Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 3


The little slut had grown curves. Fuck.

“Look at Katie, man. You notice she got tits now? And that ass, when did she get those? Damn, it looks like she even got taller too.” That was from Sasha.

I didn’t know why he calls her by her name. But for me calling her slut was the appropriate name to call her. George called her bitch.

Our eyes followed our little victim as we watched her from the window of our clubroom which faced her own hangout place on the ground. She always ate there because it was crowded. She knew we couldn’t touch her if she’s surrounded with people.

I mentally smirked. Smart girl. And yet sometimes so dumb.

Earlier, we finally found out from a school janitor where her new retreat door was. It took us a week to find it. That’s a new one from her. Usually, it only took several hours for us to find where she hid.

This school was old so it had many secret rooms and passages. But we knew all of them, we had been at this school longer than she have. So we knew all the places where she could take refuge. We also knew of the backdoor she’s using so she could avoid us but we never thought she’d actually use that. We thought her too stuck up and too girly to be able to do that.

That place was smelly as fuck and dirty as hell. No one goes through there.

But I guess she’s getting desperate.

I turned to look at my two friends and almost smirked. They were watching little slut down there like fucking predators preying on a delicious meal.

And she had become really delicious. Like Sasha, I had also noticed her body. And it made me so fucking mad to see her getting attention from almost all the males in this school. Not that they approached her, hell no, they knew she’s our territory. They just looked.

She developed this perfect hourglass body. With small waist, curvy hips, bouncy ass and a pair of boobs that looked more than a handful. In short, she had a body of a slut. But unlike her real whore of a mother, who was sticks and bones, she didn’t flaunt it.

She hid her assets with oversized shirts and worn out jeans that she wears four times a week. Her pretty face was usually curtained by her waist-length, black, wavy hair and eyeglasses. We destroyed her last eyeglasses before summer vacation started.

We wanted to see her eyes clearly as tears fell from it, we burned all of her school stuff that last day of school. We knew how much she cherished her things as there were only a few of them. We enjoyed how helpless she looked. So delicate. So fucking vulnerable.

It’s no secret that I, Sasha and George were sadists. We love hurting other people. We were bullies since day one and everybody had experienced how to be bullied by us. Before little slut came to our town, we victimized everyone. But then she came, and something shifted within us three and we ganged up on her immediately. It’s like our inner sadists recognized her as the perfect victim. It’s been six years, and we had never thought of stopping.

Going back now, after that faithful day she went away, and we didn’t see her for two fucking months. The three of us were lost. We didn’t know where she’d gone. The three of us were so fucking angry ’cause normally, on summer vacays, we see her working in the town’s library, we always could bully her after work. But fuck that slut, she actually managed to escape us. Two fucking months we were out of our goddamn mind. We were on a perpetual state of madness. Snapping at everyone and easily getting into fights with just the slightest of provocation.

And then on the first day of school, she came back. We watched, shock to our very core, as she walked to the main entrance. Gone were the baggy shirts and worn out jeans. She’s now wearing a long sleeve that covered the whole length of her arms but was fitted to her curves like gloves. And then her jeans were replaced by a knee-length skirt that swayed with the movement of her ass. She doesn’t wear thick-rimmed eyeglasses anymore, her black eyes and long eyelashes were more pronounced.

She’s so fucking sexy, and almost confident that my cock stood up to attention in a matter of seconds of seeing her.

For the first time, I wanted to hurt her for an entirely different reason.

I wanted to hurt her just to fucking touch her and see her smooth, white skin turn angry red.

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