Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 4: Loving Milo

Gasping and waking up at the same time, I felt one of Milo’s fingers moving inside my already-wet vagina. I eagerly spread my thighs more for him.

“Oooh Milo…” I moaned out loud and arched my ass into his rock hard cock.

Milo rewarded me with a sexy groan that made my insides purr like a kitten and added another finger inside my wet tunnel.

“Good evening, wife.” He whispered from behind me and bit the crook between my neck and shoulder before nuzzling it with his tongue. Eliciting a whimper from me.

Evening? It’s still evening? I raised my head and looked at the clock at the bedside table. 10:45 PM. I grinned. It had just been two hours since my last intercourse with Milo. He had me on fours then, pounding furiously into my vagina while his hands were doing amazing things to my clit and breasts until he had me climaxing for four times straight. But before even that, he had already fucked me on the hood of his car parked in the garage. Not waiting to get inside the house as we were too horny to do anything else besides fucking.

“Please…” I begged Milo. His fingers were driving me crazy with desire. Two were inside me while his other hand was busy rubbing and tweaking my nipples.

“Please what?” He teased.

“Please… Milo… harder!” I pleaded, an orgasm building up fast from Milo’s fingers.

Milo chuckled, and to my relief, added one more finger into my core then he started fucking me hard.

“Ah fuck! Even after all these years your cunt’s still tight, Katie. It’s gripping my finger so greedily. I can’t wait to feel it squeezing my cock again.” He said, delight coloring his deep sensual voice, his long fingers thrusting deep inside me.

With his fingers fucking me relentlessly and his other hand kneading my breasts almost painfully, my wet flesh clenched tightly with my incoming orgasm. “I’m going to cum! Oh God, Milo! I’m cumming!”

As I shouted the last part, Milo suddenly withdrew his fingers from inside my vagina. Making me want to cry out with the sudden emptiness I felt and the orgasm escaping me almost immediately.

But my suffering was short-lived, Milo surprised me when he flipped me to my back. He knelt between my legs, his sweat-covered naked body gloriously in display. He then grabbed both of my knees and pushed them higher and wider.

His hot and hungry gaze never left mine when he suddenly plunged his full length deep inside of me in one swift motion of his hips. And then he started fucking me for real.

I immediately burst after the first three, hard thrusts. Making me clench around his big cock and scream his name.

But Milo had not cum yet, so he continued his deep-fucking. Panting and groaning with extreme pleasure as he pummeled easily in and out of me because of my wetness. A climax was building fast inside me again.

“Ah shit! I’m not going to last!” He declared, gritting his teeth, the veins on his neck visible and straining. And then he let go of my knees. My legs automatically wrapped themselves around his moving hips, my heels digging on his ass, trying to press him deeper and harder into my insatiable flesh.

Milo stretched his body on top of mine, aligning us from pelvis to chest. One of his hands grabbed my left shoulder, keeping me steady as he became an animal on his fucking, ramming into me wildly. My breasts bouncing hard up and down in timing with his pushes and pulls. His other went around to my clit, making me cry out in pain and in intense pleasure when he started rubbing the sensitive bud furiously.

Then he captured my mouth with his. His tongue quickly delving inside, tasting and stroking my mouth like what his cock was doing to my vagina, both part of him desperate and starving for me.

He pulled out, breathing harshly as he stared intensely into my eyes.

“You.” Thrust. “Are.” Thrust. “So.” Thrust. “Beautiful.” He gritted, driving his wonderful cock between words.

“Milo! Aaah!” Suddenly, I cum. Making me blind for how many seconds because of the intensity of the climax I was experiencing.

Distantly, I heard Milo shouting his release at the same time with mine. His shaft shooting what felt like gallons of warm semen in my tunnel and deep into my womb, the head of his cock pressing against my cervix. He thrust his pulsing manhood several more times before slumping on to my body. All parts of our body were covered with sweat, and his cock, that was still seated deep inside my cum-overflowed vagina became smaller inside me, but was still semi-hard.

Minutes later, he rolled off of me. He kissed me tenderly on my lips, then he stood up and went to the bathroom, cleaned himself, and then came back with a wet towel on his hand.

I smiled warmly at what he was about to do. I really loved it when my men does this every time after we had sex.

He knelt and gently parted my legs. He then wiped my sore flesh off of our mixed fluids.

“Thank you, husband.” I wearily whispered to him. My eyes dropping close as sleep beckoned me.

I felt my husband for two weeks kissed me on my lips again, his equally-swollen lips lingering on mine for a little longer, softly moving and nipping.

“I think you’re already pregnant with my child, Katie. Wanna check tomorrow at Dr. Sheila’s before going home?” He asked me with a bit of an excitement in his tone while stroking my flat stomach almost reverently.

I let out a tired, amused chuckle. Oh, my competitive men.

“Sure.” I answered, thinking of my first child, Kaden, who was only nine months old and currently at the main house with his two cool dads taking care of him while Milo and I spent our two-week honeymoon here at our beach house.

I hoped it’s a girl this time. I couldn’t wait.

“I love you.” I said to Milo before drifting off to the oblivion, I felt Milo spooning me and plastering my back to his chest. His hand cupping one of my large breasts, one leg of his situated between mine, and his semi-hard erection poking me on my hip.

I slept smiling, thinking that I would be awaken in a few hours with something inside me again. After all, Milo loved fucking me in my sleep and waking me up with his cock drilling me.

“I love you too. So much.” He whispered back. Kissing the back of my neck sweetly.

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