Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 2: Loving George

“George, look at me.”

His eyes darted to me, stayed for two seconds then went back to where his hands were busy chopping vegetables.

I put a hand to his forearm, that made him stiffened, but he still did not give me those smoldering eyes I sorely missed.

I felt my throat clamped up with emotions as he continued chopping, dismissing me.

“You can’t ignore me forever, George. We gotta talk somehow.” I told him, my voice sounding annoyed.

He stopped, and with an irritated sigh he put down the knife and faced me.

“Alright, talk.” He ordered. His rugged handsome face blank as he stared at me. His arms crossed on his naked chest, he waited.

“Umm…” I started but was unable to continue as I get distracted by his perfectly sculpted chest that were bulging sexily from his crossed arms.

It’s been so long.

Basically it had been only four days since the last time I had sex with any of them. Sure, Milo and Sasha got me off more than once yesterday, but that was nothing compared to their big cocks drilling my pussy.

I wanted some real, pumping, sweaty action.

Do you hear yourself, Katie? You’re such a slut for them.

I don’t freaking care.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

I snapped from my dirty thoughts. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said,” He took a step back, his eyes already dark with lust. “Stop looking at me like that.”

Oh… he meant my eyes that were probably looking at him hungrily.

I couldn’t help it. I played him.

I took a step forward, “Look at you how exactly? Like this?” I asked him as I bat my eyelashes coyly at him, my teeth biting my lower lip.

His eyes went down to my lips, his own mouth opening a bit as he started panting slightly.

He took a step back, I followed him forward, my hands coming up to unbutton one button on my shirt.

“Don’t you want me anymore, George?” Second button unbuttoned.

George growled, “You stop that.”

“I missed you…” Third button now.

“I missed the warmth of your body against mine…” Fourth button, my cleavage was showing already.

“I missed your wicked mouth and tongue…” Fifth button. It pleased me that George wasn’t stopping my seduction play. It meant he loved it.

“I missed you dirty talking me…” Sixth button separated. And George had stopped backing away as his back hit the kitchen counter, the outline of his cock clear on his jersey shorts.

“And I missed your large cock stretching and pounding my insides.” I said as I unbuttoned the last button, my shirt falling apart so that the top of my body was exposed to his eyes. My hard nipples were almost touching his naked chest and I could feel his harsh breathing against my upturned face.

“Kiss me, George. Please.” I begged him as I wrapped my uninjured arm at the back of his head, tugging him downwards to my face.

He steeled himself, “We can’t do this. Not yet. Your arm is still hurting. You just got out of the hospital for fuck’s sake.”

“I know, but I want you. Please, George. Fuck me.” I pleaded, my vagina aching so badly with so much need. Goodness, four days of no action and this was the result.

I heard him inhale sharply at my words, then both of his hands went to my waist, he pulled me by my hips, my front to his front so that now I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. He ground his hot tool hard on my belly.

He lowered his face, stopping just an inch from my mouth. Teasing me with his closeness.

“You know how I fuck, Katie. I fuck hard and rough, and I don’t settle for one session. I don’t stop till I cum at least three times in your cunt. Which takes long. Can your curvy, little body handle that right now? NO. You’re injured and you just got out of the fucking hospital, and before that you got stabbed in the shoulder by a lunatic.”


“NO. I will not fuck you till your shoulder’s completely healed.”

I gaped at him, “What! But that will take forever!”

“I don’t care. Now go ask Sa—“

“Make love to me then!” I told him. He stopped and stared at me for a moment, astonished.

“Make love to me, George. Milo said all three of you love me. Including you. Surely, you can make love to me. It’s sex but slow and gentle and—“

“I know what making love is!” George interrupted.

“Then let’s do it! You won’t hurt my shoulder if we do it gently. We both get what we want in the end.” I said to him.

Again, George stared at me like I was a stranger he’s trying to figure out.

After half a minute later he sighed exasperatedly, and dropped his forehead against mine.

“This was my entire fault.” He whispered. His voice suddenly filled with remorse.

My heart twisted at the pain in his expression.

Lust momentarily forgotten, I cupped his cheek with my good arm, “Hey.” I called out softly, his dark eyes finding mine.

