Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Epilogue 6: Loving Sasha

“You are not going to that party, Katie!” Sasha bellowed, dropping his barbell to the floor and turned to face me fully. His half-naked body glistening from his afternoon workout.

We’re currently in the basement gym where my men spent a few hours every day to maintain their perfectly, muscular bodies. I was a lucky bitch, I knew that.

I glared at him, putting my hands on my hips in a very rebellious manner.

“It’s a harmless party, Sasha. I’m not even going to drink at all, I’m just going to dance for a bit, and then have a chit chat with my girlfriends for the rest of it.” Trying to make him see reason.

“You’re four months pregnant, Katie. I won’t let you risk our children.”

“These kids are also mine. I know what’s good for them. I promise to be careful.”

“I don’t believe that. You’re clumsy like a baby.”

I gaped at him.

He did not just say that.

My temper soared pass to the boiling point. Add that to my erratic pregnancy hormones that were making me sensitive and emotional than ever.


Sasha was speechless. This was probably the first time I shouted at him this way. I only shout at him when I’m having orgasms caused by him. So I literally gulped when his face suddenly became dark and thunderous. The dominant mask replacing the normal Sasha.

Uh-oh. My submissive side thought, scared of her angry dom and the punishment she would surely receive.

Sasha took a step towards me, forcing me to step back as I suddenly become skittish under his powerful, angry glare.

“I can keep you in this house forever if I so wish, Katie.” He said smoothly and menacingly, his eyes smoldering and his words dripping with threat.

“But I love you. I won’t do that to you. The only thing I want in exchange for my leniency is for you to cooperate when I want you to.”

“Bu--but it’s going to be several months again before I get to go out. Please, Sasha, just this once. Let me go.”

Sasha’s nostrils flared and he closed his eyes tightly.

When he opened them, there was finality in them.


I couldn’t help it, I was so mad at him. I already promised my girls that I would come, he’s ruining my freaking plans!

I wordlessly turned my back to him, intent on marching up into our bedroom and get ready for the party I was going to attend to whether he liked it or not.

I stompingly started walking when in my fifth step I was suddenly airborne and in the arms of my beloved but furious, dominant husband,

In short, large steps he was distributing my butt in the bench where I usually do my sit-ups.

“You want to have fun? I’ll give you fun.” He gritted, his hands grabbing the lapels of my expensive maternity dress and then ripping down the front of it apart.

“Sasha! Stop!” I shouted, grabbing his hands, trying to pry them away from my poor dress.

But I was too late. He already tore them apart and now he’s doing the same to my bra.

“You call me ‘Sir’!” He ordered furiously. His green eyes becoming darker as his hands revealed more of my naked skin by ruining all of my clothes.

By the time he got to my panties, I stopped trying to block his lustful assaults because the moment he began touching me, regardless of my protests, I was already horny and quickly getting wet for him. The manly, musky smell of my husband’s sweaty skin and the feel of his warm, muscled body against mine was enough to spark blazingly the fire within me.

I let out a carefree laugh when Sir savagely tore my panties away from my wet privates. He gave a delighted growl when he saw how immediately ready and wet I was for him.

Between one breath and the next, two of his fingers were already jammed inside me pussy, twisting it around and then started fucking me with it.

All rational and angry thoughts fled away as I was bombarded with delicious sensations.

Sasha’s lusty green eyes caught my dark ones, he gave me a wicked smile before withdrawing his fingers from my pussy. He stood up to his full height, then in one push of his jersey shorts it came falling to his feet, and his magnificent cock was exposed for my eyes to feast upon.

My pussy clenched in response, wanting to wrap itself around Sasha’s cock.

His long, hard shaft stood regally erected. Its bulbous head, which was already producing pre-cum, was directly facing my lips.

I didn’t hesitate and gave it a wet kiss.

Sasha inhaled sharply at what I did. I flashed him a naughty look, smirking, and continued opening my mouth and taking him deep. The head of his cock hitting the back of my throat.

Sasha’s hands went to fist the back of my head and began guiding it in time with the driving of his cock in and out of my mouth in short thrusts.

I did not even gag as he went deeper into my throat. When you have three husbands with large, fat cocks and with unending sexual appetites, you couldn’t help but become a pro at sex.

“Rub your clit while you suck, little girl.” He ordered. I did as instructed and began rubbing my clitoris, making myself moan, which made my throat vibrate around the head of Sasha’s cock. That made him groan out loud, his hands tightening on my hair.

