Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 34

So I did let him come inside the house in the end.

George’s father was a very persuasive man and after he sent his scary goons away, I finally opened the gate.

It turned out that not every villain-y smiles comes from villains.

George’s father, or Gary, that’s his name, was a very nice man. A gentleman to a fault. Although I didn’t let his charming exterior fool me.

A man was not certainly not nice if he has a son like George.

And all those goons he was with? That indicated bad business surrounded this guy.

“So your name is Katie, correct?” He asked, sitting down on the living room couch.

I remained standing, several feet away from Gary and staring at him.

“Yes.” I replied. I had this feeling that I should not mess with this guy. He had this air of dangerous elegance around him, and that made me extremely wary of him.

He nodded as if in approval, doing a body scan on me that looked purely clinical and only done out of curiosity.

Still made me uncomfortable as hell. It felt like he was judging me.

“Word has reached me, my dear. And it said that you’re currently in a polyandrous relationship with George and his other two friends, Sasha and Milo. Is the rumor true?”

I gulped. Do I answer that honestly?

I mean, I knew that my relationship with the guys was highly unusual. People at school were already looking down on us, thinking that what I had with the guys was taboo and completely unacceptable. Would Gary think like that too? Would he think I was not good enough for his son? Would he try to break the budding relationship I had with the three?

He looked like the kind of person capable of making anything he wanted to happen.

I had decided. I was going to lie to him. I didn’t want to risk my relationship with the guys. Besides, Gary looked like he rarely visits George. I would just tell the guys that we should act like Milo and Sasha were not my lovers whenever Gary visited.

I was going to answer him when I finally heard the familiar roar of a car engine coming into our driveway. That was definitely the van. I almost let out a sigh of relief in front of Gary.

Thank goodness, they’re just in time to save me from this uncomfortable parent interview.

George came in barreling through the door first, then Milo and Sasha, all of them in their leather jackets and all of their faces and stances furious and alert.

What the fudge was happening?

George didn’t stop until he had his father clasped by the neck. I gasped at what he did while Sasha pulled me into his arms, moving me away from the fight I felt brewing on the air around the two. Milo positioned himself in front of us like a protective shield, disabling me from seeing what’s happening. I had to crane my neck just so I could witness this shocking turn of events.

“You don’t fucking go near my woman, old man! Or I swear I’m gonna fucking kill you!” George shouted in his father’s face. I’d never seen George this angry before, and it’s utterly terrifying to see him like this.

But unlike me, who was feeling scared that George might kill his own father, Gary looked unfazed and only smirked calmly at his son. I could not trace any kind of fear in his eyes even when his son was choking and threatening him.

“Calm down, son. I’m not here to hurt anyone. I just wanted to talk to you, to Sasha and Milo, and to my future daughter-in-law there.” Gary said raising both of his hands mockingly as if in surrender.

George did not take his hand off his father’s neck though, he jerked his head to Milo, who got closed to the scene. Milo immediately went to the poor man and began patting him down like a policeman.

“What’s happening? Why are you guys like that to George’s father? Who is he?” I asked Sasha, who was still safeguarding me in his arms.

Sasha, not taking off his cautious eyes from the three, answered me, “That’s Gary Baltimore, Katie. He’s a cold-blooded man who will not hesitate to kill. I don’t know why he’s here right now, but I don’t want you getting near him ever. Understand?” Sasha said, his voice tight with seriousness and warning.

I looked at the old man in confusion.

Then looked up at Sasha again, “Well, he got near me but didn’t hurt me. He said he’s only here because he wanted to meet me and he has something important to tell George.”

“The lady’s right, son. Unhand me. I have something to tell you.” George’s father said.

“You can tell me now, and then get the hell out of this house.” George said, still not taking his hands off his father.

I couldn’t help it, I snapped. I was still angry at George for leaving me earlier on the outdoors naked and unsatisfied and now I was even angrier at him for treating his father like this.

He treated everyone like shit, and I had enough of that!

“Oh for God’s sake, George, put him down! He’s still your father, you’re still his son! He has no weapons and it’s three huge men against one old man! How could he possibly hurt any of us?” I yelled at him.

All four of them were now looking at me like I just said I was Jesus.

Then George’s father laughed, “Oh I like this girl, George! She’s got spirit! You chose her well!” He said, his voice proud and full of laughter.

Finally and distractedly, George put him down. Gary immediately went to sit on the couch, rubbing his neck, while George stood there on the same spot glaring at me.

I glared right back at him.


“You three, sit down. I’ll go get drinks. Don’t hurt anybody.” I said stiffly and rather bossily at Milo, Sasha and George.

I pulled myself roughly from Sasha’s embrace, left them looking dumb and shock after me, and stompingly went to the kitchen that was located just down the hallway.

I walked towards the kitchen fridge and bent down to peer on the foods and drinks inside it.

That’s when all the hairs on my body suddenly rose, and I felt someone moving to stand behind me.

“Hello, Katie. Nice to see you again.”

I pivoted around, my heart stopping as I saw a tall, bald man covered in blood and grinning darkly just a feet away from me.

Oh no.

It was my mom’s ex-boyfriend. The man who almost killed me years ago.

And he’s holding a knife.

How did he get in here?

I let out a blood-curdling scream that was enough to wake the dead when he lunged himself towards me with a mad roar escaping his mouth. His knife swinging downwards to stab me.

No! Oh God, please! My child!

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