Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Two years after the triplets

At the house

Where are my goddamn pills?

I continued rummaging through the bathroom cabinet as I searched for my birth control pills. I never changed its position since the first time I started taking it again, which was two years ago after I gave a painful birth to my triplets.

So why was it not in its usual place?

The only people using this bathroom were me and my three husbands because all of us were now sharing the same bedroom.

Don’t tell me…

I shut my eyes, and released an annoyed sigh.

I think I knew why it suddenly went missing. And who made it disappear.

I stomped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where all of my husbands were already there waiting for me to come back so they could start their nightly ritual with me.

Nightly ritual meaning sex before sleep.

“Who took my pills?” I asked them. Standing in the middle of the spacious room with my hands on my hips as I let my glare ran over them.

George and Milo were lying on the bed, while Sasha was sitting on the chair by the wall. All three of them already naked and hard for me.

George gave me a wicked smile and raised his right hand mockingly, “I did.” He answered.

I charged at him like a bull and stopped over the edge of the bed, towering over his laid form.

“Where is it? Give it back to me.” I demanded.

“I can’t. I already flushed it down the toilet.” He said, giving me an evil, sexy smirk.

I face-palmed myself mentally at that.

“Fine, then no sex till I buy some pills again… unless you have condoms?”

“Katie, we haven’t used condoms ever since that day we took you years ago. We always go bare with you.” Sasha said wryly.

I chewed my lower lip, the sexual kitten inside me was very disappointed that she’d have no sex till I bought pills again.

Because you know, I won’t do it, unless I wanted to get pregnant again.

Which I didn’t.

I remembered years ago when that first day I didn’t take my pills and then these three shot their loads inside me, I immediately got pregnant.

Then I remembered the birth of the triplets two years ago and how my triplets and I almost died due to a major complication during the delivery.

Nope. Just NO.

“Well, it looks like there will be no action tonight--”

“Don’t be absurd.” Said Milo, frowning.

“--because I won’t let you three do me unless there’s some kind of protection preventing your sperm cells from getting my egg cell.”

I said, finality in my tone as I walked to our gigantic walk-in closet to put on some clothes. I was naked beneath this bathrobe of mine because I thought we’d be making love.

But alas, the three decided to be pricks and freaking flushed my pills to the toilet.

Is that what they did to my pills that first time?

I felt someone come up behind me as I let my bathrobe fall to the floor. My curvy body exposed to the eyes of my husband behind me.

“I can’t believe you’re still so beautiful and sexy even after giving birth to six boys.” Sasha whispered from behind me. Moving my long wavy hair to the side of my neck, I automatically tilted my head for his descending mouth.

“Still smells so amazing.” A lick behind my ear that sent a shiver down my spine.

“My cock never stops craving your hot little body.” He pressed his rock hard shaft between the crack of my butt and both of his hands went to cup each of my breasts, making me moan and extremely wet.

But my fear was still there.

“Please, Sasha… I don’t want to get pregnant anymore.” I whispered, desire and intense fear coloring my voice at the same time.

Sasha turned rigid from behind me, he pulled off his cock from my ass and then turned me around to face him.

I saw worry and pain on his handsome face, reflecting what I was feeling every time the subject of getting pregnant again surfaces.

He cupped both of my cheeks and gazed into my eyes, his green ones full of strength and love for me.

“I’m so sorry.” He apologized so sincerely and with great distress that my heart twisted painfully.

I circled my arms around his neck and rested my head to his chest, I could hear the strong beating of Sasha’s heart.

“It’s not your fault, Sasha. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just that… I’m terrified. I remember the long excruciating pain I went through, there was so much blood everywhere, the doctors were all frantic, and the stench of death… the thought of dying and leaving all of you so early… the thought of the triplets dying… it’s all so unbearable to me… I--I need more time… please.

I told him, my voice shaky and tears silently falling from my eyes.

Sasha’s eyes widened with what I revealed, his embrace tightened even more around me. “Katie.” He breathed with emotion, burying his face in my hair. “I understand. We’ll back off.” He said softly as another pair of hands pulled me from Sasha and into the arms of my other husband, George.

“You should have told us that before, you little minx.” George said affectionately. Squeezing me tight in a bear hug.

“I’m so sorry. I was just scared that you’ll get turned off.” I told him, voicing my second biggest fear aside from my first that was getting pregnant again.

I felt another muscular body came up behind me, I turned around and was now being hugged by Milo.

“You get that out of your head right now, woman, because that’s never gonna happen. You feel this? Does this feel like a turn off to you?” He asked while he ground his very hard dick against my stomach, just then George pressed his equally erected cock on my ass.

