Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 36


“We found high doses of PCP, meth and really good high purity cocaine in the man’s body when we conducted autopsy on him. Those three drugs particularly give superhuman strength and extreme pain tolerance to whoever consumes it. That was why even when stabbed multiple times he could still walk and use muscle force long enough to cause damage. He plastered himself on top of the van, am I right?”

I nodded, silently taking this all in. So this was why the motherfucker managed to get inside our house and caused chaos. He was on some things.

“Yeah, he’s tall and thin enough to get on top of that van easily and silently.” The good Doctor Carmichael said, his eyes thoughtful and kind but had steelness behind them. I like this guy already.

“The police discovered a pocketful of empty plastics that we believed had been housing the drugs in the secret compartment of his briefs. We think that he consumed a lot before escaping the jail, then consumed all of it when he was on top of the van as we saw bits on it.” I added.

He also played us, making us think that he’s dead when we left him in the forest.

Dr. Carmichael nodded in understanding.

“When is she going to wake up, doc?” George asked hoarsely while sitting down on the edge of the hospital bed where Katie was lying, his hand wrapped around Katie’s hand that was free of IV.

“I can’t say for sure, son. But she lost a lot of blood and just went through a very traumatic experience. She’ll wake up when she’s ready. For now, I want you three to know that she is stable and the baby is safe and sound in her womb?”

That made me stop.

That made all of us stop.

“Wha-what!?” I exclaimed, the other two shouting the same.

I gaped at the surprised doctor. “I take it that this is not planned?”

I snapped out of my shock quickly and shook my head. “No, this is planned but I thought we had to wait a few more weeks to know. I mean, we just started trying last Friday. Exactly a week ago. And she only stopped taking her birth control pills that day too.”

As I tell these things to the doctor, I felt excitement started bubbling inside my chest.

A baby.

A fucking baby.

Katie is now ours completely.

“That’s great to hear. Well, we immediately took a blood sample from her when one of the nurses heard her mutter about a baby and its safety. We needed to be sure of her condition. She came out positive on the hCG blood test we did to her. That mean she’s pregnant. And about the pills, it’s effect depends upon the drinker’s menstrual cycle. It must have been her most fertile period the say she stopped taking it and you guys started trying.”

“Wow.” I let out. Completely taken aback by the miracles that happened within this week.

We took Katie. We changed for the better. We fell in love with her. She survived death. And now, she’s pregnant with our first child. And that said child was not harmed at all during the events that happened yesterday.

Oh fuck. Oh thank God. Shit, I might cry again.

A father… I’m going to be a father. With a wonderful woman by my side.

I could feel a huge ass grin forming on my face and I didn’t even stop it from showing. I looked at my buddies, and saw that they too had the same crazy, happy smile I had.

“Congratulations, son. May you be—“

“Sons, doc. Sons with the S letter at the end. Plural.” Sasha interrupted.

“Umm what?” The doctor asked, shocked.

I nodded. “Yeah, I was not the only one trying to make her pregnant, doc. Those two were in on it doing it too. We all were. Most vigorously.” I said.

Dr. Carmichael gaped at us like a fucking fish.

Good thing I’m already used to that.

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