Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 1: The Coming Home

“Wait, Katie, I’ll open it.” Sasha told me and quickly got out of the driver’s seat and went to my side of the van to open the door for me.

I stifled a giggle at this very gentlemanly display of his. Actually, I was always laughing these past four days even when I was in the hospital, weak and traumatized.

Milo, George and Sasha were completely different when I woke up three days ago, I almost didn’t recognize them. I thought for sure I was dreaming when George, Sasha and Milo suddenly started bawling their eyes out as I opened my eyes.

“Wha—what happened? Why are you guys crying?”

Sasha leaned down and stroke my cheek, and said so sweetly, “Because the woman we love is alive.”

I stared at them. Not believing my ears.

“Co—come again?”

Milo took my chin and turned my face to him, he said while smiling so handsomely, “I love you, Katie. We love you. The three of us do.”

Oh God, my heart. My heart was like being resuscitated with electric shock. It was beating so fast. Am I hearing right? Am I in heaven right now?”

It turned out that I was still really alive and not in heaven. Milo was dead serious on what he said.

They loved me. All three of my men loved me. Because since the day I woke up they had done nothing but to please me.

Especially George.

I think George blamed himself for getting me in this mess.

But I didn’t.

The three of them told me what happened. Why they went out that night, what was their purpose, how my past was able to come back and haunt me, and what happened after I lost consciousness.

They all did this to protect me… to protect our future as a family.

They informed me that that monster was really dead this time, and was killed by George. That alone was enough to atone George of all of his sins to me. But George had other ideas. He blamed himself, and for that he changed.

For better or for worse, I was not really sure.

Because he wouldn’t even touch me. All he does was serve my basic needs, be attentive to me like a freaking nurse, and be nice to me.

Truth be told, I missed the old, domineering, moody George.

Oh, I could still see the list in his eyes whenever he thought I wasn’t looking, but he’s not doing anything about that lust!

Unlike him, Milo and Sasha became nice to me, but they also touched me whenever they want. Me being hospitalized did not deter them from pushing their fingers inside my vagina and making me cum at least three times, although they did it on the third day, they made sure I won’t get hurt if I move a little.

“Be careful now, little girl. Do you feel pain? Do you want me to carry you?” Sasha asked, worry lined his face.

I rolled my eyes as I let him grab my waist and take me down to the ground. “Sasha, I’m just wounded a bit, I’m not totally invalid. I can walk just fine.” I assured him.

He stared at my face, looking like he’s debating whether or not he’d let me walk or carry me.

He nodded, “Okay, but if you feel even just a little twinge on your shoulder or lightheadedness in your head, you must tell me immediately. Understand?” He ordered in that Dom voice of his, but with absolute concern in his tone that made me melt in its sweetness.

“Yes, Sir.” I answered, smiling at him, but then I tripped on something.

Good thing Sasha didn’t trust me and didn’t let go of my waist or else I would’ve planted myself face first on the pavement.

“Fuck, Katie! I just told you to be careful! You’re pregnant and wounded!” He admonished.

“Sorry.” I apologized in a small voice, I tried to hide my wince of pain, I accidentally moved my injured shoulder when I was grabbing Sasha’s arms to keep myself from falling.

But I was unsuccessful, Sasha saw the flash of pain in my expression and his face suddenly became dark and stormy.

In a flash I was in his arms bridal-style and was being carried into the house. “That’s it! You’re not going to walk ever again until you’ve push that babe out of your womb!” Sasha said oh-so-seriously that I reacted.

“What! Don’t be absurd! That was just an accident!” I yelled at him. This guy was insane.

“Hey, what’s up? What accident?” Milo asked, coming to the front door as we walked up to it.

“Katie almost got herself killed again.” Sasha answered him, marching us right into the house.

“Sasha’s exaggerating, Milo. I just tripped on—“

“You tripped!? Do you know how dangerous that is for a woman with your condition?” Milo exclaimed, shock, worried, and mad at the same time.

Oh for God’s sake!

This is what you get for having three men instead of the usual number of one, Katie. Suck it up.

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