I giggled, my spirit lifting up as my second biggest fear was being assuaged by my husbands.

“We’ll wait, Katie, till you’re ready. We don’t care if it will take us years before you’re ready to take us bare again.” Sasha said.

“Although we still want another child.” My prick of a husband, who was George, said, giving me a teasing smile.

“Yeah, preferably a girl this time. But that can wait.” Milo added.

I sighed mentally, so much for mollifying my fears.

My men really wanted a girl.

Me either.

Two years after that conversation (four years after the triplets)

At the house

. . . . . . . .

“Ah! Please, more!” I shouted in ecstasy as I felt Sasha getting behind my raised butt.

Sasha spanked my ass cheeks, three for each cheek, then pushed two of his lube-coated fingers into my puckered rose hole.

My pussy gripped George’s drilling cock tightly because of the overwhelming sensation of Sasha’s fingers in my ass.

That made me and George moan and groan.

“Get inside her already, you fuck! I’m damn near from shooting inside her tight cunt!” George yelled to Sasha from beneath me.

I looked back up to Sasha and said coyly to him while twerking my ass (I just learned this new skill of mine three months ago, one of my girl friends taught me), “I’m ready, Sir. Please take me and give me more.”

That was the green signal for Sasha, he slowly drove his cock inside my ass, both me and George were frozen and holding back our breath as the tightness and fullness inside me got even tighter and fuller.

“GOD! DAMMIT!” George hissed as Sasha finally thrust all the way in.

“I should be the one saying that.” Sasha gritted between his teeth, his cock twitching inside me while he began thrusting in small, short movements at first, and then a little faster as George started thrusting into my pussy too.

“Milo!” I gasped to my other husband who was waiting patiently in front of me, although I could see that his cock wasn’t as patient.

I grasped it in my hand, rubbed it up and down a few times, and then took it into my mouth, his cock instantly hitting the back of my throat.

“Fuck! You suck like a fuckin’ pro, wife.” Milo exclaimed in pleasure as he watched me watch him while I gave him a high-performance blowjob.

Only the best things for my husbands.

The three were in all of my holes now. George drilling my vagina, Sasha thrusting inside my ass, and Milo fucking my mouth.

What a life, right?

Our children were currently at their Grandpa Gary’s with his wife and kids. They’re there for tonight only. We’re going to pick them up tomorrow afternoon and then check out this new amusement park in town. The kids will surely love it.

Until then, I must not waste precious time with my husbands.

“I’m not going to fucking last.” Sasha said from behind me, his voice rough. All of them are fucking me faster and harder now.

That was my cue to drop the bomb.

I pulled back from Milo’s moving cock. He stopped and looked at me in confusion, his beautiful face looking impatient and shocked I almost laughed.

I grinned at him mischievously.

“All of you need to know something.” I panted, my voice raspy from so much moaning.

The two instantly stopped their movements, Milo was now looking at me warily.

“What is it?”

I looked down at him, then behind me at Sasha, then up at Milo. My eyes dancing with mischief.

“I called them. The agency, I mean. I said we’ll proceed.” I told them.

There was shock in the atmosphere at first. Sasha from behind me asked with concern in his voice, “Are you really sure, babygirl?”

“Yes, I’m ready. We’ll be having a girl this time, boys.” I told them seductively, moving my hips so the two cocks slid deliciously inside me and then grabbing Milo’s cock back to my mouth.

All three of them groaned.

And then they were fucking my brains out. All three of them seemed more charged now and more eager.

“A baby. After all these years. Fuck, I’m gonna cum! Be ready, Katie!” George said through his teeth, and then his body bowed off the bed and became taut with his intense release.

I came along with him.

“Yeeees! Give it to me!” I shouted as my pussy clamped around him and started milking and taking his semen past my cervix and into my womb.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! I’m gonna cum too! Pull the fuck out, man! I’m gonna shoot inside her pussy! You’re so fucking amazing, babygirl.” Sasha boomed. George immediately pulled out of me, his cock still semi-hard and squirting liquid.

Sasha quickly stuffed his hard cock inside me, then after a few deep thrusts, he buried his cock to the hilt, then began cumming inside me. His cock and cum pushing out some of George’s.

“Hmmm, daaaamn!” Sasha groaned, thrusting his hips, trying to make my pussy take it all in.

“My turn, baby.” Milo said gently from above me, but I could sense the urgency in his voice, he’s about to come too.

He pulled out of my mouth and then went around to kneel behind my messy thighs.

He pushed my upper body down after George moved away from beneath me, and said, “Thank you so much for agreeing, Katie. You complete me, my world.”

