Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 3: Baby Deets Pt. 1

Five months later

At an Ob-Gynecologist’s Clinic

So I decided to come alone at my third ob-gyne appointment, well, not totally alone because the three were in the clinic’s parking lot waiting for me to come back with the announcements.

I didn’t allow them to come because I wanted to surprise them. These past few months the boys had been betting on everything about the child in my womb.

“Bet he’s a boy—“ Sasha said.

“No, you fuck, it’s a girl.” Milo retorted.

“No, you two fuckheads, it’s a boy and it’s mine.” George sneered at the two.

That’s the cue for a testosteronic war between the three where they would shamelessly compare their dicks, how much they had fucked me on that first day and how deep, and whose seed was the most stud to have taken root inside my womb so quickly.

“Would you three please stop acting like cavemen for once?” I would always say because they don’t ever stop. Though secretly deep inside me I was laughing at them with mirth, their like children fighting over a toy.

“See here, Mrs. Baltimore? Those are the legs, looks fine to me. And the head, perfect size for a fetus this old. Aaaaand, oh would you look at that…” The pretty Dr. Sheila trailed off as she looked intently at something on the grainy ultrasound monitor I couldn’t make out.

“What is it, Doctor? Is something wrong with my baby?” I asked anxiously, my heart thumping wildly.

Please God, let he or she be healthy and strong. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as it’s healthy and fine.

Dr. Sheila turned to face me with an amused, smirk-ish smile on her face.

I wanted to smile back but was unable because of my worry.

“No, nothing’s wrong. So far I could see that your baby’s completely normal and healthy. Anyway, do you really want to know your baby’s gender now, Mrs. Baltimore?” She asked.

I nodded, “Oh yes, please. And the paternity testing we did before, can I have the results now too?”

“Yes, yes. The results just came in yesterday. Now, what first, gender reveal or father reveal?” She asked, winking at me at the last two words she uttered.

Dr. Sheila here knew about my polyandrous relationship with Sasha, Milo and George. We wanted her to know so we could get prenatal paternity testing without too much fussed form close-minded people. She accepted the fact wonderfully. She was always teasing me whenever I visited on how lucky a girl I was to have three men loving me and taking care of me.

I gulped, all my body nerves jumping erratically. “Aaah… ummm… gender?” I chose, not breathing as I waited.

She gave me a wild smile, then pointed at something on the TV monitor. She was pointing at a small straight line, standing up and away from my baby’s supposedly lower body.

Standing… erected… OH MY GOD.

“It’s a boy, Mrs. Baltimore!” She announced with a wide, happy grin.

No shit. I couldn’t help it, I screamed as I clasped Dr. Sheila’s hands excitedly. I was utterly surprised, happy, and—and I couldn’t describe what I was feeling, no words could describe the emotions I was experiencing. All I knew was that my baby was a boy and he’s healthy and normal.

Oh God, I can’t wait to tell my boys! They’ll be so shock and ecstatic.

“Now, now Mrs. Baltimore, calm down. There’s still another surprise box to open.” She said. I slowly calmed myself, panting slightly as I forced my heart to behave long enough for the other reveal.

“Okay, I’m ready.” I told her with a wide, excited grin on my face.

And with an equally excited smile on her face, she told me the father of my first child.

“Oh, Sasha! Oh, Milo! Oh, George!” I called out to my boys in a singsong-y tune while skipping along the parking lot happily and excitedly.

The three were outside the van waiting for me. They immediately straightened out when they saw me skipping with a huge smile on my face.

“Is that baby alright? Is it healthy?” Sasha asked worriedly. The three of them crowding on me.


“What’s the baby’s gender, Katie?” Milo asked, an excited, boyish smile on his face.

“It’s a boy! A boy!”

“Holy shit!”

“Fuck, yeah!”


“And the father? Do you have the results now?” Asked by a beaming George.

I stopped and dropped the grin I had instantly as I narrowed my eyes at them, reminding myself that these three are cavemen and animal-like when it came to their manhoodship.

“I’ll tell you but you three have to promise me two things first.”

“What is it?” Sasha asked, their expressions waiting and impatient.

“One, promise me that you will not go batshit crazy on each other and start fighting when I tell who the father is, and two, promise me that you three will not have this thing called ‘favoritism’ among our children just because you sired them.”

“We promise.” They answered in unison, their faces serious and sincere.

I stared at them suspiciously for a second. I think they would keep the second promise, but the first one, I was not so sure. I mean, they’re all alpha males with large egos and highly competitive with each other.

But oh well, might as well tell them.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

Here goes the chaos.

“George is the father.” I revealed.

The two went crazy with disappointment. Their eyes shut as if in pain while they groan.

George however, did a victory punch to the air and shouted and big “YES!” before crushing me into a bear hug with his lips french kissing mine.

“Hmmm…” I moaned as my body started getting aroused.

Pregnancy, I discovered, made me hornier and more sensitive than ever.

Good thing I have three guys to satisfy and fulfill my insatiable needs.

George was the one to pull out from our kiss, and as he embraced me in his arms so sweetly, with his hard dick digging onto my baby bump, he whispered, “I love you, Katie,” with love shining brightly from his dark eyes.

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