Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 5: Baby Deets Pt. 2


Five months later after Milo and Katie's Honeymoon; At Dr. Sheila's Clinic (Ob-gyne)

"So who's the father this time? Katie here won't tell me, I'm dying of curiosity." The good Dr. Sheila asked, her eyes excited as it traveled to the lot of us.

This time around, Katie finally allowed us three to come with her in the clinic to find out the gender of our baby. She wanted to surprise us again, but after much persuasion which included a lot of dirty talking and bed action, she finally conceded to letting us in in this appointment of hers. Even the two dickheads joined in my persuading her, they also wanted to know the gender of the next baby in the house. They were excited as much as I was. Baby Kaden was such an adorable little angel, he was spoiled to boot by us four, especially by us three his dads. We all loved him so damn much.

I already could see Kaden had a caring and strong character, albeit hot-tempered at times. He could use those traits into protecting and loving his younger siblings (plural because there's definitely more to come.)

"I am. Did it before these two dickheads here could plant theirs in her womb."

Katie blushed furiously at that and gave me a death glare while Dr. Sheila rolled off laughing.

The two dickheads I was talking about both clasped their hands on my shoulders and squeezed it the way men usually do. Painfully. And said gruffly with pride in their expressions, "Congratulations."

"Mommy! Mommy! Wan' mommy!" Shouted by little Kaden from his dad George's arms.

Katie couldn't take him as she was on her back on the hospital bed, and so I took him and placed him on my lap as I sat on the chair beside Katie.

I nuzzled his soft baby hair and Katie turned and reached out so she could kiss him.

"Hi baby, wanna know how your sibling's gonna be like?" She asked him sweetly. Kaden, who was only one year and two months old, just stared at her with his wide, blue eyes which he took from George's deceased mother.

This kid was blessed in the looks department as well as in the height because at one point two he was already tall for a kid his age.

"Congratulations, Mr. Watsons. So, do you want a girl or a boy?"

"Either. As long as I get to be his/her father this time."

Dr. Sheila looked like she melted on her chair on the other side of Katie.

"Alright, let's get right into it." The doctor said, preparing Katie for ultrasound by rubbing some gooey gel on my wife's protruding belly. "Okay, so this is the second time, right, Katie?"

"Yes. The first one was when I visited to confirm if I'm pregnant, and for baby tips and advice. I was two weeks pregnant then." Katie answered a bit nervously.

I felt her. I was nervous myself as Dr. Sheila began sliding the probe around Katie's stomach, all of our heads focused on the large screen on the wall displaying what the probe was seeing.

"Hmmm... wait, is this right?... wha--oh my goodness!"

Katie jerked on her bed while I literally jumped up from my chair, with Kaden in my arms who let out a cute giggle when i stood up suddenly. I barely registered Sasha taking the child from my arms as my eyes darted between the surprised doctor and the monitor, feeling terrified as hell.

"What? What is it, Sheila? Is there something wrong? Is my baby alright?" Asked Katie who was looking like she's about to cry.

Slowly, Dr. Sheila turned her head towards us, her mouth gaping and smiling at one.

"I think you should be asking 'Are your babies alright', Katie. You're having twins!" The doctor gushed with barely controlled excitement.

Katie screamed and sat up, she reached out and pulled me down to hug me tight.

I was speechless as my brain tried to process what the doctor just announced.

Twins. I'm having twins. I'm immediately a father of two. Oh fuck, I think something got into my eyes because they're getting watery as fuck.

"We're having twins, Milo! Twins! How is that possible?" Katie breathed, her beautiful face lit up with excitement and happiness.

"I--I have cousins... both of my father and mother's sides... three sets of cousins with twins." I told her, my voice full of wonder at the two miracles in front of me. One being Katie and two being my twins.

The doctor congratulated us, so did my two bestfriends, both of them clapping my back and saying 'good job' and 'way to go' to me.

I felt like I just grew a hundred feet with what I was currently feeling.

Add the fact that both of my kids were confirmed and healthy and normal according to the doctor.

Thank God.

Later that night as we four all laid on the bed after making love to Katie, we started picking names for our twin boys. All of us excited for Katie to give birth.

"What about Kyle and Kane? Those two sound strong and handsome." Sasha recommended, stroking Katie's baby bump.

"I want one of those two to be Kean." George said, staring at Katie's milky tits hungrily again from behind my back.

Hmmm... Kean... Nice. I liked that.

Katie turned her clear eyes to me lovingly. "What do you think, Milo? Kane and Kean. Sounds good to me."

They did. I bestowed a kiss to her plump lips, and said, "Whatever my queen wants, she gets."

My queen gave me a happy smile that made my chest glow with manly pride.

I did this. I made her happy. I made the woman I love happy.

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