Oh goodness, I was melting and I was gonna cum again.

“I love you.” I simply said, the three words an understatement to what I truly feel right now.

In one straight shove, Milo was inside me and didn’t stop thrusting his hips. Milo seemed to read my mind because he went down to bend over my body, his broad, lean chest glued to my back. One of his hands went to grab one of my heavy globes, the other went to play with my clitoris. He pinched the little bundle of nerves with his index and thumb, then started rubbing the two together, my clit in between them.

I was cumming in seconds.

Milo was right behind me as we both shouted in orgasmic bliss.

Milo slumped exhaustively beside my equally tired body, Sasha lying on my other side, and George beside Sasha. All of us sweaty, tired and utterly satisfied in the most physical and carnal way.

I turned my head to look at each of their faces and found that they’re grinning, their eyes glazed in a dream-like state. I knew what they were thinking.

A baby girl.

They’ve been wanting a baby girl for years now, and now we’re about to have one in a few months.

My heart ached as I remember the baby I saw yesterday in the adoption agency. One look and I knew that she’s mine. That the two-weeks old infant was born to this world to be my baby, to be my husbands’ baby.

I can’t wait for all of us to meet her, especially my husbands and my boys. I just knew they were going to love her as much as I do.

Fifteen years later (Almost 25 years since they took her)

At the house

So we got our wish. Baby Kelsey was granted to us by the law.

She’s such an angel. She was perfect. I didn’t know how, okay, I think it got something to do with fate and destiny, but she’s got Sasha’s beautiful green eyes, George’s aristocratic face structure that somehow managed to look absolutely stunning on her, then Milo’s beautiful lustrous, golden hair. The features that were absolutely almost similar to her mama (meaning me) were the wavy hair, plump lips, and womanly curves that she began developing right after her first period.

All of these made her stunningly beautiful physically and it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the manners of a fine lady. She was extremely popular among the males in her school, add the fact that she had three famous dads, and six equally famous, handsome big brothers.

I thought we were the most famous family in town.

And we even got more famous when we were documented and posted on the internet for the whole world to see and to know our family story.

That year was the most hectic and unbearable year I ever had in my life. Nosy people, the press, and famous personalities kept trying to pry more into our family.

The thing was, me and my three husbands did not care for that kind of celebrity life.

Nope, not at all. We’re already weird and popular as it was. No need to add more fuel to the fire.

Anyway, it had been almost twenty-five years now since that fateful afternoon at the back of that van. (We still had the van right now, although it’s not usable anymore because of its old age, it’s still in the garage for memories’ sake.)

Me, George, Milo and Sasha were still going strong and not a single sign of going down. We all had grey strands in our hair now, but we had never been happier as we all grow old together and we watched our seven kids grew into amazing people with unique characters and personalities.

Kaden was so much like Sasha with his patient, domineering and boy scout personalities. Although in stature and physical qualities, he was his biological father’s son. The only thing he got from me were my long, curled eyelashes that contrasted starkly from his very manly appearance.

He was also the alpha of the children pack, he was so adorably protective of his siblings, especially to Kelsey. He loved them all, but he’s exceptionally close to our family princess.

The twins now, Kian and Kane… did you know the Harry Potter series? Fred and George Weasley? If you knew these two Harry Potter characters then you wouldn’t have a hard time imagining my own twins. The two had Fred and George Weasley’s naughty and playful personalities that often gets them in trouble.

I swore to God, the number of times me and my husbands were called to the principal’s office since the day they started going to school were just so many I couldn’t count it even if I tried to.

As a matter of fact, I was being called again at the principal’s office, I would have to go there later this afternoon. And after that I would have to scold Kian and Kane again for the mischief they just did for the nth time.

Those two were so gonna get it. They’re ruining my Spa Day. And I’d tell them to my husbands so they’d get scolded by their dads too. (In terms of physical appearance, the twins got their beautiful faces and lean, tall bodies from Milo. Whilst they got my dark wavy hair, and they let it grow past their shoulders like their father’s.)

Moving on to my fraternal triplets. Keegan was much like his older brother Kaden, but gentler and less dominant. He’s a perfectionist and an artist. He looked uncannily like Sasha. The only thing he inherited from me were my hair waves, although his was curlier and more wavy. Kairo, however, was much more rough and hot-tempered than any of my kids, he’s a fighter and doesn’t back down when challenged, resulting from the times he will come home covered in bruises and dirt. He’s like his daddy George that way in character (although he’s obviously more gentle with me and Kelsey, he doesn’t let himself get angry with us two. Thank goodness for that.) Thankfully, he inherited some of my womanly features that made him look soft on the outside, he’s like those lean super male models with soft-looking muscles and feminine feature you would call beautiful and manly at once.