“You must know that I don’t blame you, George. Not at all. Actually, if not for you I would still be living in fear in the knowledge that someday he might get out and really kill me. But now that he’s dead, I feel like some heavy weight was lifted from my life. And it’s all because of you. You made my miserable life wonderful and lovely. You three do. That’s why… umm… that is why…” I trailed off.

He pulled his head back a bit, his eyebrows crunched together in a frown as he looked down at my face that suddenly went red.

“That is why?” He prompted.

Oh damn, when’s the last time I said those three words to anyone? Years ago? When I was still a baby? Oh God, someone help me, I’m about to explode right now!

“Katie, what’s wrong? What’s happening? Your face suddenly got red. Are you sick—“

“I LOVE YOU!” I shouted at him before my blushing would make go caveman on me.

Seriously, what’s with these boys and blushing?

I stared at his chiseled abs instead of his eyes. I could feel him staring at my downcast head right now. A full minute passed when I finally got a reaction from him.

And it was all worth the embarrassment of saying I Love You to him because all of a sudden I was cocooned in George’s strong arms and was being carried upstairs to his bedroom.

Yes! Shouted by the sex goddess in me.

George managed to open the door of his room with me writhing in his arms, my mouth on his hard, smooth skin and my hands traveling all over his body.

He put me down as he shut the door close. He spun me around and pushed me against the nearest wall—gently enough that my wound didn’t smart—his hot mouth crashed on mine with a possessive growl.

“You’re such a hot little thing.” He whispered roughly when he pulled away for a second to breathe, and then he went back to devouring my lips again. My shirt was long gone by then, my breasts were exposed to his kneading hands. That second kiss went on for half a minute—felt like an hour— before he withdrew again, our lips reluctant to part. The two of us were breathing heavily, we stared at each other, and there was fire in his eyes that corresponds with the fire inside me. Both my upper and lower lips were red and sore from all that kissing, but I would gladly let them bleed just to feel his mouth on me again.

My abled hand went to his nape, trying to drag him down, “Please, George. Kiss me again. Please.” I begged, lust making me crazy and needy.

He seized my grabby hand, took it to his mouth, kissed it gently on the back, and brought it high above my head, pinning it to the wall. His other hand went to cup my cheek. He leaned down, his lips a breath away from mine, and his eyes boring into me.

“Katie…” He started. His voice a rough purr. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He said so sincerely that my already-racing heart almost had a cardiac arrest.

I shook my head at him, “You’re not going to! Ugh, George. Please, I’m aching. Aching to have you inside of me!” I shrieked at him like a madwoman.

Jeezus, I don’t recognize myself anymore.

That seemed to snap him out of his gentleness because suddenly he was down on his knees in front of me, his hands on the waistband of my shorts, pulling it down and my panties in one go.

I banged my head against the wall when his mouth instantly captured my clitoris, shouting his name when I came all of a sudden.

I vaguely heard him chuckle and said, “So fucking sensitive.”

My second climax came two minutes later when two of his fingers proceeded to fuck me deep and his tongue magically became like a vibrator. I was pulling at his hair so hard it’s a wonder they’re still there.

He had to carry me to the bed after that, my legs were still quivering as he laid me gently on the smooth surface. I was scatter-brained with pleasure, but interestingly, I still want more. I wanted his cock this time.

My eyes closed and my heart beating loudly in my ribcage, I dimly heard the familiar shutter of a camera. I opened my eyes, shocked and confused.

George stood over me gloriously naked, but his handsome face was blocked by a DSLR camera. He clicked one more time and then he put it away on the nightstand beside his bed.

“What the hell?” I managed to say, both a question and an exclamation.

George grinned toothily at me, his expression held mischief as if he had been harboring a secret.

He moved to lie on top of me but I stopped him with my palm.

“What was that all about?” I asked, trying to focus on the matter and ignoring his hot, hard cock pressed against my thigh. I looked at the camera pointedly, then back at him.

“Precious memories.” He murmured distractedly, his mouth going to my neck. I gasped at the pleasure that zinged through me at what he did, but another thing on his nightstand caught my eyes again, and this time, held my rapt attention.

