Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 4


Fuck that body. Fuck that fucking body so fucking hard I’ll make her bleed.

I remembered my feisty bitch earlier. I could still remember how soft her body felt when I carried her.

I felt how soft her ass was against my stomach and how heavy her large breasts were.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!” I roared to the tiles of the bathroom as spurts of semen came out of my thick, hard cock.

I continued stroking my still-hard cock as I recalled how she fell on fours when I dropped her on the ground earlier. All I really wanted to do was to drop to my fucking knees behind her, pull down her tight jeans off her ass and shove my fucking dick inside of her virgin cunt and fuck her hard she’ll be hurting forever.


Instead, I just slapped the fuck out of her. It was gratifying enough to watch when she went unconscious and then we had to pour water on her just to wake her up.

But fuck, the way her hardened nipples sticked out through her wet bra and shirt was so fucking hot I almost came in my pants like a fucking kid. I was barely controlling the lust that was gripping my entire body at that moment. My hands were twitching so badly, they wanted to rip the shirt off her and feel those magnificent breasts, skin to fucking skin.

What did her nipples look like? Fuck it, I wanted to know.

I want to fuck her. Fuck.

A series of heavy knocks came through the bathroom door, I turned off the showere, “What!?” I shouted, mad that my fantasy was disturbed.

“Stop fucking yourself in there and get your giant ass outta here. We got somethin’ to talk about, Georgie.” Sasha, my friend and house buddy, said and stalked away.

I growled, I’m gonna fucking club his face when I get out of here.

As I toweled I thought of the little bitch and the chemistry I felt fore her.

I’m the kind of man who lets his feelings be known.

That’s why I’ll be declaring what I want when I get out of that door to the other two dickheads.

I would fuck that bitch, whether they want it or not.

Whether she wants it or not.

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