And my last boy, Khalil.

That boy was something. He kept to himself most of the time. Unlike all of his older brothers, he’s more of a bookish type of kid than the outdoor type. He was also especially closer to his younger sister than with any of us. But although he’d gotten Milo’s quiet personality, don’t let him fool you with his outside appearance. You may see a gangly, nerdy boy but once you get to know Khalil you would see how strongly opinionated that of mine was. He was also extremely good at fighting and strategic planning. In that way, He’s like his older brothers Kaden and Kairo.

Now… to my girl, Kelsey. My princess and everyone else’s.

She was just so kind, so brave, so beautiful and so full of love inside her tiny little heart. She’s innocent like a cherub and was loved by all.

This kind worried me. She trusted so easily and looked at people like everyone’s going to treat her right that I was afraid that someday someone might use these pure qualities of hers against herself.

I meant, she couldn’t even hurt a fly even if she wanted too.

This was why all of us were super extra protective of her. All her brothers and fathers acted like her bodyguards almost all the time. The only times she won’t get any male escorts was when she was with me.

But she doesn’t complain, she never did, my little angel.

“Katie, what are you doing here? You’re gonna catch a cold.” Sasha said from behind me, and was immediately warmed from the cold December weather when he draped a blanket around my body.

“Just thinking about our children.” I told him.

His eyebrows rose and a handsome smile was formed on his lips.

“They’re pretty amazing, huh? Can’t believe Kaden’s already running the family business. Very efficiently too. I swear, that kid will be the one to bring us billions.”

My forehead crunched into a frown.

“Speaking of our amazing kids. Amazing Kian and Kane are in trouble again. I was called earlier by their principal and said I should come later.”

Sasha let out a curse at that.

“What is it this time?” He asked, his voice was defeated but his eyes were clearly smiling.

“Something about the two devils writing ‘The population of the world depends upon what you are holding now’ at the wall of the school urinals. So whenever a boy goes in to pee, he pees with laughter reading that message.”

Sasha doubled over laughing his guts out. I let him go at it. I was like that too when I first received the information. Our twins were mischievous little devils, but they were geniuses too.

“Is that all?” Sasha asked, wiping the corner of his eyes and breathing heavily with the laughing he just did.

“Oh no, that’s not all. Care to tell me how they got a megaphone, Mr. Blair? Because they were using it to spite their principal, Mr. Eagle. They called him Mr. American Bald Eagle in the middle of a hallway full of students using the megaphone.”

Sasha barely controlled his laugh, but he did when I glared at him. He raised his arms instead in a mock innocence. “Definitely not from me, Mrs. Blair.”

“No, they got it from me.” Said George as he and Milo joined me and Sasha in the balcony.

“Yeah, they said they were gonna use it for a school project.” Milo added as he went to hug me from behind.

My eyes bugged out at that. “And you believed that?! You all know those boys never do school works.” I said to them in admonishment.

“How could we possibly know that. Those two are very good actors.”

I sighed exasperatedly. “Or very good liars. Anyway, I can’t go to that principal’s call today. It’s Spa Day for me and I won’t miss it. So one of you three go.”

“I’ll go.” Said Milo from behind me, his hands drifting to the buttons of my dress shirt, and began unbuttoning them one by one.

“But before that and your Spa appointment, you must fulfill one more womanly duty.” He said, my bra now exposed to my husbands’ eyes. Despite the cold that hit my skin, I feel extremely hot all of a sudden.

“And what is that womanly duty?” I asked breathily. My body getting aroused as Sasha and George gazed at me with apparent hunger in their eyes, large tents were outlining the front of their pants.

I could feel Milo’s own hard-on digging persistently on my ass as he unclasped the front lock of my bra. Leaving my naked breasts bare to the cold air and hot gazes of my three lovers.

“That is to take our cocks inside your warm, womanly holes.” Milo whispered dirtily to my ear.

Oh, yes please.

After that, my men took me inside our bedroom, and helped me fulfill my wifely duties with them.

Author's Note:

Hi guys, it's been YEARS. I know I'm the worst. Sorry!

Anyway, I'm just gonna leave this last chapter of FBMB here, I've changed one major thing in it. My oldest readers will know what that is.

A lot of things happened and I have a lot of time in my hands now and I also need a project to distract me from losing my father last week, and so I thought why not write again.

I can't promise anything yet, but one thing is for sure, chapter 19 of FBMS will be on in two days.

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