Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1)

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Chapter 9

Huh. It’s awfully peaceful this day. Except for the event this morning in the locker area, nothing else happened. I even used the main exit door of our school building and the three were not there waiting to torment me. I thought they were going to be so furious at me for not following their command. I almost expected them to come charging to my classroom when they’d realize I wouldn’t come.

As I rounded up a street corner, I didn’t notice the black van purring gently on the side. I continued walking, my mind full of thoughts. I didn’t even heed the loud footsteps coming from behind me until it’s too late.

An arm snaked around my middle, pinning me to the body of my attacker. Then one of his hands covered my nose and mouth with a handkerchief doused with something that made me weak almost instantly. I fought hard, trying to get away from the strong grip. But the chemical was taking over my consciousness. The last thing I saw before my body succumbed to the darkness was a face.

A face I’m too familiar with.


What are they doing?

I slowly came into consciousness. My body felt heavy and my mind was groggy to think clearly at first. But I knew something was wrong. There was a foreign feel on my face and body. I felt movement and wetness inside my mouth. In the distance, I heard some sounds, like someone groaning.

And that’s when I remembered what happened. Sasha and the man with the handkerchief covering my lower face, rendering me unconscious.

Fear came rushing back, stronger and more palpable. My eyes snapped opened as I realized that the movement inside my mouth was actually someone sticking his tongue inside, and that the heaviness was caused by someone ravishing my naked breasts.

I stiffened, shocked to my very core. My groggy, terrified brain tried to make sense of the situation.

What should I do!?

What’s going to happen to me!?

Who are they!?

All these questions circled through my mind. I started to panic.

The person raping my mouth pulled back when he felt me stiffened against him.

My eyes connected with Sasha’s green ones.

I opened my mouth to scream, my tears continuously fell down my face. He covered my mouth immediately with his hand, “If you scream, I will cut your beautiful neck open. You hear me, Katie?” He threatened, his handsome face became terrifying in its intensity, then showed me the knife he’s holding.

My scream caught in my throat, I felt the other man squeezed my breasts roughly. I let out a whimper induced by fear and pain.

That’s when I saw the grinning face of a very naked George.

It’s a face of a hungry man about to have a feast.

And I realized, I was the unfortunate one to be feasted upon.


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