Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 6


She did not come in the end. I was expecting that to be honest. Unlike these two dickheads here I actually paid attention to Katie as a person. Sure, I love seeing her hurt, I’m a sadist. But that’s only second to the first. The first one was I wanted her because of her submissive nature. She rarely fought back against us. She had always accepted all the pains we inflicted on her. She had a high pain tolerance.

She’s a natural.

That made me think of the ways I could dominate her. Fuck her while I brought her pleasure and pain. That’s the ultimate goal for me. To make Katie my submissive.

A sex slave to fulfill my sadistic and dominant nature.

She’s perfect for me. For the three of us.


Though if it was only me, I would have introduced her to the world of sex gently and slowly. I would have courted her and made her feel beautiful and desirable.

But fate was cruel to her, instead of only one sadist. She got three on her tail.

Two of whom were highly explosive with anger right now.

Milo and George were dominants and sadist like me. The only difference between us was that I was willing to learn on being a proper dom while they were not. They tend to react along with their emotions. Not giving a fuck to anyone. Just feeling and doing.

Like right now.

“That bitch! The fuck she didn’t come! She’s gonna get it! I’m going to rape her cunt so hard she ain’t gonna walk forever!” George ranted, pacing back and forth on the wood floor of our clubroom.

I watched him for a moment. Katie’s virgin pussy was going to be destroyed by this ape, I was sure of it.

I looked at Milo. He’s standing and leaning against the wall, glaring at the space. This guy. The most silent and cold man I’ve ever met. I could already see how he’s going to fuck Katie.

Definitely not gentle.

I clapped my hands to get their attention.

“Gentlemen. Please sit down. Now that our Plan A didn’t worked out as planned because our little slave ditched us. We have to discuss Plan B.” I said. Making them calm enough to listen.

Oh well, I guessed we have to use the van now. Good thing it’s Saturday tomorrow. We have two whole days to break Katie’s body.

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