Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 7


I grinned as the toilet flushed the remaining birth control pills of little bitch.

My cock throbbed in agreement to what I did. We wanted our bitch’s womb completely unprotected and helpless. We wanted our bitch bred before Monday. I imagined of the hundred ways I’d take her. I would make sure she’s filthy with my cum and her pussy full of it.

Sasha appeared on the door, “You finish there dude? We gotta go. It’s time.” I smirked at him.

“You’re excited like a fucking virgin, you fuck.” I said.

He smirked back. “That’s rich. Coming from the guy who’s beating his cock in the shower like a fucking kid. Grow up man.”

I growled. “Fuck you.”

We all piled into the van Sasha owned. He’s a van guy while Milo and me loves fucking race cars and Harleys.

“Now I know why you bought this ugly shit.” I said to him as he turned on the engine.

He’s a kinky fuck who thought of everything.

This van was big enough for the three of us to be able to fuck little bitch at the same time.

He shot me a huge ass grin. “Without this ‘ugly shit’ your cock will still be puttin’ up with those ugly hands of yours tonight.”

I flipped him off. But I admit, he had a point. I’d rather ride this ugly shit tonight and be in bitch’s tight cunt than not.

I squeezed my ten-inches of steel through my pants and couldn’t help but imagine bitch’s face when I finally rip off her clothes and see her slutty body.

Since yesterday evening my cock had not gone down. The lil’ prick was still standing up even when I jacked off three times in a row. It craved little bitch’s hole so fucking much.

I wonder… how long till I get fed up with using her body?

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