Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 8


“She’s coming.” Milo alerted us from the driver’s seat.

George and I immediately abandoned what we were doing at the back of the van and quickly climbed out of it. We positioned ourselves so that Katie wouldn’t see us when she walks by the vehicle and that we could sneak up behind her back.

As she neared the van, I saw George pulled out the handkerchief with chloroform from his pocket while Milo started the engine so we could take off as soon as we get her in.

Katie didn’t even look at the van. She was too preoccupied with something in her mind to notice anything.

She didn’t even hear out hurried footsteps until it’s too late.

George had his arms around her curvy body before she could react. His hand with the hankie covered her lower face straightaway. She struggled strongly for a moment. She tried to fight George’s stronghold, and I saw the kinky ape actually enjoying the fight she’s giving.

As he took care of knocking her out, I took hold of her lower body.

The two of us carried her to the van. As soon as we climbed in, Milo drove the van so hard George and me swayed violently.

“Slow down, you fuck!” I shouted at the fuckhead. Concerned that we’d attract attention. What we planned should be perfect. No one was going to the fucking prison.

“Fuck.” George cussed vehemently. I glanced at him and what I saw made me almost come in my pants.

“Shit.” I said mesmerized at the sight in front of me.

George had Katie’s meaty thighs spread opened. Her knee length skirt was bunched up her waist, revealing her cotton panties that did nothing to hide the precious jewel beneath.

Her pussy’s clear outline showed through the material.

I felt my cock leaked cum. It was so hard it hurts. I bet my balls’ the color blue now. I squeezed it in hopes of easing the ache. I couldn’t let it go inside Katie’s pussy yet. First things first, I should tape Katie’s hands and her mouth.

I went to get the tape among the tools we brought for Katie’s abduction. There were different kinds and sizes of ropes, a blindfold, handcuffs, a spreader bar, a ballgag, and even an anal dildo. Who the fuck put that here? I glanced at Milo. Kinky bastard.

A loud sound of a cloth being ripped echoed through the van. My cock jumped at the sound, and turned to look at an-already-naked George and what he’s doing to Katie.

Oh fucking shit. That were probably the hottest tits I’d ever seen in my entire sadistic life.

George stared at the heavy globes a bit too long. And then he dove in to feast upon Katie’s milky white breasts.

I gulped, swallowing the urge to dive in myself. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. I wanted to lick and bite every part of her body.

I started tying up Katie’s wrists together while she’s still unconscious and put a tape on her lips, well, almost.

I let out a loud groan at the first contact of our lips. It was so soft. So deliciously plump and perfect. I forced her mouth to open with my tongue and tongue-fucked her. She tasted like innocence and my inner sadist roared with savage lust. I bit and sucked at her lips, it went on until I felt her beginning to move. Her mouth became stiff at first and then she opened it wide, preparing to scream.

“If you scream, I will cut your beautiful neck open. You hear me, Katie?” I threatened, my face closed to hers, one of my hands covered her mouth while the other lets her show the knife it’s holding.

Her eyes widened with fear, tears were already streaming down her face. She was breathing hard. I could see the pulse on her neck beating wildly.

She lets out a pathetic little whimper when George squeezed both of her breasts. The giant ape flashed her a very sinister smile with the sound she made.

It’s always been a huge turn on for him whenever he made Katie react with his tortures before. Now I think he’s only gotten more obsessed.

I knew. Because I was.

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