“What is that?!” I shouted, horrified as I pointed at the picture frame proudly on display beside his camera.

Holy Mother of God.

It was a picture of me sleeping and naked. It was taken that first day I was here and was spread eagled and tied on the bed in Sasha’s room.

George sighed and drew off of me to sit, I went to stand up and my hand went to get the picture frame. I stared at the very intrusive picture of myself, I was having mixed emotions about it, but ultimately, I was baffled… and kinda turned on about it.

“See how obsessed I am with you, Katie? How in love I am?” He whispered behind me, making the hairs on my body stood as his burning words washed over me. “Take a look at what’s inside the camera. You’ll love it.” He said, I did what he told.

I powered it on, went to the gallery part, and…

Oh goodness gracious.

What’s inside were videos of me getting fucked by him and the other two.

And I could see it was dozens. I mean, we fucked like rabbits. He wasn’t joking when he said he wasn’t a one-session fucker.

My vagina, which was so wet already, began secreting more fluids and began throbbing anew with furious need.

I stopped clicking as a video of him fucking me for the first time surfaced.

In that van… when he took my virginity against my will.

I clicked the Play button.

George’s hands went around my body and began kneading my breasts and tweaking my nipples. His mouth was on my neck, biting and sucking and licking.

“I love you.” He started whispering against my skin.

“You’re mine.”

“My little bitch.”

“Can’t wait to fucking marry you.”

“My sexy salvation.”

I was panting heavily by the time the video got halfway. George was now grinding his dick on my naked butt.

And then in a flash he was inside me. Fucking me standing while I was watching the most erotic video I had ever watched in my entire life.

He was using my breasts like handles as he thrust into me, his mouth still on my neck. I could feel his large cock stretching my vagina so deliciously.

“Feel my cock, Katie? Feel its love for your tight cunt? Oh yes, the little prick loves your voluptuous body. It can’t get enough of it.” He dirty talked.

“It’s not little, George. I can feel it touching my cervix.” I talked back dirtily and breathily. I put down the camera back on the table in front of us and really focused on my future-husband’s incredible, drilling cock.

He growled at what I said.

“Put your hand to your injured one so it does not jump too much when I begin fucking and loving you hard.”

I did what he instructed and then was instantly getting fucked and loved hard.

One of his hands journeyed from my breasts to my pregnant belly and then to my clit, and he began rubbing it furiously.

“I’m going to cum! George!” I told him as I felt my release quickly building inside my body.

He increased the tempo of his cock-ramming and clit-rubbing, I could feel my ass bounce with every slaps from his hips.

“Aaah! George!” I screamed as I experienced a blinding orgasm.

George’s rhythmic fucking began getting out of hand as he fucked me wildly, he chased his own orgasm with my pussy still milking him.

“Oh shit! Fuck, take my cum, Katie! Take it!” He shouted almost crazily as he continued rubbing my clit and pumping into me.

I felt his warm semen splashed into my womb and painted it white with his seeds.

I couldn’t help it, I came again, my vagina sucking and milking him dry of his cum.

We collapsed on the bed gently with him still not pulling it out behind me.

“I’m already pregnant you know.” I told him with a light chuckle and my eyes closed with exhaustion.

I felt him kiss my hair and thrust inside my pussy one more time. Our mixed fluids made loud squishing noises at that.

“I know. Makes me want to fuck you again at the thought of my child in your belly.” He said, driving his semi-hard cock again.

“What makes you think it’s your child in my belly? It might be Sasha’s or Milo’s.”

He leaned into my ears, “Just a feeling.” He replied, and began plunging gently from my behind, his cock now hard once again.

We continued fucking like rabbits till the sun went down, by the time it got dark outside Sasha and Milo couldn’t resist our loud sounds of pleasure anymore and joined the two of us in fucking my horny body.

I was deliciously sore by the time they all finished inside me, all their semen dripping down from my overfilled pussy. My injured arm was not moved at all because they took great care of it.

I told them, as we all lay on George’s bed sweaty and tired, that I loved them all.

I got fucked one more time because of that.

Oh what a life.

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