I continued my vibrating throat. When I did his thrust became more frenzied and out of control in my mouth.

He pulled out when I knew he was about to come.

“Stand up.” He ordered, taking a step back to give me space. I saw him squeezed the head of his cock painfully, trying to calm it down.

I stood up, my legs jelly and the lower half of my face dirtied by my saliva and my husband’s pre-cum.

“Turn around and bend to your waist, babygirl. Rest your elbows on the bench, and grip its side with your hands. Straighten your legs and spread it apart.”

I did all of his orders eagerly. Excited to his hard cock slamming into my pussy and his hands slapping my buttcheeks.

But it was not his cock that I felt on my pussy, it was his mouth.

Sasha was kneeling behind and eating my wet pussy like a starved man.

His tongue swirled inside my pussy like a mini cock. One of his thumbs was rubbing my clit like crazy.

My orgasm was like a thief, taking me by surprise. Sasha’s pussy-eating was mind blowing, it blinded me for how many seconds while I came.

Sasha took the opportunity to stuff his length inside my clenching tunnel. My pussy immediately massaging and milking his shaft.

I felt it jerk mightily inside me and I knew that it just shot out a large amount of pre-cum.

“Oh fuck, Katie! Your pussy’s gripping my cock so tight! Relax, baby. Relax so I could start fucking you.” He advised, his hands grabbing my large hips for leverage.

I forced myself to breathe and relax. My vagina just started this habit of clamping my husbands’ cocks so tight they couldn’t move inside it. It was quite fun to watch them struggle to move and at the same time, struggle not to cum.

As soon as my pussy loosen a little, Sasha immediately pulled out then pushed back inside. He didn’t stop moving and drilling his hard tool inside my wet box once he started as he was about to cum.

Sasha grabbed my jiggling breasts and used them to pull my bent upper body up. My back now plastered to his front while his cock was doing an upward stroke.

He nudged my head to the side. I gladly tilted it for him, so now my neck was exposed for him to do whatever he wanted.

His teeth clamped down on it. Not too hard, but enough that it stung.

And that was my trigger for cumming.

“Oooooh Gooood!” I moaned out, shouting as my pussy began milking Sasha’s cock.

Sasha was just waiting for me to cum, when I did he finally let himself go and shot his semen deep inside my already-pregnant womb.

We both went to the carpeted floor of our basement. Me lying on my side while I made Sasha’s right bicep my head pillow.

We were both breathing heavily. I could feel my husband’s cum dripping from my pussy and onto the floor.

That will be a bit hard to clean. Oh well, who cares.

But then my eyes flew open, I just remembered why I was here in the basement in the first place. Sasha saw my glare directed at him and he gave me a triumphant grin, “Too late now, little girl.”

Dammit, I hate it when they do this… and love it.

That was the end of our fight. It always ends like this whenever I fight with my husbands, I always end up exhausted on the ground (or bed) because they would fuck me so hard into submission. They told me that it turned them on big time seeing me flushed and angry. Not that we fight often, it’s rare for that to happen because usually they’re so sweet and loving and hot for me.

Sasha turned to face me, his hand going to caress my swollen belly.

“How are my three boys?” He cooed sweetly.

I gave him a sweet smile and joined his hand in caressing our fourth, fifth and sixth male children.

“They’re fine. Safe and sound in my hot oven.” I told him, gazing at him with full of love and adoration.

He gave me back the same gaze with the same emotions.

“I love you, Mr. Blairs.” He said, stroking my cheek lovingly.

I love you too, Mr. Sasha Blair. Even when you’re being such an A-hole.” I spoke, giggling at the end.

He threw me a wicked smile just before his eyes became dark and sensual.

For the second time.

“You know what, I forgot to give you some really-deserved spanking earlier.” He said with a devilish smile on his handsome face.

I gulped. “Um… can’t you just spare me this one time, Sir?”

He raised an elegant eyebrow at that, one of his arms wrapped itself around my waist and pulled me flush against his naked body. His cock rapidly hardening to its full, large length. “After you shouted at me and called me an ‘asshole’? Uh-uh, not a chance in hell. Besides, my palm is twitching with the need to make your flawless ass red.”

I gave him my best puppy eye look.

I thought I saw his eyes soften but then he shook his head and growled, “No more of that magic, you witch. Come on up. I have to give you your spanking.” He stood up, looking excited.

I mentally groaned.

Oh my poor ass.

But then my swollen, insatiable vagina said, ‘I’m ready for round two.’

Oh boy.

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