Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 28


“I need to go home… to my house.” Katie suddenly said in the midst of the peaceful silence that descended upon us after our exhausting foursome. She looked up to us as we all hang out on the sofa of the clubroom, all of us still completely naked and sweat-covered. She was lying on her back between me and Sasha, Her head was situated on Sasha’s lap (Sasha was stroking her hair), while her legs was on mine. Milo was sitting on the floor, caressing Katie’s flat stomach and large tits. I was tracing my fingers around her meaty thighs. My cock going semi-hard as they slowly went to her naturally hairless, puffy cunt which Sasha just wiped off of our cum. I wanted to have a second round with her before we had to go home to shower. Although maybe I’d go join her in the shower itself.

But that train of thought suddenly went into a halt when she spoke.

“No, you don’t. You already packed your stuff, there’s no more reason for you—“ Sasha tried to reason.

“There is. My mother. She should know about this. About us.” Katie interrupted.

“Your ignorant whore of a mother doesn’t have the right to know. She doesn’t care about you, Katie.” Milo said so harshly our woman went speechless for a moment, staring wide-eye at him.


But instead of getting angry, Katie’s stunned face went downright sad.

Of which made my cold-ass heart ache.

What the fuck? What’s happenin’ to me?

“I know… it’s going to be my last goodbye to her.” She said with conviction in her voice, but her voice was looking so dejected and heartbroken I wanted to kill someone violently. But at the same time I wanted to do a victorious air-punch.

Because she’s truly accepting us in her life.

Something was going on with my emotions. The cold, bitter anger I’d always have inside me since I was a child was slowly being replaced by something warmer… something magnificent. Something that this woman had done by coming into our lives six years ago.

“Okay.” Sasha finally conceded after seeing Katie’s beautiful, crestfallen face. Milo quieted too, also staring at her. The two were looking like they had swallow something ugly.

Pussy. We’re all becoming pussies because of her.

And now here we were three pussies. We just went to a psycho therapy doctor—arranged by Sasha—who wanted to help us in our anger management issues and a lot of other things. Apparently, the three of us had a lot of baggage that the doctor wanted to attend to.

Well, fuck him. Without these baggage, Katie wouldn’t have become ours.

Of course, we didn’t tell him about the rape situation just three days ago. Good thing too because the doc went batshit crazy on us when we told him we three were having a relationship with the same woman. He was completely disapproving and scowling at us I barely controlling myself from knocking his ugly face out.

The moment the doc paused to breath because of too much ranting, I was out of the fucking door. Milo and Sasha right behind my tail.

“Need to find a fucking new one.” Sasha angrily muttered.

Damn right.

We quickly got into Sasha’s van. The very same van where I was the first one to take my woman’s hot, virgin cunt. I kinda love this van now.

“I’m going to kill someone.” I announced to my two friends as Sasha drove us from the doc’s fugly office to Katie’s house where we left her after school, she had a business with her mom.

“Fucking right. I wanted to kill that doct—“

“No. I’m really going to fucking kill someone.” I interrupted Milo. Saying my words with so much heat and seriousness Sasha immediately hit the brakes of the van, parking us in the middle of a dark, deserted road.

“What the fuck, George?” He exclaimed, turning on his sit to look at me.

Then I told them our girl’s tragic childhood story.

“What the fuck! Who the fuck is he?” This one form Sasha.

“Fuck that! Let’s go kill that motherfucker!” Milo exclaimed.

I stared at my violent-driven friends grimly, and realized one thing.

We were all ready to die and kill for our woman.

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