaty and dirty—“

My cock had begun solidifying again at her dirty words. So was George’s and Milo’s because I felt them get closer.

“—I badly need a shower—“

“Then let’s go home right now and shower. We’ll come back later after lunch for your quizzes.” I said. Standing up, I walked to my bag and pulled out the wet wipes I also packed, again, for this kind of situation.

I came back with her eyes wide with delighted surprise, and when I began wiping her pussy she didn’t even complained, instead she spread her legs wide apart. Letting me take care of her, at the same time, seducing us three.

This is how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives. Us serving her before, during, and after she had served all three of her men.

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