Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 5

I entered the school gate just as the bell for the second period rang. I quickly ran inside the school building and to the lockers area so I can put my things there.

I was so late today because I had difficulty covering the bruise on my face. I tried using mother’s makeup. But it’s no use. I just went and put a large bandaid over it.

But what I saw made me stopped abruptly. My locker door was opened widely

And I knew. Those three bastards did this.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm the fast pulse of my heart.

What did I have in my locker?

I had my rather-expensive birth control pills stored in there, some sanitary napkins, my medical kit, a few notebooks, and my only picture of my father and his family with me in it.

Oh God, please don’t let them get that picture.

But of course, they did.

I stared at my empty locker.

All of my things were gone. And probably being burned into ashes right now like they did to my stuff last school year.


I closed the door of my locker quickly as the first group of students arrived in the locker area.

And that’s when I saw the note taped on the door.

It said, ‘If you want ur stuff back. Clubroom. NOW.’

I felt anger coursed through my body as I ripped off the offending paper off my locker.

How dare they! The hell I’d go there! They could have my things and the damn picture. But I would never be going to them on my own will. They’d have to force me.

Everyone knew in this school where that ‘Clubroom’ was. It’s on the third floor, ROOM 303. It’s the hangout place of those three devils. And everybody knew that no one gets out of there unscathed. You’d have to go directly to the hospital and be confined for a whole month after being inside that hellhole. I heard they sent at least four men to the hospital last summer vacation when I was gone.

They must be crazy if they thought I’d go there.

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