Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 30

“Here.” Milo said, placing a plate full of cupcakes on the coffee table in front of me and wearing his cute apron. I was sitting in the living room with a huge blanket wrapped around my body that Sasha draped on me when I was left naked on the backyard by my husband-to-be, who was an utter asshole and a bastard and everything not-nice he was.

“Don’t worry about it, Katie.” Sasha said, stroking my wavy hair while I pouted on the couch. “The ape’s just a bit hot-tempered than usual today because he’s on edge. We all are.”

That had me perking up from my angry pouting. “Edge? Why are you all on edge?”

Sasha produced a soft, thoughtful smile, but his eyes were full of heat.

Not the usual heat I get from them, they always gave me those ‘Be the chalice to my sword’ look. But the one he was giving me right now was saying ‘I’m going to do something bad and you’re better off not knowing.’

I narrowed my eyes at him and at Milo who sat down to my right. “What are you three planning to do?”

The two exchanged a look that made my skin form goosebumps.

“Whatever we’re about to do is for you and for the future of this family.” Sasha answered cryptically before kissing me on the lips.

I pulled away immediately from his lusciously, expert-kissing lip before it made my logic and reason be ran down from my brain.

“Tell me what it is.” I demanded.

“No.” Milo firmly said, taking my chin to turn my head to his. Capturing my lips before I could utter a protest.

“Hmmm.” I moaned when he plunged his tongue inside my mouth, my unsatisfied body burning once again with their hot touch.

“You didn’t cum, did you, little girl?” Sasha breathed against the back of my left ear, his hands slowly lowering down the blanket clothing me while Milo began tracing his tongue from my lips down to my throat and then to my collarbones until they reached an exposed nipple of mine.

Bye-bye logic and reason.

And so I spent the whole remaining afternoon with the two bringing me into countless orgasms. I was sleepy and unbelievably exhausted by the time they were finished with me. Milo cumming into my backdoor while Sasha in my womb, the water from the gigantic shower head beating down us.

I looked at the clock as Sasha finished toweling my body, it’s only 6:58 in the evening. I let out a huge yawn. My legs were shaking a bit from too much strain on the muscles from when I climaxed so many times.

“Sleep tight, Katie. We’re just going to go somewhere, we’ll be back in no time.” Sasha whispered to me as Milo carried me and laid me gently on the bed, both of them kissing my lips affectionately that I felt my heart skipped a beat. Sasha was dressed in a sexy black leather jacket that made him look like a bad boy super model, a white t-shirt was underneath it and he was wearing an equally black-colored pants.

So were Milo and George, who were now both talking quietly on door of my room, their eyes frequently darting to where I was. All three of their faces now looked grim and serious. This was the first time I saw George since he left me hanging naked on the grass. He was wearing the same things as Sasha but his leather jacket was cowboy brown and he’s got wraparounds on his eyes.

The three of the looked like they’re going to do something dangerous.

Oh, so this was the plan. Make me physically exhausted enough that I couldn’t even move properly. They’re preventing me from possibly stopping them or following them.

“What are you guys up to?” I asked, the tiredness obvious in my voice, and yet my mind was active.

“Just a guy thing, little girl. Sleep now.” Sasha ordered gently, but I couldn’t worrying about them. I didn’t like what I was feeling right now. I really felt like they’re going to do something very bad and very dangerous.

I grabbed his arms when he was getting up, my movements positively sluggish.

He stopped and looked down at me.

“Please, Sasha. I… I care about you three. Be-be careful on whatever you’re going to do and come back home safely to me.” I managed to say out loud, though I sounded like a drunk. The three of them heard this because they all turned into stone, staring at me.

I could not fight the fatigue anymore, I closed my eyes. But before sleep claimed me I sent a quick prayer to God.

Please, God. Protect my men. Bring them back safely to me.

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