Silky Red

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The red garter belt is always a sign... A brief insight into the underbelly sex worker world in the near future.

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Silky Red

Silky Red

Every major city has one. The people know about it. The underbelly of the city is home to many vices. One is known as the oldest profession in the world.

The girls are always pretty everywhere you go. Even women in their sixties and seventies look great. The young ones are always looking for some thrill with a handsome man. No matter what shape they come in, they look very pretty. On the surface they look like ordinary beautiful women. They can be hard to tell apart for those looking for a fix. There is one piece of clothing that makes these beauties stand out.

The red garter belt. They all have it. This is their calling card. One look and you will know. They play their game so well. Once you are in their sights, they will work to lure you back into their bed for the night. A wink here. A strut there. It’s hard to tell with the naked eye at first. You aren’t sure if they are hitting on you or the person behind you. You have to look for the right clues.

Tonight looks like it’s going to be another busy night. The women are already out there and waiting. They dress accordingly. It’s all a game to them. They play it so well. The public knows it’s a game, but they are more than happy to play along. The outlet is welcomed after all. Even the police want in on the action. Some of them have to do their job when the women aren’t exactly allowed to work. But let’s be real here, they want in too. The women are happy to help them get some action too.

Who’s going to get lucky tonight? It might be you. It might be your friend. Or it could be the both of you. The red garter belt chooses who it feels like. They too have flavors and desires they want to play upon. They are willing to act any desire within the limits of their ethics. Nothing to do with real children or animals. Animal play and age play are welcome though. The police in the legal parts and their pimps or madams are willing to protect them when need be. Everyone just wants a safe and fun time.

They know how to pick them well. Their clients know their calling. These women are always sought out in the night. Sometimes, the authorities will turn a blind eye, wishing to join in. They might get their chance off-duty. In fact, the police wish for it. Maybe they will get lucky for a night. Who knows? They just have to keep the city and the girls safe. The party goes on until dawn and it will happen again for the next night. That’s just how life in the underbelly goes. These women know it. Their clients know it. The city knows it. They either turn a blind eye or join in on the fun. At the end of the day, these women are known by the red garter belts on their thighs. They are waiting for you. Come out and play.

Vice in the Night

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