Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 32

Something woke me up.

I jerked awake as the doorbell rang again.

What the—It’s 1:30 in the morning! Who could possibly be visiting at this time of the night?

I looked at the clock and then felt a cold shiver ran through my body that had nothing to do with the room temperature as the doorbell rang and then someone knocked—or more like banged—the gate of our home.

I knew that the boys were still not home and that I was completely alone.

I quickly went to the telephone sitting on the nightstand beside my bed, my body was still sore as hell from all the sex that happened with Milo, Sasha and me but I was able to move fast enough because of the adrenaline rushing through my body right now.

I had always had this little fear of criminals and burglars at night from when I watched crime, thriller TV shows and movies. But surely, criminals and burglars wouldn’t do what the person at the gate was doing, right?

Okay, Katie, you’re just overreacting.

But to be sure I went to take the telephone and called the numbers Sasha made me memorize a few days ago so I could contact him, Milo and George.

“Hey. This is Sasha. Just leave me a message after the beep. Thanks.”

I then tried calling Milo’s number.

“Milo here. Leave a message.”

What the hell. And at last, George. My super hot-tempered lover.

I was reluctant to call George because I was still mad at him for what he did to me earlier at the backyard. But I had no choice because the person was incessant with the doorbell ringings and knockings now.

“If you’re listening to this, then that means I want you to go fuck yo—“

Okay, even in voicemail George’s not nice.

Shit, what’s the use of having three men if not a single one of them answers to your calls?

“George! I know you’re in there, son! Open the goddamn gate!” I heard a deep booming voice called out from the gate.

My forehead furrowed. Son? George’s father? What! George has a father!?

I got up instantly from the bed and quickly threw a robe on and ponytailed my hair. But before I went downstairs, I sent George a voicemail saying, “George… umm… your father’s here and he’s currently banging at the gate looking for you. Please call me back ASAP.”

And then I went downstairs and into the front door where I could see the activities on the gate through a small TV-like monitor plastered on the wall.

There, standing just outside the tall metal threshold were five men.

Four mean and scary-looking men in suits and one who doesn’t look mean enough but was larger and beefier than the four. He was also the one ringing the doorbell.

What the freak.

I tapped a button on the TV monitor to be able to activate a voice record.

“Uhm… I’m sorry but George is not here right now. So is Milo and Sasha.” I told the guys over the voice transmitter. My nerves jumping all over in trepidation.

I saw his face registered surprise. Clearly, he’s not expecting a female voice.

And then his face slowly turned into a grin. A sinister looking grin, I might add.

He looked at the camera located at the top of the gate—which chilled me to the bone—and said over the channel, “You must be the woman I heard about. You are the one my son’s marrying.”

“Uhh. Yes. Yes, I am.”

“Well then, why don’t you invite your father-in-law in, lady? In fact, you’re one of the reasons why I’m here right now. To talk to you too.” The man said with a comely smile on his comely face.

You know those innocent smiles the villains in the movies always use? That smile was what the man was wearing.

But he was, in fact, my father-in-law. He looked almost exactly like George except that he’s fat, older and had a smile on his face, whereas his son was muscular, sexy and always in a sulking mode.

Oh George, Sasha, Milo… where the hell are you three when I need you?

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