Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 33


“George. Uh. Your father’s here and he’s currently banging at the gate looking for you. Please call me back ASAP.”

“You’re gonna kill us with this speed, man.” Sasha told me from where he was sitting at the backseat. His tone anxious and full of worry.

Fuck him. I ignored my friend and speeded through the roads at a hundred and fifty. I kept hearing Katie’s nervous voice over the voicemail in my head, and the image of my devil of a father holding guns kept appearing before my eyes.

If he touched Katie in any fucking way, I’ll fucking tear him apart limb by fucking limb.

“Shit! I can’t fucking reach her!” Milo roared from beside me, banging the dashboard with his hands. And then his head turned towards me, his face full of rage and desperation, “I swear to God, George. If that old man of yours hurt Katie I’ll fucking kill him. Regardless of you being his son.”

I gave him my most serious look, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll even help you killing that bastard.”

He was surprise for a moment, but then gave me a grim nod. He knew I was dead serious and I would really carry out the threat the moment the old man did hurt our Katie.

I went back to focus on driving so fucking fast. Good thing I was an expert race car driver or I would have killed us already by the speed I was going right now.

“I don’t want our future-children hearing those kinds of things. Especially from you. His or her father.”

I was a fucking coward.

A total motherfucking asshole.

I ran away from Katie because of what she made me feel. The emotions I was experiencing for the last few days were completely new and foreign to me. Feelings seemed to overflow my senses whenever I was with Katie.

She’s like a fucking drug. I couldn’t think coherently when she’s near me. All I could think was how to have her however I could.

You love her, you fuck.


You do. Stop being such a pussy.


Your stubbornness will cause you something great someday, you ass. Perhaps, Katie and your child.


I would never allow that to happen.

I still wanted to see my Katie grow big with our children. I wanted to see her play with our kids. To have her in my arms whenever I wanted.

I also wanted her to have feelings for me.

Like… I wanted her to love me.

Look at me thinking right now, I’m so fucking pussy-whipped by that piece of delicious cunt.

“I love her. I love Katie.”

For a moment I thought I was the one who spoke because it was exactly what I was thinking.

But then it was Sasha’s voice I heard.

I looked at Sasha at the rearview mirror, my eyes widened by shock while Sasha’s were grave and sharp, darting between me and Milo’s equally shocked face, daring the fuck out of us to speak out.

For the first time in my life I really wanted to pound my bestfriend’s face.

“I love her too.” The other pussy said. Not wanting to get ran down.

Now I had to slow down my driving because I was now looking at the both of them like they’d grown horns on their heads.

“Really, you fucks? You two have to do this right in the middle of a fucking crisis?”

The two were just looking at me expectantly and seriously. Daring me to say what I really feel for our woman.

I gulped, feeling vulnerable all of a sudden.

Moment of truth here, ladies and gentlemen.

“What do you fucking think? I’d kill for her. What does that say?” I tried to sidestep. Fucking embarrassed to drop the L-bomb.

“Say the magic words, you shit. We fucking need to clear this out. Because after this I won’t let you hurt Katie again in any way. I was barely managing myself from pounding the shit out of you when you left her earlier in the open. Hanging and naked.” Sasha told me so vehemently I felt every word.

Well, fuck.

After I sort out this situation with Katie and my dad, I would love to make these two friends of mine my punching bags for a whole day.

“I love her.” I said. Low and tight-lipped. But I mean those three short words.

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