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The first day of summer is always hot... Lucas notices his hot neighbor on her phone outside and decides to pay her a little "visit".

Erotica / Romance
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The first day of summer is quite entertaining. School is out. There are plenty of things to do. Some people go to different places to get away from the mundane. They seek adventure, look for new friends, and even start a love affair. Some even want to be hot and heavy.

Twenty-one-year-old Lucas stared at his nineteen-year-old neighbor. She stood outside on her cell. He had just come home from college for the summer. His parents helped him into his new apartment yesterday. It felt good to be on his own for the first time. No roommates to invade his space. No siblings to share with. No parents to control his life. Lucas was a man on his own for the summer.

But, he was lonely. And bored.

There was his neighbor. Beth was a ten to the whole apartment complex. Everyone saw her by the pool in her yellow bikini. Her brown ponytails gave her a playful innocent look. Beth got along great with the guys and girls in the apartment complex. Those boobs, curves, and legs made others wonder why she was still single. Lucas at the strange urge to find out. He walked out of his apartment and headed next door. Beth turned and saw him. The older man waved.

“Yo,” he said. His neighbor lowered her phone.

“Hello?” she asked. “Have I seen you before?”

“In passing,” Lucas said. “We haven’t spoken, until now of course.” Beth found herself lost in his deep brown eyes.

“Oh…” she murmured. Lucas glanced around behind her.

“Are you free at the moment?” he asked.

“Yeah… what for?” she asked.

“May I come in?” Lucas asked. His deep voice sent chills down her spine.

“Sure!” she said without any thought.

“Nice,” he said. He followed her into the apartment.


Lucas took in the air conditioning in the living room. Today looked like it was going to be in the 90’s this Saturday. Lucas didn’t enjoy hot weather so much.

“Mmm…. It feels so good in here,” he said. “I thought I was going to die back in my place.” He flopped back onto the light green couch in the living room and breathed out.

“Don’t you have air conditioning yourself?” Beth asked from the kitchen.

“It’s broken,” he said.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” she said. Lucas shook his head.

“I’m called the maintenance man twice,” he said. “He must be on vacation or something. I can never get a hold of him.”

“When do you call him?” Beth asked.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“What time do you usually call him?” she asked.

“Mornings.” He had himself rather distracted over Beth’s round tight ass as she bent over to the cabinets on the floor. He could’ve thought that he could see up at her short jean skirt.

“You see, he’s usually asleep around that time,” Beth said. “He usually gets up around eleven and goes to bed around seven.” Lucas glanced up with a puzzled look on his face.

“What kind of a schedule is that?” he asked.

“He’s an old man,” Beth explained.

“He’s not that old,” Lucas said. All conversation stooped when he saw his neighbor standing in the doorway of her kitchen with two glasses of pink lemonade in her hands. Beth just had on usual yellow bikini top and jean skirt. Her pigtails added to her innocence. But this time, she had the smirk of a hungry little kitten. She walked over to Lucas and set down the pink lemonade on the oak side table. Her thick thighs came on either side of him. Lucas tried to keep up the nice guy mask a little bit longer. But his groin gave away his motives in his jean shorts. Beth looked him straight in the eye.

“You know something?” she asked. “I have been looking for an excuse to get you to come over to my place.” Lucas raised his eyebrow.

“Is that right?” he asked. Beth licked her lips and gave him a small kiss. Lucas smiled into the kiss. This was turning out better than he had pictured. Beth slowly pulled away.

“What do you pose we do next?” she asked.

“I have some ideas,” Lucas said. “Why don’t you show me what you want to do first?” Beth giggled and unzipped his jeans. He looked down as her head sank down to his lap. His neighbor rolled down his shorts and boxers down to his knees.

“Oh!” she said. “You’ve been quite excited for me, haven’t you?” Lucas gave her a boyish smile.

“You can tell?” he asked. Beth’s head sank down to his lap. Inch by inch she began to swallow him up. Lucas moaned at the wet sensation in her mouth. Her tongue circled the tip of the head.

“Oh…” he moaned. Beth started off so slow. The soft sucking sent shock waves through Lucas’ body.

“You’ve had some practice with this, haven’t you?” he asked. Beth looked up at him with big puppy dog eyes. Her sucking started to speed up. Lucas threw back his head and moaned. He started bucking his hips against her face. Beth smiled to herself as she sucked harder and faster. Her tongue went back up to playing with the head of his cock. She tried to take more of him deeper into her mouth. Beth moaned at the sensation. Lucas couldn’t hold back anymore as he grabbed her by the hair as started thrusting his hips harder and faster. His neighbor moaned as she tried to keep up.

“Oh yeah!” Lucas shouted. “You like that, don’t you? Take it all!” Beth started nibbling his cock as he thrusted into her mouth as fast as he could.

“Oh! I can’t hold back anymore!” he shouted. Lucas groaned allowed as his load spilled down her throat. He let go of Beth’s hair. She released him and looked up at him as if seeking permit on what to do next. Lucas stared at her, panting.

“You can swallow it if you want,” he said. His neighbor swallowed and licked her lips. Her lips curved into a little smile. Lucas handed her a glass of pink lemonade.

“We can take a break before we do something else,” he said. His neighbor raised her eyebrow.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked. Lucas picked up his glass and took a drink.

“I’ll think of something over this drink,” he said. Beth took as drink with a curious look on her face.

First Day of Summer

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