Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 31


He’s always sayin’ the name of that woman’s daughter. Always mutterin’ things ’bout the poor gal.” Said the prison guard.

“What things?” Sasha inquired.

“Things like how he’s gonna get her out and kill her for real. The things he’ll do to her before he stabs her to death. Gory shits that I wouldn’t want for kids like you to hear. We always had to put him in the special room whenever his mutterin’ gets like that. Scares the hell out of us. Real lunatic, that fucker is. Touched to the head badly. I feel bad for that poor gal.”

“There’s the motherfucker.” George told us quietly when the man we’re going to kill in a few minutes had appeared out of the door where we’re expecting him to come out.

The man was gangly, but tall. Fucking taller than the three of us. He was bald and pasty white. In short, he looked like slenderman minus the creepy suit. He was wearing some prison shit that I wouldn’t call a cloth if he weren’t wearing it like one.

“Let’s wait till he gets here.” Sasha whispered calmly when he noticed that me and George had move to get our chosen weapon from inside our jackets to use on the motherfucker later.

Good thing we’re fucking rich. We under-the-table paid everyone who could get this man out of the prison. Made it look like the wards guarding his metal box neglected locking the door properly, giving him the chance to escape.

And he bit the fucking bait.

I felt adrenaline and pure savage anger pumping my whole body alive right now. My body was like this since George told us what happened to Katie before she moved in to Well Town with her mom years ago, and then the things the ward who was guarding his cell told us last Monday added more gas to the fire already burning inside us.

Tased and almost killed.

Fuck! Just imagining my woman being tortured like that made me wanna go apeshit on the fucker and make him feel every kind of torturing techniques there is in this world.

My grip on the taser tightened as he got near to where we were hiding in the dark, just at the edge of the forest.

I felt the two shift and got ready.

Sasha was assigned to subdue him because he’s good with that kind of kinky shit. Me to tase and torture the motherfucker till he’s almost dying because I was a cold, unfeeling bastard. While George was the one to stab him. How many times I was not sure, but knowing George, probably more than the fucker deserves.

Slenderman was now a few feet away from us. His footsteps careful not to make any sound. The fucker was unknowingly walking to his own slaughter,

I cracked my neck side to side.

Time to kill.

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