Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 29

“I don’t want you calling me bitch, George. Quit it.” I aimed a glare at the very rude man after he just said the offending word. It was now Thursday, exactly six days since they took me against my will in the back of Sasha’s van. And so far, it was great. The sex was hella splendid, and many. Like, the minimum sex I’d get in a day was four, and maximum was… I didn’t know, after the fourth sex I would already lose count.

George glared right back at me while toweling his wet hair. He just got back from the shower, but before that, he was fucking me on his bed mindlessly. “Mind your own fucking business.”

“I also don’t like it when you curse.” I said, but slightly regretted it when George’s eyes narrowed into two mean slits.

“Don’t use that tone on me, bitch.” He threatened, turning his back to me, walking into his room’s huge walk-in closet.

Yeah, after six days he finally introduced me his own room that was always locked before. The design was a lot like Sasha’s room but minus the posters on the wall of some band that Sasha obviously loved. George's was bare of any decorations. There was a flat screen facing his equally humongous bed, a night table standing beside the bed, and then there was his walk-in closet that I think was almost as large as the other half of the room.

One thing was for sure, George loved clothes. And shoes.

Designer clothes and shoes to be exact.

Wow, he’s really loaded. I thought, mentally dumbfounded as I passed by some brands that I know to be for the rich only. I thought of Milo and Sasha and realized that they were also sporting these kind of expensive things, I just didn’t noticed because most of the time they were half-naked or totally naked when around me.

Going back to the matter at hand.

I silently inhaled courage and went after my man, me dressed only in a sexy nightie that Sasha bought for me and what made George put me in his own bed in the first place (when he saw me in it when he came home, he was instantly turned on and in a matter of seconds was carrying me up the stairs and into his bedroom, which was the first room to be had after the stairs).

Alright, time to use the baby-card now. It was effective on Milo, surely it would be effective on George too.

“I don’t want our future-children hearing those kinds of things. Especially from you. His or her father.”

His body went rigid at that. Then he slowly turned around.

“Stop. That.” He said. Enunciating those two short words and making them sound ominous.

You. Don’t fucking own me.” He started, taking a large step in my direction that made me flinched slightly. “You. Don’t make any demands.” He continued, now walking towards me, looking an animal predator as he gazed at me angrily and hungrily at once, his footsteps were slow but threatening.

Oh no.

Katie, run!

And so I did, like a freaking rabbit running away from the carnivore who’s about to hurt and eat me. I let out a squeal as George’s hand almost got one of my arms. I ran towards the bedroom door and miraculously made it out.

Well, not that miraculously as I accidently closed the door on George’s feet, making him shout painfully.

“Be ready when I fucking catch you, bitch!” George bellowed from his room while I ran down the stairs. Instead of getting scared when I heard that, I giggled loudly, enjoying myself.

Sasha and Milo jumped up from where they were sitting in the living room watching TV.

“What the fuck’s happening?” Sasha demanded, both him and Milo alert and looking ready to fight. I gave a carefree laugh that ended up in a squeal again as George appeared at the top of the stairs and quickly went down.

“He’s chasing me!” I shouted, the two looking confused and stunned while I darted quickly into the kitchen and through the backyard of the house. It had tall walls keeping the whole place private so I was free to run around half naked.

I could hear George’s feet thundering behind me, getting nearer and nearer.

“Umph!” Just my luck, something got my foot and I landed front-first on the thankfully grassy ground.

George didn’t hesitate taking the advantage of me being down, and instead of helping me up, he even pinned me down by straddling me just under my butt.

“No! George! Get off me, you’re so heavy!” I shouted at him, wriggling beneath him and trying to escape. I could feel the monstrous hard-on he got in his pants as he moved around, taking both of my hands to lock them behind my back with one of his hands.

He then grabbed a fistful of my hair and tilted my head back. In my ears he whispered vehemently, “This is what you fucking want, bitch.” With that, he let go of my hair and took hold of the thin straps of my nightie, wrecking it and making the top fall under my breasts, exposing my pair to the world.

He cupped one of my globes using his hand, and kneaded it roughly. Pinching and twisting my nipple painfully. “You want us to rape you again, huh? Force our way inside your tight little cunt while you struggle and pretend you don’t like it? Make you cum against your will over and over again?”

I was so turned on by the time he finished those three dirty questions.

He tilted my head back so he could see my eyes, seeking answers from me.

I did not look away from his wild, sex-glazed eyes that made him look one hundred times hotter than usual.

I answered, letting him know I wanted him and that he’d successfully made me submit to him right now, but later I would surely try again in getting him to stop calling me bitch.

After all, we had a lifetime.

“Yes, please.” I replied readily, passion and lust burning in my eyes.

It was all he needed before ripping the whole nightie from my body, releasing his cock from his boxer-briefs and pulling me up so now I was on my knees and hands on the grass. Completely naked. Again.

“Oh God! George!” I shouted when he plunged inside my vagina without any kind of warning. I reached back and tried pushing his hips away as I could feel his cock pressing deeply within my womb.

“No! Take it, you fucking bitch! This is what you get for running away from me in that fucking dress with your bouncing ass and tits teasing the hell out of me!”

And then he began to pumped real hard, real deep. He’s hurting me in the best possible way that I found myself loving how roughly he was fucking me.

And then suddenly, he was painting my insides with his semen.

Again, without any kind of warning.

I was completely taken by surprise.

Especially when he pulled out of me all of sudden and then just stood up and marched away. Leaving me hanging and naked in the dirty outdoors and totally unsatisfied.

What. The. Fudge.

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